Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 98

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 98: Great Divine Yin

Not long after the people of Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect left, the sky began to darken.

In the campsite, the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect went on a drinking spree, celebrating the complete victory of this Great Competition. Under excitement, many people drank wine until they were dead drunk. As for Ye Chuan inside the Rubble Formation, he still sat cross-legged on the boulder without any movement, while absentmindedly looking at the ground that had changed beyond recognition.

Millions of years ago, he was Heaven Concealing Great Sage who dominated this entire mainland, and the founder of Cloud Mist Sect Ghost Hand Medicinal King was merely one of his followers.

Now after millions of years, he had freed himself from God Burial Valley, but once familiar mainland had already changed beyond recognition. It had changed greatly over time. Now Ghost Hand Medicinal King and his other followers were gone, and he himself was also merely a Big Disciple of Cloud Mist Sect.

“Fate toying with people, is this the life of people?”

Ye Chuan muttered, and his gaze fell on the stone parting under his foot. There, he saw a little green new bud.

Eagle Beak Mountain was barren without even a blade of grass, and no yao beast could survive here. But there inevitably were some life, growing in the unnoticed corner, or grow in the hardest stone.

Death is the beginning of another life, is another new reincarnation!

Ye Chuan sat motionless, and a profound feeling floated up in his mind. Then the energy fluctuation within his body suddenly rose very naturally, and became more and more intense just like sea tides. When the energy fluctuation reached the apex, Ye Chuan took out that final Qingyang pill from his bosom and swallowed it, then that energy fluctuation which was about to fall after a rise suddenly flare up, and continued to rise steadily.

Kacha, kacha, sounds came from the body of Ye Chuan. His blood seethed with excitement and the dragon-shaped Heaven Swallowing Talisman rotated rapidly, then emitted a majestic Yang qi. Finally, with a thud sound, his body shook and his spirit soared up.

In the dim light of the night, darkness enveloped the mainland.

The wind was very cold, and blowing on the face caused people to feel indistinct pain.

The spirit of Ye Chuan came out, just like when he used Yin Spirit Nightwalking, but his spirit however didn’t feel any discomfort and unsettled like before, instead, he felt just like a fish entering the water. And in the qi vortex within his body, a faint sign of second Heaven Swallowing Talisman being condensed appeared.

Rank 1 Xiushi!

In the Eagle Beak Cliff where cold wind was whistling, Ye Chuan suddenly had a feeling in his heart, so he released the suppression, moreover, swallowed a Qingyang pill which helped his energy fluctuation to rise as much as it liked, breaking through to Xiushi realm in a spurt of energy. After millions of years, he stepped into the true threshold of cultivator once again. Now he can finally cultivate and use many techniques once again.


The people inside the campsite didn’t hear any sound, but their eardrum suddenly tingled.

The spirit of Ye Chuan that soared in the sky suddenly roared, and the atmosphere around suddenly twisted with circular ripple spreading outward. And the fallen leaves in the mountain suddenly floated in the midair due to the invisible power.

Great Divine Yin!

Spirit Nightwalking, commonly known as Divine Yin, breaking through to Xiushi realm could use various kinds of techniques, and no longer need to fear the dim light of night and cold wind, becoming a Great Divine Yin!

In millions of years, Wilderness World had great changed few times due to the upheavals, so many techniques had already been lost. For ordinary Xiushi, Spirit Nightwalking was closely guarded secret, and even if they were able to send out their spirit, they didn’t have any techniques, except Spirit Nightwalking. But Ye Chuan was different, after breaking through to Xiushi realm, without personally raising his hand, just his spirit could use a variety of techniques.

Halfway up the mountain, in a pitch-black cave, the complexion of Alchemy Hall Master Jin Zhikun suddenly changed greatly, and the blood and qi within his body seethed as if he was facing a formidable foe. He couldn’t see where the enemy was, and even didn’t know what was happening, but the space between his eyebrows was twitching violently and his heart was restless. And in the next moment, he rushed out of that cave, and hastily ran far away from Eagle Beak Cliff. Just after he ran, a golden light flashed within that cave where he was hiding just a moment ago.

