The Assassin’s Apprentice: Chapter 10

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TAA, Chapter 10: Blocked Path

Early morning of the third day, at the main entrance to Pan Xi Town, though it was extremely rare to see a carriage in this small town, unexpectedly at this time, two carriages stopped in front of two people.

“Why are there two carriages prepared?” Meng Yu somewhat strangely asked the green-dressed girl.

“You take this one, I will ride alone on the other.” The green – dressed girl said lightly.

Seeing the green dressed girl did not mean to talk, Meng Yu did not bother to talk either but instead leaned on Aunt Mei on the carriage.

The girl said something to the old man for a while then Meng Yu felt the carriage slowly moving. The carriage naturally have drivers but Meng Yu was not concerned about this, the green dressed girl did not let him pay, Meng Yu who was embarrassingly short of money became somewhat happy..

Honestly, for the first carriage ride of Meng Yu, this was simply a torture, a carriage was not as smooth as a car, it kept on jolting and bumping with every rough patch of road.

Before, Meng Yu was not affected by motion sickness. However at this time, dizziness and nausea somewhat triggered up, Aunt Mei looked very weak actually a bit worse than usual.

“Young master, are you ok?” Aunt Mei worriedly looked at the pale faced Meng Yu.

“Aunt Mei, I’m fine, I am just somewhat not yet suited to ride a carriage. I will be fine after a while.” Meng Yu said with difficulty.

He tried not to open his mouth, but when he talked, Meng Yu suddenly was hit with a violent impulse to vomit, this scared him and he quickly clutched his mouth.


Meng Yu found it really difficult to adapt to the carriage when suddenly a voice rang up outside.

The carriage stopped, Meng Yu could no longer help, three steps, two steps, he opened the carriage door, went outside the carriage, and puked his heart out, he even almost spit his bile out.

After he threw up, Meng Yu instantly felt much better, he vomit twice more only to comeback and see what is the situation in front. When he turned back, he found out that there were six people gazing at him,

“What a pathetic guy, just riding a carriage made him spit like this.” The voices of five people echoed.

Aunt Mei was of course very worried about him.

“Tian Lin.” When Meng Yu saw the two people in front of the two carriage, his mind suddenly convexed, he felt he gonna meet trouble today.

Seeing Meng Yu looked over, he instantly reacted.

“Waste, who let you leave the town?” Tian Lin’s arrogant voice passed over.

A few days ago, when he heard from Zhou Kai that Meng Yu was still alive, he had been planning on what to do with Meng Yu, but before he came up with an idea, he actually learned that Meng Yu was already riding a carriage leaving the Pan Xi Town.

Under panic, he did not have anytime to think about it, he hurriedly pulled Uncle Wu and chased over. In his heart, Uncle Wu was the most powerful person in the town of Pan Xi, there was nothing in this world that Uncle Wu can not crush.

So as long as he just catch up with the waste, handling Meng Yu will be a mere ask to Uncle Wu

“Tian Lin, I do not care about our previous grievances, just let me go, can our grudges be written off?” Meng Yu calmly said.

“Hahaha, write if off?” Tian Lin seemed to have heard a very funny joke and crazily laughed.

After he finished laughing, he continued, “You worthless plebeian, do you think you have qualification to tell me that, do you think you have the qualification to write off with me?”

“Originally, I just intend to play with you, I did not think that you would actually remember our grudges, that being the case, then die.” Tian Lin ferociously said.

When Meng Yu heard this words, his complexion suddenly changed.

“Do you have enough? If you have blabbered enough, let us go and do not hinder us from hurrying.”

The green – dressed girl has been coldly watching Tian Lin’s performance, and thought that his performance was like a crazy, sicko, madman, she wasn’t the bit interested to know who was wrong with who.

Meng Yu was somewhat surprised and looked a glance at the green dressed girl, just now the green dressed girl spoke in an imposing manner, it was so familiar, he seemed to have seen it somewhere.

Oh, right, the last time he felt such feeling was at the school committee, when the secretary catches fire with rage, it was exactly like a high person revealing an imposing manner.

“It seemed this girl’s identity was not so simple,” Meng Yu secretly thought.

After hearing the words of the girl, Tian Lin suddenly fumed with rage.

He was so big, even within the Tian Clan, his father never dared to call him get lost, but this slut in front of him even dared him to fuck off.

“Uncle Wu, kill her, kill them all!!!!” Tian Lin raged loudly towards the middle-aged man on his side.

The middle aged man looked at the current raging mad Tian Lin, he can not help but shook his head, he was usually very busy with the clan’s affairs, he did not expect that elder brother educated his son in this manner.

It seemed he should have paid more concern to his nephew after all.

But he can not let go these people in front of him, they even dared to call the Tian Clan’s second young master to fuck off, if he had to let go of these people, then the face of the Tian Clan will completely be tainted by these trashes.

Meng Yu’s face changed, although the man hasn’t acted yet, but when he stared at that middle – aged man, he felt a blowing chill ran down his spine, he thought, perhaps, this is precisely the aura of murder.

“Old Man Liang Wei, go a little further.” Meng Yu shivering in fear, heard the cool voice the green dressed girl passed over.

Meng Yu can not help but be somewhat ashamed, the manner she showed just now clearly demonstrated that she was not a weak woman.

But the two people was still too young, while he green – dressed girl was still talking with effort, the middle – aged man from the Tian Clan was already casting an enchantment, he absolute can not have any innocent ideas of pity.

In his eyes, Meng Yu, the two people, and the two drivers, they are already dead.

Suddenly, a Fire Dragon appeared out of thin air and dashed towards the carriage, immediately the green dressed girl sprang.

He can reckoned that this green dressed girl should be a bit skilled. As for Meng Yu, he is but waste. He waited until the green dressed girl settled, anyhow he knew he can casually fix her up.

“Exuberant life, spirits of the emerald wood, in my most dangerous moment, please heed to my summon and protect me, let your roots shelter your faithful disciples, Wood Shield!!!”

The green dressed girl even though late by half a beat, still managed chant a spell that summoned a Wood Shield that covered her whole body.

The middle aged man;s heart sank and shot the Fire Dragon at the girl. He expected the girl to be good, but never imagined that this girl was actually and Intermediate Magus! How can a girl of such a young age had this cultivation, I am afraid her origins was not normal.

He was being pulled over by Tian Lin who did not understand the situation at all. He did not expect that Tian Lin actually provoked such a powerful person, he knew he should not have fired first..

But since he already attacked, then this person must not live or I’m afraid they will bring endless scourge to the Tian Clan. The heart of the man ruthlessly thought, the incantation on his mouth suddenly became even faster.

“Wood Spirits in between Heaven and Earth, please heed to the summon of your disciple, materialize into vines, and bind the enemy before my eyes. Vine Bind.”

Instantly, out of thin air, few strong vines emerged from the ground in front of the carriage, and then twined around the body of the fire dragon, but the vines, though merely temporary was able to trap the fire dragon.

Can fire overcome wood, so the vines that were coiled around the fire dragon turned into ash in the speed of the naked eye. Not to mention the middle aged man, even those in the side of Meng Yu knew and were afraid that the girl can not hold up any longer.

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