The Assassin’s Apprentice: Chapter 12

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TAA, Chapter 12: The Secret of Aunt Mei

“Thank you for just now. ” The green dressed girl looked at Meng Yu and sincerely said.

“I had to be the one to thank you. Originally, this had nothing to do with you, I’m so sorry I harmed you. If not for you, I’m afraid, I will not be sitting and talking with you right now.” Meng Yu said who sat on the ground giving a helpless smile.

The green dressed girl also gave a cute smile.

Aunt Mei at this time went down the carriage with a face full of self – blame.

“Young Master, are you ok?”

“Its nothing, I just over exhausted a lot of my magic power, I’ll be meditating for a while.” With a warm heart, Meng Yu looked at Aunt Mei .

The two drivers did not flee too far, and seeing the end of the battle, they came over, perhaps just to thank the green dressed girl for warning them which let them keep their lives. They would never refuse taking these three people.

After the battle, they proceeded on the road calmly and peacefully. This gave a lot of reassurance for the two trembling drivers, whose hearts were still dangling and may anytime fall to their stomachs.


After finishing his meditation, Meng Yu opened his eyes and saw Aunt Mei staring at him. Though he just woke up, she still did not react, Meng Yu did not know what to think.

“What is it Aunt Mei?” Meng Yu somewhat curiously asked.

“Ah, young master, you’re awake.” Aunt Mei said in surprise.

“My magic consumption was just too excessive, now that my magic power is restored, I’m naturally alright.” Meng Yu patiently explained to her.

Hearing this, Aunt Mei silence down, this was somewhat strange to Meng Yu, but this time he did not disturb Aunt Mei again.

“Young Master, I have something to give you. “After a moment of silence, Aunt Mei’s eyes finally firmed up, and from her arms escaped a small yellow book which she handed to Meng Yu.

Meng Yu somewhat strangely looked at Aunt Mei, they had relied on each other for more than ten years already, yet he does not know anything about a treasured item of Aunt Mei.

From Aunt Mei’s attitude, this was also the book that keeps the temperature of Aunt Mei’s in check. Meng Yu knew, this was a book treasured by Aunt Mei, this must be very important, thus he wished to know why Aunt Mei never shared this matter to him before.

Ling Heavenly Battle Manual, there were only four big characters in the book’s cover.

The moment he accepted the book, Meng Yu discovered that this was actually not made of paper but the skin of an unknown animal. Just that, Meng Yu’s knowledge at this time was not enough to determine what kind of animal this skin belong.

“Aunt Mei, what is this?” Meng Yu strangely asked. It looked like some kind of cultivation method. But how did Aunt Mei got a hold of this? Why did she just give it to me just now? Meng Yu’s head was full of doubts.

“This is your ancestral Ling Family’s unique Cultivation Method. In those days, the Ling Family within the continent was considered to be a very prestigiously great clan. But I’m afraid, only piles of rubble, debris, and bones are left..” Aunt Mei faintly said, her eyes full of sad memory.

“Originally, the Miss did not allow me to hand down the cultivation method to you. However, since the young master has already embarked on this road, you will inevitably encounter the same things that occurred today. Only if the young master possessed a powerful strength will he be able to protect himself. I think, even the Miss will agree with me to do so.”

Aunt Mei gently sighed.

“We are of the Ling Clan?” Meng Yu wanted to ask Aunt Mei, but then only muttered in his own breath. There were some vague pictures in his mind, but these pictures were just too blurry, pictures he can not clearly see .

“It seemed that I have still not completely fused with little Meng Yu’s memories.” Meng Yu rubbed his head.

Aunt Mei then took her hands and rubbed Meng Yu’s head, then said with a broken heart.

“Young master do not think about it, you are still young, I want you to forget about it.”

“Forget it, ah, young master, please forget it.” Aunt Mei sighed again.

“Aunt Mei, can you tell me what happened with the Ling Family?” Meng Yu’s eyes was full of doubts, he was somewhat worried.

He suddenly found out that this little Meng Yu’s history was not so simple, he felt a vague feeling that this will bring a great damnable trouble soon, thus he was very uncomfortable.

People would always fear the unknown, him included.

“I can’t tell you right now, until the time you have become strong enough, Aunt Mei will naturally you.” Aunt Mei shook her head.

“Now hurry and try cultivating with the cultivation cultivation method, this will be a very great help to you later on. But remember, use it only as a last resort, do not use this unique skill in front of another person or it will bring a fatal disaster.”

Meng Yu looked at the firm expression on Aunt Mei’s eyes, he know that no matter how he beg, Aunt Mei will never tell him about it.

Like a discouraged ball, Meng Yu leaned against the carriage compartment and began to browse this Ling Heavenly Battle Manual on his hands.

Aunt Mei glanced at Meng Yu with a despairing look and only gave a helpless smile. Not to mention, she was very beautiful whenever she laughed or smiled. At least Meng Yu thought so with that kind of sweet smile, he felt the whole compartment brightened for a bit.

This is the first time in ten years that Meng Yu saw Aunt Mei smile, that’s right, Meng Yu was sure, this is the first time.

Thinking of it, Meng Yu’s mood also rose up.

“Do not matter about it too much, when we get to the mountain, there would certainly be a way through.”

An hour later,Meng Yu closed the Ling Heavenly Battle Manual on his hands. He then closed his eyes and began to recall the main points of the book.

In his past past life, Meng Yu was a distinguished university student. Using this kind of reading method, no matter what he summed up, regardless of any course, after he read it again, he can understand at least 80 percent of the book’s content.

Ten minutes later, Meng Yu once again opened his eyes, his eyes marveled in amazement. This Ling Heavenly Battle Manual turned out to be a Dou Qi Cultivation Method. In Meng Yu’s heart, this is more like an Internal Cultivation Method.

“Aunt Mei, I will give it back to you.” Meng Yu handed the Ling Heavenly Battle Manual back to Aunt Mei.

Aunt Mei was surprised, and then pushed the book back.

“This is for the young master, I am just returning it to its original owner, try it later on young master’s body.”

“Young master quickly cultivate with it, the Ling Heavenly Battle Manual and normal Dou Qi cultivation methods are not the same, except for you and the people of the Ling Clan, outsiders will be unable to cultivate with it, I would like to see how powerful it is.”

Aunt Mei said with a laugh, it seemed she just now has already untied the knot, and she even laughed twice in succession.

“Okay.” Meng Yu thought, nor continued to entangle in this topic.

His heart was also somewhat very eager try this Ling Heavenly Battle Manual, it made him remember of the TV Series, movies, and dramas that he had seen as a child. Thinking of it, he did not expect that he would someday have this opportunity to cultivate and practice martial arts, his mind was already itching to go on with it, Which little boy does not have the dream to become a hero?

Magic cultivation was like a narrow and winding road full of nails, a road which is very hard to move forward, so then he began to cultivate the Ling Heavenly Battle Manual, Meng Yu felt that he was sitting on a high speed train that flew of its track.

In accordance to the Ling Heavenly Battle Manual Technique, Meng Yu all of a sudden found the so called feeling of Qi, which then slowly formed a sesame size Qi Mass on the Dantian in his lower abdomen

At the same time, he felt the shadow of a White Tiger flash through his mind, a White Tiger that entered his Dantian in his lower abdomen. Just after that, no matter how he looked, in addition to the Qi Mass under his Dantian, there was nothing else.

“Aunt Mei, I really want to succeed.” Open his eyes, Meng Yu somewhat said in a daze, after more than a month of tormenting magic cultivation, he never imagined that cultivation would become so much simpler.

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