The Assassin’s Apprentice: Chapter 11

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TAA, Chapter 11: Fierce Battle

The middle aged man became happy, fortunately his fire magic was able to restrain the other side, otherwise it would be very hard to say the final outcome.

At the same time, Flame Spheres were fired from different directions which shot towards the green dressed girl.

She did not expect that the middle aged man can can cast the Flame Spheres while controlling the Fire Dragon at the same time, out came a few more Flame Spheres although the girl’s Wood Shield was able to directly block most of the Fire Spheres.

But with a Flame Sphere coming from the opposite side, she can not withstand all of them no matter what.

Seeing this, the middle – aged man’s heart burst with pride. Simultaneously controlling multiple Flame Sphere with these assailing from different directions, was his unique skill.

A dozen years ago, when he was still a Junior Magus, he had to kill an opponent that was at the same level as him in order to move forwards, he did not expect that he can behead another one at his same level, this was really somewhat exciting!

But his proud was instant lost, the moment when a Flame Sphere was about hit the green dressed girl, a Golden Blade appeared out of nowhere and flew straight to the Flame Sphere.

Certainly, the outcome was obvious, the moment when the Golden Blade clashed with the flaming sphere, it instantly melted.

Meng Yu did not just have this ability, the moment the Golden Blade vanished, a golden shield simultaneously appeared in front of the Flame Sphere.

Meng Yu was most familiar with these two abilities, in the time domain Domain of Time, he only used magic to deplete his magic power.

But the gap between a Magus Apprentice and an Intermediate Magus, one can not say that the difference was like heaven and earth, but the skills and the experience can not make up of anything. That said, the moment the Golden Shield collided with the Flame Sphere, it immediately crumbled into nothingness.

Of course, Meng Yu’s action was not in futile, in this short moment, the green dressed girl’s wooden shield already struck in front of the Flame Sphere which finally resolved the crisis.

“Waste, your opponent is me.” Tian Lin seeing Meng Yu helped the green dressed girl escaped a deadly fatal blow, suddenly became furious, furious of being looked down upon.

He took out a magic wand inlaid with a red gem, and with a look, one will know that this is not everything.

“Fire Spirits between heaven and earth, I ask thee too turn into a raging fire and burn the enemy before my eyes, Flame Sphere!!!”

With Tian Lin’s incantation, an arrow like Flame Sphere flew straight towards Meng Yu. Since Tian Lin was still a Magus Apprentice, he can only at most cast a single Flame Sphere.

After he finished the Fire Sphere, Tian Lin proudly looked at Meng Yu, he wanted Meng Yu to know that with this Flame Sphere alone, he can crush this waste before him. He did not know that Meng Yu had already broken through and became a Magus Apprentice.

Meng Yu crashed his hopes down, a Golden Shield once again appeared in front of Meng Yu, blocking the Flame Sphere fired at him.

At the same time, Meng Yu also began to cast another spell, since it has already come to this extent, he had to first defeat Tian Lin in order to help the girl, they still got a chance.

He can not think what will happen if the girl dies, these people will definitely not let him and Aunt Mei slip through their grasp.

A Golden Blade flew quickly towards Tian Lin, this move of Meng Yu was directly aimed to kill the heart. In his eyes, Tian Lin was just like the huge wolf that he killed before.

Tian Lin although he was furious that Meng Yu escaped his Fire Sphere, he was also a Magus Apprentice, and with the assistance of the Magic Wand, he was not fighting a battle without power.

A Blaze Shield measuring about a square meter appeared in front of Tian Lin’s chest just in time to block the Golden Blade charging towards his direction. Tian Lin did not stop and chanted another spell, this time he can not leave the root of all of this. He will obliterate the waste that made him lose face!!!

The moment before the Golden Blade collided with the Blaze Shield, the blade unexpectedly deflected from its straight path and flew in a curve and dashed straight towards Tian Lin’s neck.

