The Assassin’s Apprentice: Chapter 13

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TAA, Chapter 13: City Interagency

Three days later, noon, the walls of Jianxia City appeared before the eyes of several people.

After three days of cultivation, Meng Yu’s heart was certain, just give him another three days of time, he will be able to attain the Apprentice Swordsman realm. This gave him confidence in surviving in this world, an unprecedented power up.

It was worth mentioning that after he tested it out, he found out that his Dou Qi can similarly be able to fill the small stone (the other one being Magic Power), This discovery made him happy, this means that his speed on recharging the small stone would become as twice as fast. This came out of thin air and at the same time can be used countless of times.

Because Magic Cultivation consumes a lot of Spiritual Power, once the light of this Spiritual Power was completely depleted, he could only recover it naturally as Meng Yu haven’t found any Cultivation Method yet to recover this Spiritual Power.

This means that Meng Yu could only cultivate magic for no more than ten hours every day. Thus, in order to make up for the remaining time, he began to cultivate his Dou Qi. The moment the light of his Spiritual Power runs out, he immediately switched into cultivating his Dou Qi while his Spiritual Power recovers naturally. Also, meditation became his best form of rest which allowed him to forgo sleep.

Such a 24 hour day, Meng Yu can not interrupted while in cultivation. For Meng Yu said, this life was simply just paradise, this bit of progress everyday was like a drug that he can not stop taking.

When Meng Yu was still on Earth, to make use of time, he did anything really to the point of heinousness. In that competitive, fierce era, if you do not seize every minute and every second, you will be like him, a poor man, you will only be at the bottom of society forever and always.

After three days of recharging, there was only a thin line along the little stone that completely turned black, thus Meng Yu did not dare try again while on the carriage.

He was afraid that his sudden disappearance will make Aunt Mei worry and will arise the green girl’s suspicions about his small stone.

Secondly, it was a problematic action made pointless by a changed circumstances. He did not know he was using the small stone inside the carriage, he must wait until the time he was out of the carriage, or wait using the small stone until the carriage stopped over.

Who is he to cry?


Walking down the carriage, they stopped outside the gates of Jianxia City. Meng Yu gazed high into the clouds towards the walls of the city, he can not help but wonder at this wall, it was simply comparable to the skyscrapers on Earth.

Looking at the thousands of patches along the city walls, those were dark brown traces. Meng Yu can not help bu be scared in his heart for a while, he can not imagine what terrible thing this city experienced before.

“And here we part ways, I’m sure we will meet again in the future.” The green dressed girl told Meng Yu while cupping her fist, then went alone into the city.

Meng Yu was momentarily surprised, “Could this be very popular among magicians? To cup their fists?”

But his lips were not stunned and facing the back of the green dressed girl, Meng Yu’s heart muttered, “Well, I’m sure we will meet again someday.” After all, she had helped him with so much, thanksgiving was a traditional virtue of the Chinese Nation. He will naturally not forget about this.

Then as looked at the two drivers, Meng Yu’s face suddenly burst into paleness. His heart trembled as he felt an ominous premonition.

“Meng son, your face looked very bad, are you not uncomfortable?” A driver asked.

“Uhmm, it’s nothing.” Meng Yu wiped the cold sweat on his forehead.

“Excuse me, how much is the fare?” Meng Yu cruelly bit his teeth, since it was like this, he might as well put on a brave face

“What fare?” The driver was surprised.

Then he clearly understood and smiled.

“Haha, Meng Yu son, do not worry, the green girl already paid the fare.”

Meng Yu’s face turned red, the more he think about it, the more sweat came out from his forehead. .

“Haha, Meng son, if there is nothing else, then we have to go first. Later, if you need something you can go to the City Carriage Line to find us, bye.” The two drivers said with a smile.

After the past few days of getting along, these people got along very happily that is why they left their addresses.

“Hold on uncles, do you know where we can rent a cheaper house in Jianxia City?” Meng Yu quickly stopped the two people from leaving.

For this problem, asking these locals was the best. After a few days of getting along, he knew that the two men and the green dressed girl came from Jianxia City and just visited the town of Pan Xi.

“This, I do not know, but I can take you to the City Housing Agency. You can go there and inquire for houses that are good and cheap.”

“Nice, thank you very much uncle.” Meng Yu gratefully said.

“It’s just a little matter, get on the carriage.”


Looking at the brilliant atmosphere of the buildings, Meng Yu can not help but feel that he was at Earth. The people had built these walls so high, even the wooden houses are built so high that maybe a gust of wine can blow it down.

Shaking his head, Meng Yu with Aunt Mei then proceeded down the hall. Food, water but they first got to solve their accommodation problem.

“Hello, is there anything I can help you?” Meng Yu walked into the hall and a beauty with a professional smile wearing a blue and white dress went up to him.

Here, the service industry was very developed, it was really beyond Meng Yu’s expectations. Yet, he felt the city people got a sense of pride and considered themselves utter superior to the country people like him.

“Hello, I want to rent a house, can you give us an introduction?” Meng Yu said politely.

“Yes, please follow me.” The beautiful woman said then led Meng Yu and Aunt Mei to the side of the hall.

There were not so many people in the hall, as it turned out, there were also diverse mechanisms around, and the architecture was good. It seemed that this city was divided into levels.

There were only a handful of people in the huge show hall. It seemed that this rental business was not so hot, also everyone had their own houses, who would want to rent?

There was a huge platform on the side of the hall, it was a molded model of Jianxia City. There were many cabins, so that if one visits Jianxia City, they can rent a house.

“There is a red flag in front of this houses, they are all houses to be rented, on top of the marked price, you can view it all at will. If there is something you want to know, just ask me anytime.”

The beautiful woman stood on the side and waited until she be summoned.

Meng Yu casually looked at the prices of those pieces. Then he suddenly had the impulse to flee immediately. On top of the houses, the price tags wrote a hundred gold coins every month, ten gold coins were very rare, this means that Meng Yu needs to have at least more than a dozen gold coins to live.

After a lap, Meng Yu silently shed tears in his heart, it seemed that they have to sleep in the streets later. He does not mind at all, but what about Aunt Mei?

“This fucking houses are comparable to the price of a house in the Beijing Third Ring Road.” Meng Yu silently cursed.

“Third Ring……yes.” A bright light suddenly flashed within Meng Yu’s mind.

Then, he looked at the outermost cabins on the model.

As expected, the price of the outermost cabins were a lot closer to the people’s needs. There were houses that costs five gold coins with the maximum being ten gold coins and with the least being two gold coins.

But when Meng saw the outermost solitary cabin sitting there, his eyes were already not moving. He quickly rushed up, unplugged the flag, then said to the beautiful woman.

“I will rent this cabin.”

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