Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 94

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 94: A master hand’s first small display of skill

The boasting of Gushan Leng on life and death arena pushed the excitement of the surrounding to the peak.

But even after waiting for a while, no-one from Cloud Mist Sect entered the arena. So Gushan Leng provoked again. This time, he claimed that he would use only one hand, moreover, let Ye Chuan make 10 moves in advance, causing a sensation among the disciples of three sects once again.

Gushan Leng was very sure of his victory, so he became more and more aggressive. But, there was still no movement within the group of Cloud Mist Sect. Ye Chuan didn’t react in any way to Gushan Leng’s provocation, neither he himself went to the arena nor he sent anyone else onto the arena.

People made an uproar and clamored, especially the personnel of Black Cauldron Sect, they began to jeer loudly and hissed continuously.

And after a good while, Tuoba Xiong lost his patience and when stepped forward to exert pressure to hasten, fatty Zhao Dazhi finally arrived with a person. This person was not tall, and with a big bamboo hat on his head, his facial features couldn’t be seen. He wore the gown of Cloud Mist Sect disciple, and appeared to be a disciple of Cloud Mist Sect, but no one knew why, this person gave people a strange feeling. The energy fluctuation of his body was rather different from the common people, and there seemed to be a faint aura of yao beast on his body.

“Disciple Wu Yong pays respect to Big senior apprentice-brother!”

This uninvited guest directly came in front of Ye Chuan, then bowing slightly, he loudly greeted him.

Wu Yong?

Wasn’t this outer sect disciple fatally injured by the assassins, and had already taken his last breath, how……

The eyes of Zhu Sijia widened, when the assassins dashed out from underground to assassinate Ye Chuan, outer sect disciple Wu Yong unluckily happens to be passing by to deliver the midnight snack, and at that time, his heart was piece through by an arrow. Later, although they used all their strength to save him, they were still unable to turn around a hopeless situation. The other people of Cloud Mist Sect were unclear, but Zhu Sijia had personally helped him treat his wound, then had personally seen him taking his last breath. Merely at that time, they didn’t have time for funeral affairs, so they still hadn’t buried the corpse, but how did he suddenly appear here? Arise from the dead, or……

Zhu Sjia was shocked in her heart, but there was a person who was more shocked than her.

Not far away, outer sect disciple Wang Li who had entered the sect not long after Wu Yong was dumbstruck. Other were unfamiliar to Wu Yong, but he and the latter had been together from morning to night. When the uninvited guest bowed towards Ye Chuan, his facial features were finally revealed. In a glance, it would appear that his outline was similar to Wu Yong, but looking carefully, there were also many different aspects, moreover, his facial muscles were stiff and his expression was also stiff, was downright similar to the rigid corpse that had climbed out from underground, looked very frightening.

“Junior apprentice-brother Wang Li, don’t be too excited, with Big senior apprentice-brother here, even if your brother Wu Yong wants to die, he cannot die.”

Fatty quickly covered the mouth of outer sect disciple Wang Li.

The eyes of Zhu Sijia flashed, looking at the abnormal behavior of Wang Li and again looking at fatty who was trying to cover up, she suddenly understood what was going on.

“Junior apprentice-brother Wu Yong, go. After this battle, move to Purple Cloud Peak to become my assistance, then you don’t need to worry about those trivial chores anymore.” Ye Chuan indifferently instructed. These words that sounded very normal to other people nevertheless made the eyes of this uninvited guest shine. And understanding what was going on, he smirked and jumped onto the life and death arena.

In accordance with the instruction of Ye Chuan, fatty had brought over horned demon Na Gusi.

On the surface, fatty Zaho Dazhi was calm and had covered the mouth of outer sect disciple Wang Li just in time, but in fact, in his heart, he was more afraid than anyone else here, and the fatty meat on his body was continuously trembling.

When he went to see horned demon Na Gusi after he got instruction, he personally saw the latter using Nine Transformation Demonic Technique passed down by Ye Chuan to disguise as outer sect disciple Wu Yong. That as if small mountain three meters tall burly body shrunk into less than 1.7 meters tall just with cracking sounds, which was accompanied by that laughter which sounded just like the cawing of a big demonic bird. At that time, fatty was half dead with fright. He will never be able to forget that process in his lifetime.

“Who are you? Announce your name, this noble son doesn’t kill a nameless person!”