He remembered the magic spell that would make this an unforeseen attack for Tian Lin. Even if he found out, it will all be too late to dodge.

A magus with a weak body, how can it withstand the Golden Blade’s fatal blow?

Blood splurged out from Tian Lin’s neck, Tian Lin’s head was just like the huge wolf’s head before. It slumped and rolled down on the ground, its eyes still wide open in shock, it does not see to believe what happened just now and the fact that he died in the hands of an untouchable.

The middle aged man originally occupied the upper hand, at this time he was naturally watching the situation outside in case of circumstance emergencies. Thus he was the first one to find out Tian Lin’s horrendous outcome

“Bastard.” The middle aged man roared loudly. An unknown dog was able to immediately kill the Tian Clan’s second young master before his very eyes, how can he not rage in blazing anger.

But the next instance he changed his mind, he suddenly somewhat regretted hugely. If he had brought a few more people over, perhaps the current situation was completely of another kind.

“Really a waste with your hatred, I will still report this to elder brother and I still need an insurance for my life.” His heart angrily cursed at Tian Lin.

However at this time, as long as the youth who killed Tian Lin and the green – dressed girl were to join hands, he was afraid nothing good will come out from it.

His heart unnaturally turned into fright, suddenly, the middle aged man had no idea on how to continue. In madness, he controlled the Fire Dragon to attack the green dressed girl, then taking the advantage where the girl’s defense was at the most busy, he turned around to his side and dashed away on the back of a horse.

“Wood Spirits between heaven and earth, please heed to my summon, gather in front of me, materialize in a sharp arrow, and pierce through the body if my enemy! Wood Arrows!!!. ”

The green dressed girl did not expect the other side’s idea. The middle aged man lost control of the Fire Dragon which vanished in a while.

The green dressed woman had already condensed dozens of branches into wooden arrows which she shot towards the back of the middle aged man who was already rushing away on his horse.

However, the man apparently had also a vast wealth of combat experience, an obviously prepared Blaze Shield appeared in front of him which not only covered himself, but even enshrouded the horse under him.

The horse was the essential key to his escape, if the horse slips, he does not think that he can ran away too well than with a horse.

After blocking the Wood Arrows, he was insignificantly pleased with himself, he was cautious and thus barely saved his life, although Tian Lin perished, he was still alive.

Proudly beating up the horse’s bottom, he urged it to move more faster, it suddenly uttered a long cry, and hurriedly dashed into the distance far away.

“Tian Lin, do not worry, I will definitely take revenge for you.” The middle -aged man muttered to himself.

His desire was destined to be trampled upon, the moment the wood arrows collided with the Blaze Shield, a Golden Blade mixed within the Wood Arrows, suddenly bypassed the Blaze Shield, curved around and penetrated through the middle aged man’s neck.

Just like Tian Lin, his head landed, blood streamed and splurted all around.

The horse even crazily flew forward, still bringing with him the headless corpse of the middle aged man only to stop down, and because of inertia, the headless corpse slumped to the ground.

The green dressed girl somewhat strangely glanced at Meng Yu, he did not expect Meng Yu could so much control his magic so exquisitely, she thought, if it was her, she also could not escape.

Then she shook her head. With her own strength, Meng Yu did not have a chance, but, if he was on the same rank, she was afraid that she will not have the power to fight him.

In her impression, after a magic spell was launched, even a slight change in the attack’s direction was very difficult to pull off, and how Meng Yu can control the Golden Blade in such a distance and making such complex maneuvers was really impossible to believe.

“Fortunately they are not enemies, otherwise………”

However, Meng Yu’s state at the moment does not look so good. Just because of the motion sickness and the fact he had just vomited, he was originally very weak, but when he fought, the energy that was depleted within his body was dead serious.

After this time, all became silent, with a relaxed mind, he took this opportunity to sit on the ground, panting with his mouth wide open.

The green dressed girl was not much better, the clothes covering her body was burnt in many places, thus she looked more of an embarrassment than Meng Yu.

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