Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 97

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 97: Heaven and earth chessboard

After hearing the question of Ye Chuan, Tuoba Xiong tossed out the papers of a mine towards Ye Chuan, then with the troops of Black Cauldron Sect, he angrily left.

“A year later, if you don’t come looking for me, then I will come to Cloud Mist Sect to kill you!”

Tuoba Xiaoniao coldly said looking at Ye Chuan, then walked away.

“My dear, a year is too long, I already can’t wait any longer, how about coming this evening.” Ye Chuan said with a smile, and looking at the graceful back view of Tuoba Xiaoniao, he suddenly recalled Jin Hua, that silkpants.

Thinking back, that kid really suffered the injustice. At that time, it was big Bird pretending to be Tuoba Xiaoniao, so he was so afraid that he wanted to flee from the marriage. But, did he ever think that the real Tuoba Xiaoniao was so charming and exquisite?

Tuoba Xiaoniao staggered hearing Ye Chuan, then turning around her head, she ferociously glaring at Ye Chuan. After that, gritting her teeth, she quickened her steps, leaving in haste. She didn’t dare to delay any longer, because she feared that Ye Chuan would speak out more words that would make her feel even more ashamed to show her face.

Treacherous, despicable, villain, shameless……

Tuoba Xiaoniao cursed Ye Chuan thousands of times in her heart while walking faster and faster. And from behind her, the laughter of the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect resounded.


Turning defeat into victory in Martial Competition, leaving behind everyone in dust in Literary Competition, even more, skilled in flirting with women, had both courage and cunning, and was faithful, this was the real Big senior apprentice-brother!

All the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect felt proud and elated. Now they were carefree and comfortable in their heart. Some people hastily rush towards the sect to inform this good news.

In these last few years, the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect were always bullied and oppressed by Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect when they went outside to gain experience, so they fought repeatedly, in which they would win less and lose more. So winning this Great Competition made all disciples elated.

“Noble son Ye, congratulation for your complete victory.”

Liu Hong walked over and congratulated Ye Chuan. Now she was wearing a skin-tight battle armor on her upper body, revealing her snow-white and deep ravine right above her breasts. And she was wearing a short leather skirt on her lower body. This skirt was even shorter compared to her usual skirt, exposing her shining white thighs and long legs without any cover.

“Thank You, my luck was comparatively better.” Ye Chuan smiled.

Facing this hot and sexy Liu Hong, fatty and others were stealing a glance at her. But Ye Chuan however openly looked her from head to foot, then foot to head. After that, shaking his head, he said: “A pity, a pity ah……”

“What’s pity? Is there something inappropriate?” Liu Hong somewhat curiously asked, then pretending to be shy, she tried to pull down her short leather skirt that couldn’t be any shorter.

“No, you are fine, what I mean is, it’s a pity that you are not a disciple of Cloud Mist Sect, and not my junior apprentice-sister. Otherwise, if you made a mistake then I could spank your buttocks.” Ye Chuan answered.

Liu Hong giggled, looking straight into the eyes of Ye Chuan. And this giggle made her look even more charming.

They lost Martial Competition, they also lost Literary Competition, and furthermore, they even lost a powerful treasure, Blood Lance. So the five elders of Five Style Sect had wretched complexion and they refused to leave just like this. The death of sect’s Big Disciple Gushan Leng didn’t matter, as they could choose another one as per the usual practice, in any case, there were a lot of experts in the younger generation. But Blood Lance in the hand of Ye Chuan however was different, but they didn’t know how they can take it back from the hands of Ye Chuan.

The complexion of Elder Tu was gloomy, and all the disciples of Five Style Sect didn’t even dare to breathe heavily seeing this. Only Liu Hong indifferently walked over and strike up a conversation with Ye Chuan.

“Humph, truly has no sense of shame!”

Zhu Sijia turned her face to one side, and the smile disappeared from her face. Also, no one knew whether she was cursing Ye Chuan or cursing boldly dressed Liu Hong.

“Noble son Ye, recently, several overseas cultivators came to underground Ghost Market, bringing various kinds of strange fruits, medicinal herbs and seeds, I wonder if you are interested? How about we make a time to take a look at them together?” Liu Hong walked to the side of Ye Chuan and whispered in his ear.

“This……” Ye Chuan mumbled without answering immediately.

The looks of Liu Hong was very pretty, and she could easily charm any people, but for Ye Chuan, she was still too inexperienced. As a once Heaven Concealing Great Sage, what kind of woman had he never seen before? And he was very clear about beautiful women brings on a disaster, so he didn’t want to get too close to her, so as to avoid unnecessary troubles.

