Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 95

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 95: Careful, Sect Master become Eunuch?

Sensing the situation was not good, Hong Lie hastily used ‘if everything else fails, retreat’ plan. Unfortunately, within a big crowd, jostling with crutches was especially conspicuous.

The complexion of Tuoba Xiong was ugly, but with a calm face, he didn’t speak.

“Sect Master doesn’t need to feel embarrassed, it was just a small betting pact, forget about it.”

Ye Chuan calmly said, then he looked at the back view of Hong Lie who was walking away in panic, then looked at Tuoba Xiong with ugly complexion, and finally looked at gentle and graceful Tuoba Xiaoniao and said with a smile, “In any case, for your Black Cauldron Sect, going back on one’s word is very normal. I am already accustomed to it.”

The face of Tuoba Xiaoniao suddenly become red, recalling the idiotic matter of her father using a Big Bird to pass off as herself.

“Forget? After setting up the betting pact, what’s to be done should be done, why forget? Where is Hong Lie?”

Tuoba Xiong with gloomy complexion suddenly shouted angrily.

And Hong Lie who was rushing outside immediately trembled, and sensing the gaze of Tuoba Xiong, he had no choice but to brace himself and turn around. But after walking ten or so steps, his legs suddenly softened.

“Hong Lie, carry out the betting pact you had set yourself. As a Big Disciple of my sect, are you going to disgrace the sect?”

Tuoba Xiong ruthlessly said, then taking the sword from the Protector beside him, he threw it beside Hong Lie.

“Your Excellency Sect Master, I……”

The whole body of Hong Lie trembled, and after hesitating for a good while, he ferociously glared at Ye Chuan with resentment, then picking up the sharp sword, he swung it, personally chopping off his own arm.

Is he truly cutting?

All the surrounding people cried out in alarm, as bloody scene startled them.

“Ai, why, there was no need for this.” Ye Chuan shook his head and said, “I already said forget about it, it was just a betting pact, nothing more, why so serious?”

“Surnamed Ye, this time I lost, but next time, you will definitely lose. And one day, I, Hong Lie will definitely chop off both your arms!” Hong Lie just covered the bleeding like pig wound, and even though his body was shaking and he nearly fell down, he didn’t treat the wound immediately, instead ferociously stared at Ye Chuan, and his eyes were full of resentment and malicious.

Tuoba Xiong was Black Cauldron Sect’s Sect Master, so he didn’t dare to be resentful towards him. So he directed all his anger and resentment towards Ye Chuan.

“I will accompany you at any time, merely, I fear you might not have that chance.” Ye Chuan sneered.

Sure enough, not long after Hong Lie retorted, Tuoba Xiong’s voice resounded in the ear of Hong Lie, “Hong Lie, return to the sect to treat your injury, go now. And after you treat your injury, report to Mountain Patrolling Hall, hereafter you are especially responsible to guard the sect entrance, no need to come back to see me, later I will select another Big Disciple!”

What, select another Big Disciple?

Hong Lie’s complexion blackened, then vomiting mouthful of blood, he lost his consciousness, feeling incomparably furious and aggrieved.

Black Cauldron Sect had always placed importance on strength, so although he knew that Sect Master Tuoba Xiong was already dissatisfied with him, and he was very likely to lose sect’s Big Disciple position, but Hong Lie had never dreamed nor expected that this day would actually come so fast!

To show off in front of Tuoba Xiaoniao, he tried to suppressed Ye Chuan and boasted greatly, but unexpectedly, in the end, now he was empty-handed. He had fallen down to the ground from the sky!

“A person cannot be too shameless, and he shouldn’t single-mindedly think of harming other people, otherwise, they will only harm themselves.” Ye Chuan indifferently said looking at bound Yi Suo.

The face of Yi Suo suddenly became ghastly pale without a trace of blood.

Opposing Big senior apprentice-brother, this was the end result!

Five Style Sect’s Big Disciple Gushan Leng died, a single move of horned demon Na Gusi instantly killed him. Black Cauldron Sect’s Big Disciple Hong Lie was also finished, he will never have the opportunity to turn over, and what about himself? How will Big senior apprentice-brother deal with him?

Yi Suo’s mind became tense and his body began to tremble. Now, his only hope rests on Alchemy Hall Master Jin Zhikun. He hoped the latter will quickly notify his master Third Elder who had stayed behind to take care of things in Cloud Mist Sect, so that he would think of a way to exculpate him.

“Brat, you are lucky! But this Great Competition is not over yet. Now the Martial Competition is over, but there is still Literary Competition, do you have guts to personally enter the competition this time?” Tuoba Xiong walked over, and with ferocious complexion, he said aggressively. Now he had a belly full of anger.