In the campsite, Second Elder Nangogn Ren who was sitting cross-legged inside his tent to cultivate quietly suddenly opened his eyes, and sensing the spirit of Ye Chuan rolling about in the sky, his countenance suddenly changed.

From under the mountain gully where cold wind was whistling, three meters tall figure suddenly rushed out. Horned demon Na Gusi had also woken up with a start from quiet cultivation.

“Rank 1 Xiushi, just broke through to Xiushi realm and he has this kind of might, can it be that Ye Chuan, he really is the reincarnation of honorable ancient Great Demon God?” Na Gusi muttered, and unknowingly, a little bit of deep misgiving and fear towards Ye Chuan appeared in his mind.

With a flash of golden light, Golden Cicada King entered the Rubble Formation, returning beside Ye Chuan.

“Old man, he runs pretty fast!”

Ye Chuan indifferently said and opened his eyes. Then with a thought, his spirit descended from the heaven and fused together with his body. After that, Cyan Lotus Lamp flew out from his body, floating above his head, then white furred pig and that little cockroach came out.

After breaking through to Xiushi realm, the strength of Ye Chuan had greatly progressed, and Cyan Lotus Lamp also had changed.

Compared to before, this lamp he had obtained inside God Burial Valley had even more runes, and now the lamplight was no longer only warm, rather was somewhat burning hot, causing people’s blood and qi to seethe with surging fighting intent. The three little fellows also had changed, now they could react much quicker, as if they had unlocked the wisdom.

Golden Cicada King had the greatest change, the two little bumps on its back had thoroughly opened up, transforming into a Six Winged Golden Cicada. Now its speed was faster compared to many flying swords. As for White Furred Pig, it was still spiritless with a silly expression, appearing to be merely a cute little pet, but looking carefully, one could see that it didn’t resemble common wild boar. And as for that little cockroach that could be seen everywhere, after staying inside Cyan Lotus Lamp for several days, it seemed to be different from common cockroach to some extent. And compared to before, now it could fly much faster spreading out its wings.

It was only a cockroach, nothing else, so it was not worth the meticulous cultivating. As a result at first, Ye Chuan was intending to throw away this little cockroach, but hesitating for a moment, he still let it be, intending to see the changes of this little fellow, thereby comprehending more mystery of Cyan Lotus Lamp.

“Go, find this person before dawn!”

Ye Chuan faintly instructed, then closed his eyes again. After that three little fellows went down the hill separately, looking for the whereabouts of Jin Zhikun.

Breaking through to Xiushi realm, his divine sense range had increased vastly. And with the help of these three little fellows, his divine sense could stretch to nearly 100 li, within which he could clearly see even the rustle of leaves in the wind.

Alchemy Hall Master Jin Zhikun had run away, but Yi Suo was still tied and locked up inside the camp. If he was interrogated in public after returning to Cloud Mist Sect, then he was definitely finished, and Alchemy Hall Master Jin Zhikun including hidden Third Elder were also finished. So would these two old fellows sit still waiting for death?

Absolutely not!

If Ye Chuan was in their position, then he certainly wouldn’t sit still waiting for death. Now there were two ways to resolve this, i.e. either rescue Yi Suo or kill him!

Ye Chuan sat cross-legged without any movement, but in his heart, he was planning carefully. Predicting like a prophet, he was repeatedly calculating and arranging which was impossible for ordinary people.

Compared to before when he was able to conceal heaven with his hand, the current Xiushi realm cultivation of Ye Chuan could be considered nothing, but just stepped into the true threshold of cultivation. But the calculations and arrangements were something that was not depended on cultivation and he was very skilled in it. All the people who obstruct him from reaching the peak again, he would crush them either by fighting them head-on or using conspiracy!

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