Five Style Sect’s Big Disciple Gushan Leng was already impatient after waiting for so long, so stepping forward, he aggressively said, “What Cloud Mist Sect’s Big Disciple, clearly is just a coward that doesn’t dare to enter the arena. Come, this noble son will use only one hand, moreover, let you use 10 moves first, then after killing you brat, again……”


On the life and death arena, suddenly a fierce wind blew.

And Horned Demon Na Gusi had already caught the neck of boasting Gushan Leng, then after his neck was twisted, his body weakly collapsed to the ground.

Five Style Sect’s Big Disciple of this generation died just like this. He wasn’t even able to clearly see the appearance of horned demon Na Gusi before his death, no need to mention about reacting in any way!

Now, on the life and death arena, only the laughter of horned demon Na Gusi reverberated.

A master hand’s first small display of skill!

Ye Chuan was satisfied in his heart, he actually hadn’t judge wrong, horned demon Na Gusi was indeed a sharp butcher’s knife.

Who is this?

Even compared to millennium genius Nan Tiandu, he is more powerful and hundred times more ruthless! When did such heaven-defying experts appear in the younger generation of Cloud Mist Sect?

Off the life and death arena, all the disciples of three sects were dumbstruck, and only after a good while, the reaction came, the whole audience flared up.

“He is not younger generation disciple of Cloud Mist Sect, is an expert of the older generation, guards, capture him for me!”

Tuoba Xiong was startled and was also angry, then suddenly standing up, he commanded.

Several Protectors of Black Cauldron Sect jumped out in succession after receiving the order, and when the wanted to join hands to capture horned demon Na Gusi, a short old man carrying a hoe on his shoulder blocked their path.

“Tuoba Xiong, don’t be a sore loser? Now that your younger generation disciples are no match, do you want to publicly act shamelessly? Open your dog eyes, and look, this is our Cloud Mist Sect’s disciple Wu Yong, has long been registered as a participant, so where is the older generation expert? I pah!”

Cloud Mist Sect’s Second Elder Nangong Ren jumped up, blocking the path of those several protectors of Black Cauldron Sect.

The first time he saw horned demon Na Gusi, he frowned and sensed something fishy, as the other party obviously didn’t have the unique faint medicinal fragrance that all the disciple of Cloud Mist Sect had, so he was sure that he obviously wasn’t the outer sect disciple called Wu Yong. But, at this time, he naturally wouldn’t expose it.

“Eh, that’s right, it’s really him!”

“Impossible, impossible!”

On the life and death arena, the arbitrators of Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect took out the portrait of Cloud Mist Sect Disciple Wu Yong, and after comparing for a while, they had nothing to say.

The disciples of three sects that were going to participate in the Great Competition had already been recorded long ago, and in one glance, there was nothing unusual with horned demon Na Gusi. The complexion of Tuoba Xiong sank, he clearly sensed something fishy, but for the time being, he could do nothing.

The final match of Martial Competition suddenly ended just like this, surprising everyone! After the deliberate defeat of Yi Suo, Cloud Mist Sect which had fallen to the last position unbelievably defeated the strongest disciple of Five Style Sect and rose to the first place all of a sudden.

Tuoba Xiong’s complexion got ashen, but the complexion of Yi Suo who was tightly bound was even more deathly pale, and his body was trembling.

His scheme failed once again. This time, Ye Chuan who had led the group into the battle was in the greatest limelight, making all the personnel of Cloud Mist Sect feel proud and elated. So now, how can he pull down Ye Chuan from the sect’s Big Disciple position? Now that he failed the mission, how can he get away from this? Even if his master Third Elder let him off, how will he clear his name?

Yi Suo who was fearless until just a moment ago suddenly was scared and the more he thought, the more restless he became. After that he looked all around, trying to find the figure of Hall Master Jin Zhikun to ask for his help, unfortunately, seeing the situation was anything but reassuring, Jin Zhukun who was hiding behind rocks had already slipped away.

“Your Excellency Sect Master, I find it embarrassing to say but my Cloud Mist Sect accidentally won by luck. That said, I wonder if that betting pact your honorable sect’s Big Disciple Hong Lie had set up before still………, count or not?”

Ye Chuan stood up, then looked at Tuoba Xiong with a smile. Instantly, the complexion of this formidable man Tuoba Xiong who considered himself best in the world in former days become unprecedentedly ugly. And as for Hong Lie who was watching the battle standing among the crowd leaning on crutches, his entire body shivered, then profusely sweating, he turned around and walked away.

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