“What’s the matter, noble son Ye, you dared to lead a group to come and compete in Great Competition, and dared to enter Rubble Formation alone, but you don’t have guts to have a stroll around Ghost market with me? After three days, I will be waiting for you in underground Ghost market at dusk, see you there. Okay, I’ll not speak much, otherwise, your little junior apprentice-sister will explode.” Liu Hong whispered to Ye Chuan, then taking a quick glance at Zhu Sijia, she caught up with the big group of Five Style Sect. Behind, fatty and others continuously stared at her pert buttocks without even blinking.

“Humph, didn’t you look enough, is that vixen so beautiful?”

Zhu Sijia angrily glared at Ye Chuan. She didn’t know why but just seeing Liu Hong, she would immediately get angry, moreover, seeing her together with Ye Chuan, she would get even angrier.

“Beautiful, scenery is infinitely beautiful.”

Ye Chuan smiled, nearly driving Zhu Sijia nuts. Then pointing at the rocks of Rubble Formation, he faintly said, “Don’t misunderstand, I am speaking about the surrounding scenery. Don’t you find this Rubble Formation of Eagle Beak Cliff somewhat out of place, and the surrounding peaks also somewhat odd?”

Ye Chuan looked into the distance, then looking at majestic and very steep mountain peaks of the surrounding, he became somewhat absent-minded, and indescribable desolate expression appeared on his face.

This bone piercing desolate feeling emitted from his spirit itself deeply enveloped the heart of all people here. Even the heart of Zhu Sijia was stirred up, and she swallowed back the curses which were already at the tip of her tongue.

“I don’t see any difference. Big Senior apprentice-brother, what’s so odd about these mountain peaks?” Fatty Zhao Dazhi shook his head and asked curiously, as even after carefully looking, he wasn’t able to see any difference.

The people of Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect had already walked far away, and very quickly, they disappeared. Now on Eagle Beak Cliff, only the people of Cloud Mist Sects were left. But Ye Chuan didn’t walk, so not a single person moved.

“Nothing, merely these mountain peaks are rather very beautiful, that’s all. Let’s not return tonight, we’ll return tomorrow.”

Ye Chuan faintly smiled, then entered Rubble Formation once again, the climbing on the tallest rock, he sat down cross-legged, and muttered: “With earth as chessboard, with mountain peaks as chess pieces……, after millions of years, I, Ye Chuan am here again, but you all are gone…”

Ye Chuan was touched and couldn’t help expressing his feelings, while sitting on the rock in a daze.

A very long time ago, the surroundings of Eagle Beak Cliff was not like this, instead of mountain peaks, the surroundings of Eagle Beak Cliff was a flatland, with only Eagle Beak Cliff standing erect in the middle of the flatland. Later, Ye Chaun entertained an expert here. And on the whim of both sides, they took earth as a chessboard, and mountain peaks as chess pieces, and using their powerful techniques, they moved mountain peaks from far away to play a chess, changing the terrain of this place beyond recognition.

And the Rubble Formation on the top of the Eagle Beak Cliff was something they had causally set up to prevent outsiders from interfering with the chess game. At that time, accompanying beside Ye Chuan were, the founder of Cloud Mist Sect Ghost hand Medicinal King as well as his other tigers and wolves like followers. Unfortunately, now, all of them were gone.

Fatty and others turned around, and busied themselves to sort out the campsite. But Zhu Sijia was somewhat absentminded, as she vaguely heard the muttering of Ye Chuan, but she didn’t understand what was going on. Merely the eyes of Second Elder Nangong Ren suddenly shone, then carefully looking for a while, he discovered the mountain peaks of the surroundings had crisscrossed path, as if a white silk ribbon between green hills and black water, and again like some kind of lines.

“With earth as a chessboard, and with mountain peaks as chess pieces, Ye Chuan, he……”

Second Elder Nangong Ren trembled, and suddenly a thought appeared in his heart, then his eyes flashed with pallid light. After that, he gradually calmed down. Now, Cloud Mist Sect was steadily deteriorating, so it needed a Big Disciple who could stand out from his fellows and had the ability of turn the tide, everything else was less important.

After that Second Elder pretended to know nothing, then turned away. Behind, Ye Chuan intentionally or intentionally looked at his back view, then smiled faintly.

Although this old man was hot-tempered, wouldn’t endure anything at all, and appeared rash, but he was wise than anyone in essence!

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