The Assassin’s Apprentice: Chapter 1

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TAA, Chapter 1: Accident

“Who is that youth over there? He looks dreadfully pitiful.”

“Ah! Such a crime, it is said that the youth is a university student. Every weekend, he comes to our construction site to do two days worth of work. His family ought to be in a very hard time right now.”

“The last time I took a meal, I was able to chat with him, His parents are farmers and could only borrow money from the people around them to pay for his tuition. As for his living expenses, he had to rely on himself….”

On a construction site, the excavator and bulldozer’s deafening roar stopped. The heavy trucks and the shuttle moving back and forth stopped. Even the billowing fumes and dust silently landed on the ground.

The people stopped the works on their hands. Full of hope, they stared at the two white-coat doctors then towards the youth lying deadstill on the ground.

After a long time, the two white coat doctors shook their heads and covered the youth with a white cloth.

“Ah, you said it was just a small rock? How dare you all be so careless!!!”

“Such is life, such is life ah…..”

The workers were saddened as if they can see their own shadow on the youth’s body.

After a while, the roar and bustle of the construction site gradually began to resume……

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  1. Right, a question!! have you by an accident forgotten to post the rest of the chapter? if not then at least call it the prologue!!

  2. Hehe…Sorry Mate…But really, this is the whole of Chapter 1. It’s not specified as a prologue so I neither wrote as such.

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