Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 99

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 99: Bait

A few hours later, it became the darkest time of the night.

Golden Cicada King, Piggy and little cockroach returned back. Even after searching the entire Eagle Beak Cliff, they still couldn’t find the whereabouts of Alchemy Hall Master Jin Zhikun.

Ye Chuan however didn’t give up, circulating the Heaven Swallowing Talisman within his body, he send out his divine sense to its limit, and also send out these three little fellows again.

Meanwhile, under his instruction, disciples left group by group on the same night, and Second Elder Nangong Ren was the first one to leave. After dawn, only 20 or so disciples of Cloud Mist Sect were left in Eagle Beak Cliff. And according to the instruction of Ye Chuan, fatty Zhao Dazhi found two carriages. In one of those carriages, Ye Chuan entered, and another carriage was used as prisoners’ carriage to escort disheveled haired Yi Suo.

The carriages rolled, and the entire group of people set out on a return journey.

Perhaps he had suffered severe injury due to the use of torture to extort a confession, or perhaps he had thoroughly given up all hope, all along the road, Yi Suo never lifted his head. There was not even a trace of arrogance and haughtiness of former days.

From Eagle Beak Cliff to Cloud Mist Sect, the mountain path was rugged, and they had to cross over mountains after mountains. Using the flying sword to return would have been much faster, but walking however was very slow, so they were hurrying.

Ye Chuan however was not in hurry, but he still intentionally instructed people to speed up to return to Cloud Mist Sect at the earliest time.

Yi Suo of prisoners’ carriage was a traitor and also was a bait to fish Alchemy Hall Master Jin Zhikun, that big fish.

To save people, en route was the best opportunity, so to make fish anxious, Ye Chuan had intentionally instructed to travel at a top speed. He didn’t want to give any time to the big fish to calm down and scheme.  Moreover, in order for this big fish to take the bait, Ye Chuan had deliberately made Second Elder Nangong Ren return first, making this fish even more tempted.

Ye Chuan had already laid out a bait, so now he was quietly waiting for the big fish to take the bait.

Even if he was fully aware that this was a trap, Alchemy Hall Master Jin Zhikun must take the bait if he didn’t want to reveal his identity and didn’t want to lose his everything!

Even after they were already more than 10 li away from Eagle Beak Cliff, all was well;

And even after they had already traveled more than 100 li, and Cloud Mist Sect was already visible far away, there was still no trace of Jin Zhikun.

This wily old fox seemed to have fled to Cloud Mist Sect after realizing the matters had irreversibly fallen through and exposed.

Ye Chuan kept his calm and instructed everybody to continue forward and even to increase their speed.

Sure enough, when Cloud Mist Sect was only 10 li or so away, a golden light suddenly appeared, hovering above the head of this group of people.

Golden Cicada King who had gone to scout throughout the way suddenly returned back, bringing back a good news. After that, flapping its extremely thin six wings, it disappeared without a trace to scout once again.

Nan Tiandu and others riding the horse were scouting and escorting throughout the way, but Golden Cicada King which come and go as if wind was Ye Chuan’s real eyes and ears.

The hurrying groups of people and carriages arrived in front of a gorge.

On the both sides of the gorge, there were steep cliffs and the path was rugged. Moreover, only two horses could walk side by side through this rugged path. This was the dangerous and famous War Front Heaven Gorge in the vicinity of Cloud Mist Sect. Looking up at the sky from this place, one could only see a gleam of light, and the cliffs of both sides were overcast as if they were about to force them down. Since the ancient times, no one knew how many people had died without justice in some corner of this gorge. In this place, the spur on the flying horse suddenly slowed down.

“Everyone, be careful. We are about to arrive our sect.”

Nan Tiandu pulled the rein of his horse to stop, and his complexion became tense. He didn’t have Golden Cicada King like eyes and ears, but arriving at War Front Heaven, he instinctively felt unease. After that, carefully sizing up a rather dark gorge, he exerted strength on his legs to clamp the abdomen of his horse, then charged first into this gorge, and several disciples of Cloud Mist Sect followed closely behind him.

