The Assassin’s Apprentice: Chapter 14

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TAA, Chapter 14: Cabin on the Outskirt

Meng Yu’s exaggerated action naturally attracted the attention of the other people in this small hall as they hurriedly looked over.

Yet when they saw that Meng Yu actually choose that cabin, they suddenly exposed disdainful expressions towards him..

The hut was simply too far away from Jianxia City, they do not know which idiot would dare live in that house over there.

The rent was surprisingly cheap, just 10 silver coins on the first month.

But even if it’s free, I’m afraid no one will still choose it, simply because it was just too far away from the city. This is reason why it hasn’t been rented out for so long.

Meng Yu did not pay attention to the despicable gazes of the people, his mind was silently thinking on ways of how to earn money. It was really inappropriate for them to despise him especially with Meng Yu not knowing whether the daily necessities here are expensive.

The beautiful woman then led Meng Yu, there was no obvious changes in the beautiful woman’s expression, it seemed that they were very accomplished and well – trained.


“Meng child, here we are, this is the key, as long as you can pay the rent on time, you can stay here as long as you want.” A young man of around twenty two years old politely said to Meng Yu, and then handed a bunch of keys to him.

“No one resided in this house all year round, I am afraid Meng Yu son you need to spend some effort in cleaning it. If there is nothing else, I will leave first.” Xue Yong, the young man who led them politely said.

“Yes, thank you elder brother.” As far as Meng Yu believed, this area covered several hundred square meters and also comes with a few dozen square meters of courtyard. With the space costing only 10 silver coins, he was really, really very satisfied.

As he turned around and walked towards Jianxia City, Xue Yong wiped the sweat on his forehead. His heart can not help but be somewhat resentful,” Only a mere 10 silver coins, the business has really gone down too far, he did not even give a tip, really stingy.”


“Young master, I’ll be here, why don’t you go out for a while.” After Meng Yu put down the baggage, he instantly hit the water basin, looked for a piece of cloth, and readied up to clean their small nest. However, Aunt Mei came over and took the rags from Meng Yu’s hands, and then pushed him out to the small courtyard.

Meng Yu can not help be just kept his mouth shut. Before, he had to do all things by himself, he never imagined that someday he will receive such a kind treatment.

“Young master? I really have not seen the young master clean, I’m afraid he will just dirty himself. ”

Meng Yu hearing this gave a self mocking smile.

“Aunt Mei, I’ll help you, I’ll help you in the little ways I can..”

Two hours later, the sore bodies of two people were sitting in the small courtyard. Looking at their new house, they can not help but smile, then clutching their growling stomachs, they took out their dry food with difficulty and began to eat it.

“Aunt Mei, take a rest for a while, I will go to the city and purchase some of our necessities and on the way report to the Junior Magic Academy.”

Meng Yu said to Aunt Mei and with a satisfied stomach, he stretched his waist out.

“Young master, let me go and handle these matters instead, take a rest.” Aunt Mei customarily said.

The whole world came down, Aunt Mei was indeed Meng Yu’s achilles heel even long ago.

“I am the young master, listen to me, if I come back and you are absent, I will not take a rest on cleaning and I won’t recognize you as Aunt Mei for a while.” Meng Yu finished speaking then walked out the courtyard and went towards Jianxia City.

Aunt Mei looked at the leaving back of Meng Yu and sweetly smiled. She felt a warm stream in her heart, as if the many years she suffered was all worth it.

Although Meng Yu knew that his talent in magic and his talent in Dou Qi were mediocre at the very best, but he did not give up on the idea of cultivating magic. Some days ago, the magic spells Golden Blade and the Golden Shield entirely saved his life by a thread.

Cultivating magic will not consume too much of his time, but on the contrary will speed up the recharging of the small stone. Thus why not do it?

Looking at this extremely vast Junior Magic Academy, Meng Yu felt a stupid pressure bearing on him. Can this place be the Junior Magic Academy? The size of this area will stamp the largest universities of earth!

Meng Yu felt the soles of his feet beginning to hurt. He had already spent an hour wandering inside, he asked countless times but everyone ignored him.

At this point, he had no choice but face a problem, and that precisely because he was lost.

Meng Yu looked all around trying to find a life-saving straw.

“Young man, are you looking for something?” A hand touched Meng Yu’s shoulder and then he heard an old man’s voice passed over.

Meng Yu’s whole body shivered, being suddenly touched by someone at the back in a place deserted by people, will obviously scare a person half dead.

He turned around and saw an originally gray haired grandfather, but he was sure that there was no one around him just a moment ago.


“Grandfather, hello, excuse me, where should a new student report to?” Meng Yu asked politely.

“So it turned out you are a new student.” The old man was silent then continued.

“Hand me over your identity card, I can help you.”

Meng Yu did not hesitate and immediately handed his identity card since he have no choice, not to mention this grandfather gave him a feeling of kindness.

The grandfather chanted a few spells, and then handed the card back to Meng Yu.

“Is that alright?” Meng Yu lifelessly took the identification card, and suddenly felt he was being played at.

“Otherwise?” The grandfather stretched his hand twitching his mouth.

“Examine the contents of your identification card and you will know what is going on.” After saying that, the grandfather unexpectedly disappeared into thin air once again, this time Meng Yu immersed himself looking at the identification card but discovered nothing.

When his Spiritual Power probed into the identification card, in addition to the original information, added was the information: Junior Magic Academy, Jianxia City.

Then an operational interface appeared in front of Meng Yu, it was somewhat even comparable to the computers on earth, or like a visual operational interface.

Meng Yu was once again shocked by the magic of this world. He did not imagine that magic could be used in such a way, he really underestimated the people of this world before.

Ten minutes later, Meng Yu figured out the class procedures here on Jianxia City Junior Academy of Magic.

There were no class limits. Every day, there will be a fixed time period to study about foundation, junior, intermediate, and advanced magic classes. Students can choose which classes to attend. Meanwhile, the door of a classroom has a magic enchantment where you need to swipe your registered identity card for it to open. An advance control access system.

While there were no classes in the Academy of Magic this afternoon, there were some extracurricular activities.

As long as Academy of Magic students can breakthrough to the Junior Magus Realm, they can directly enter the Intermediate Class, and if they breakthrough and become an Intermediate Magus they can directly join the Advanced Class.

Of course, the greatest advantage of cultivation breakthroughs is that you have the right to learn more powerful magic spells. One only need to become a more advanced magician to be eligible to examine very advanced spells. This is the most useful thing for Meng Yu.

Of course, Meng Yu was just thinking about it, yet he will soon recognize his own mistakes.

Most importantly, there was also a map of the Academy, a kind of positional and navigational map, this was the solution to Meng Yu’s very urgent current predicament.

He finally came out for so long, if he does not go back, Aunt Mei would definitely worry herself to death.

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