“No problem, as a sect’s Big Disciple, this is my duty.” Beyond his expectation, Ye Chuan agreed.

“Big senior apprentice-brother……”

Fatty Zhao Dazhi, Zhu Sijia and others anxiously called out.

In Eagle Beak Cliff, there was not only life and death arena, there furthermore was a special rubble. This was a remnant of the very ancient formation, commonly known as Rubble Formation. As soon as a person enters inside, they will fall into a dense illusion. Only very few people were able to pass through those illusions. And if one couldn’t withstand these illusions, they would be forced out with light aftermath being exhausted vitality and some injury, and heavy aftermath being going insane or suffering heavy damage in their spirit.

In the Great Competition of three sects, Marital Competition was held on life and death arena, and the so-called Literary Competition was entering this Rubble Formation, and see who can walk the farthest, and persist inside the longest.

Marital Competition ended, Cloud Mist Sect turned the tide and attained the first place, so Zhu Sijia and others were feeling proud and elated and were itching to have a go. They had already made the preparation to enter the Rubble Formation. Although Ye Chuan, this Big senior apprentice-brother was excellent in stratagem, but his cultivation however was inferior to the overwhelming majority of sect’s disciples, so after stepping into the Rubble Formation, how will he escape unscathed?

“It’s alright, rest assured, I, Big senior apprentice-brother have a proper sense of propriety!” Ye Chuan answered while waving his hand.

“Hahaha, good, brat, you have some backbone. But, that kind of people often dies very quickly, hahaha!”

Tuoba Xiong laughed, he had never thought that Ye Chuan would easily fall into his trap like this, now he was dead for sure. After thinking, he sinisterly said: “Brat, like Martial Competition, how about we add a bet? Whoever loses, he has to personally sever one of his own legs!”

“What meaning does personally severing one leg have? If want to sever, then how about severing the third leg by wielding a sword to publicly castrate oneself. Your Excellency Sect Master, what do you think?”

The brief remark of Ye Chuan startled all, and the face of Tuoba Xiong sunk all of a sudden.

Personally severing one leg was fine, but wielding a sword to publicly castrate oneself, this was too much! After castrating himself, he would change into Eunuch from Sect Master. According to the reason, he will not have to castrate himself, as Ye Chuan was sure to lose, but what if?

Tuoba Xiong pondered with sinister and uncertain complexion. As a Sect Master, no need to speak about how the result would turn out first, simply making this type of betting pact was beneath his dignity, he couldn’t dismiss it simply saying it was a joke. Afterwards, when other people point towards him saying he was a person who betted to castrate himself in public with a junior, where would he place his face?

“It was just a joke, Your Excellency Sect Master, don’t take it so seriously. If it’s always killing, cutting off hand, severing leg and anything that is violent, it’s very boring, how about we stake a crystal stone mine this time, what’s your thought on this?” Ye Chuan said with a smile. Of course, he had deliberately said the matter of castrating oneself just a moment ago to make a fool out of Tuoba Xiong.

Tuoba Xiong had always schemed, suppressed, handled affairs by fair means or foul, and taken pleasure making a fool out of others throughout his life. But this time, Ye Chuan made a fool out of him in public.

“Fine, a crystal stone mine! Brat, you will definitely lose!”

Tuoba Xiong ferociously glared at Ye Chuan, then turning around, he walked away to arrange the manpower to enter the Rubble Formation.

Lost in Martial Competition, so he must win back in Literary Competition. Not only must they win, but also had to win beautifully, moreover they had to seize the opportunity to kill Ye Chuan inside the Rubble Formation, killing two birds with one stone!

“That old fellow, Tuoba Xiong will not compete honestly, so it will be very dangerous inside Rubble Formation. Ye Chuan, did you consider clearly?” Second Elder Nangong Ren worriedly said looking at Ye Chuan.

“I’ve already considered clearly.” Ye Chuan nodded his head.

“Then take along Nan Tiandu and……, your that junior apprentice-brother.” Looking at horned demon Na Gusi who was disguised as the outer sect disciple Wu Yong in one side, the brows of Second Elder Nangong Ren slightly rose. At this moment, horned demon Na Gusi had reached 1.8 meters tall from less than 1.7 meters tall, beginning to be unable to suppress his original form.

Nine Transformation Demonic Technique was very profound, but horned demon Na Gusi had grasped only first core law, moreover, he had just begun to cultivate, so he was still far from reaching the state where he transform as he please.

“No need, I will participate alone in this match. Wu Yong, you can withdraw.”

Taking a quick glance at horned demon Na Gusi, he faintly instructed him. Then the latter laughed and left this place, finally reverting back to his original form. After that, he disappeared in a blink of an eye, leaving no trace behind, then finding a corner to hide, he continued to train Nine Transformation Demonic Technique.

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