It was very quiet inside the gorge, merely the rolling sound of carriages and galloping sounds of horses could be heard. Everything appeared to be very normal, so the anxiety of people gradually eased down. Nan Tiandu who was rushing in the front charged out first from this gorge, then looking back and seeing everything was going fine, he relaxed in his heart.

Rumble, at that time, a loud rumbling sound resounded all of a sudden.

People quickly raised their head and saw several boulders rolling down towards them. With a bang sound, the first boulder happened to land on the exit of the gorge, blocking Nan Tiandu and other disciples outside the gorge. The second boulder even heavily landed exactly on the carriage which Ye Chuan was riding, breaking it into pieces. And the third boulder separated Zhu Sijia and other people who were in the rear of the prisoners’ carriage.

After that, a masked figure jumped straight down as if a roc from the top of the cliff, landing beside the prisoners’ carriage. Few disciples guarding the prisoners’ carriage screamed and pulled out their sword, but before they could swing their sword, they were sent flying by a strong gust. And everyone spat out a mouthful of blood.

In this narrow and steep gorge, suddenly yang qi seethed, giving out a heavy pressure.

All the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect were pushed down to the ground and it got difficult to move, being subjected to inborn suppression. In the face of the sudden attack of this uninvited guest, they unexpectedly couldn’t resist even a bit.


This was a Peak Rank 7 Xiushi, or even an expert of Daoist Master realm!

The heart of the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect shook greatly, and it became harder for them to breathe.

After stealthily tailing behind throughout the journey for a long time, Alchemy Hall Master Jin Zhikun finally struck!

As Ye Chuan had expected, when he was en route, Jin Zhukun suddenly attacked. Even though he perfectly knew that this was a trap, he had no choice but to attack! Merely, throughout the journey until now, he quietly followed after them, and when they were about to arrive Cloud Mist Sect, he attacked. Sure enough, he was a wily old fox and also audacious to the extreme. He had only extremely short few breaths of time, as long as he missed the attack, the experts of Cloud Mist Sect would immediately rush over to this place.


Ice-cold sword light suddenly illuminated the rather dark gorge.

When the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect were caught unprepared, Nan Tiandu jumped over the boulder and attacked back, stabbing straight towards the heart of Jin Zhikun.


Jin Zhikun suddenly turned around, and his eyes shone. And without taking out any weapon, he flicked at the sword of Nan Tiandu. Then, with a ding sound, Nan Tiandu was sent flying far away. And the sword he was holding emitted a smoke as if it was burned.

When cultivators achieve success in Divine Yang Body, the yang qi within their body would be sufficiently pure and boundless, so their every act and every move could burn body and spirit of the opponent. It was incomparably fierce!

Jin Zhikun was still Rank 7 Xiushi, had yet to breakthrough to Daoist Master Realm, but specializing in body cultivation, within Xiushi realm, there might not be any existence that could match him. So Nan Tiandu was far from being his opponent. With a single move, he was done in!

“What millennium genius, he is just this, nothing more!”

Jin Zhikun coldly snorted, then rushing over to the front of prisoners’ carriage, he palmed it, then thick iron railings together with the talisman shackles of Yi Suo were shattered into pieces. Then holding Yi Sup in his underarm, he walked off while laughing loudly.

The scheme failed, so what, even if Ye Chuan clearly knew he had instigated it, what can he do?

After saving Yi Suo, he wouldn’t have any human testimony and material evidence, so Great Elder also could do nothing about it. After that, lying low for a period of time, he could come back again! Once failed, but next time there inevitably will be a chance to successfully kill Ye Chuan. With powerful cultivation, what is impossible?

Being successful this time, Jin Zhikun was happy, so laughing heartily, in a blink of an eye, he left the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect far behind. And while laughing, he suddenly felt somewhat strange and the space between his eyes violently twitched, and the feeling of unprecedented danger appeared in his heart.

What about Ye Chuan?

Where is that brat? Could it be that he was really crushed to death by that boulder?

From the very beginning to the end, Ye Chuan had never appeared, this made Jin Zhikun feel restless all of a sudden. Moreover, he succeeded in this raid very easily, so the more he thought, the more he felt something was wrong!

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