Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 93

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 93: Final battle


On the life and death arena, the expert of Black Cauldron Sect shouted and rushed towards Yi Suo with a spear in his hand. Then he stabbed out his spear as if flood dragon entering the sea. The air around them immediately undiluted, and the projection of python behind his head became clearer.


Yi Suo also shouted similarly, and rushed forward meeting this attack head-on. He firmly sword chopped towards the spear of Black Cauldron Sect’s master.

Then with a ‘ding’ sound, the sword in the hand of Yi Suo slipped out of Yi Suo’s hand and flew away.

On the life and death arena, the victory and defeat were decided instantly.

In a single move, before both sides could display their real power, Yi Suo had lost!

And when the expert of Black Cauldron Sect was stunned seeing this, Yi Suo seized this opportunity to jump off the life and death arena, escaping unscathed.

This was an extremely important match, but that’s the end of it?

Off the life and death arena, it was absolute silence, and everyone was staring with wide opened eyes. And after a good while, an earth-shaking cheer resounded. The disciples of Black Cauldron Sect was endlessly excited as they cheered loudly. And the complexion of Tuoba Xiong also finally become much better looking. This win swept away the gloominess and cloudiness of before.

“I’m sorry. Big senior apprentice-brother, I lost, the other side was too powerful.”

Yi Suo walked over to the front of Ye Chuan, then hypocritically apologized for wrongdoing, pretending to want to make amends with remorseful and uneasy appearance, but his facial muscles were stiff, and had a trace of impossible to get rid of sneer.

After losing this match, Cloud Mist Sect fell down from the first place, and there was only a final match left, so even if they wished to climb up to their first place, it was impossible! Now they could only wait for Ye Chuan to personally cut off his arm.

Yi Suo couldn’t wait for that moment!

“Big senior apprentice-brother, he did it on purpose, kill him!”

Zhu Sijia grabbed the hilt of the sword hanging on her waist and said with dense killing intent.

She had always been worried about Yi Suo, this fellow tricking them, unexpectedly, the matter she feared the most happened. With the cultivation of Yi Suo, it was impossible for him to lose in a single head-on clash, clearly, this fellow had lost intentionally. For the sake of personal enmity, he ignored even the honor of the sect!

“That’s right, kill him!”

“This damn traitor, arrest him!”

The disciples of Cloud Mist Sect simultaneously pulled out their swords, then heavily besieged Yi Suo. The complexion of Yi Suo changed, he had never thought that this formerly weak and alone Big senior apprentice-brother Ye Chuan had so much popularity and prestige all of a sudden, but very quickly, he calmed down, and with a sneer on his face, he stood motionlessly, letting people seize him up. Now he had a fearless appearance.

“Junior apprentice-brother Yi Suo, doing this, are you feeling good?”

Ye Chan shook his head and continued, “Right, I have a suggestion, you can come at me at any time, if you want to seize my Big Disciple seat, then we can have an open competition, but why should you do this? Hall Master Jin wants to kill me to get revenge for his son, what about you? And do you really think that Hall Master Jin will come to save you?”

“Big senior apprentice-brother, I do not understand what you are saying, my skill was inferior to him, so I lost, that’s all.” Yi Suo coldly looked at Ye Chuan and denied. He absolutely couldn’t admit that this was his and Hall Master Jin Zhikun’s scheme.

“Junior apprentice-brother Yi Suo, do you really think that we will definitely lose this final match and I, Big senior apprentice-brother will have to cut off my arm, so even if I return alive to Cloud Mist Sect, I will not be able to maintain my Big Disciple seat. As a result, I can do nothing about you?”

Ye Chuan shook his head once again, then pitifully looking at still stubborn Yi Suo, he said: “Pitiful, so pitiful, a genius fall down just like this, but even now he doesn’t come to realize. When heaven sends calamities down, there’s hope of weathering them, but when a man brings calamities upon himself, there’s no hope of escape. Junior apprentice-brother Yi Suo, do you really think that your scheme was unknown to god or ghost? Hall Master Jin at mountain gully of halfway up the mountain taught you how to do, and you really did, ai, this IQ……”

Yi Suo who was fearless and still had a seer on his face, hearing this, his complexion suddenly had huge changes, “You……, how do you know?”

“When people are working, heaven is watching.”

Ye Chuan indifferently said, then no longer looked at Yi Suo. And the latter’s face was overcast and uncertain, and only after a good while, he was able to calm down.

After Ye Chuan mention about the mountain gully of halfway up the mountain, he understood that the scheme of him and Hall Master Jin Zhikun was already exposed. But as long as Cloud Mist Sect lost the next final match, Ye Chuan would lose completely, and would be dragged down from the Big Disciple position too. And at that time, Jin Zhikun and Third Elder will naturally think of a way to clear him.

Thinking this, Yi Suo forcibly calmed down, although a little mishap had arisen, and Ye Chuan had already seen through their scheme, but the situation was still under the control of him and Jin Zhikun!

In the distant place, the complexion of Hall Master Jin Zhikun who was hiding behind a pile of rocks was gloomy and his eyes were shining. No one knew what he was thinking. Seeing Yi Suo was arrested, he didn’t come forward to rescue him and also didn’t leave in panic, rather continue to watch calmly. And the hubbub of the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect also quieted down quickly.

Everyone was waiting for the final match, calmly waiting for the truth comes to light!

“Hahaha, now there is only a final match left, surnamed Ye, I wish you a good luck! What’s the delay for, quickly begin!”

Tuoba Xiong roared with laughter, seeing the internal conflict of Cloud Mist Sect, he was very pleased. Then with the profound complexion, he hastened the arbitrators on the life and death arena, lest a long delay means trouble.

He had already made an agreement with Five Style Sect’s Elder Tu in secret that if Ye Chuan personally entered into the arena for this final match, then kill him at all costs. If he is dead, then the betting pact between Ye Chuan and Tuoba Xiaoniao would naturally cease to exist!

Tuoba Xiong looked bold and unconstrained on the surface, but was meticulous in his heart, and was also proficient in scheming.

Very quickly, the final match ensued, it was Cloud Mist Sect against Five Style Sect.

Cloud Mist sect was at three wins three defeats, and had fallen to the bottom from the first place. As for Black Cauldron Sect, it was in the second place and Five Style Sect being in the first place. If Cloud Mist Sect won this final match, then Black Cauldron Sect would be the one that would rank last; and conversely, if Cloud Mist Sect lost, then they would be ranked last.

Everybody was tense, and especially the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect, they were even tenser. The heartbeat of fatty and others quickened all of a sudden.

In this final match, who would enter the arena representing Cloud Mist Sect?

Zhu Sijia draped a heavy armor and prepared to enter the arena, but just when she was about to enter the arena, Ye Chuan stopped her, then calling fatty, he whispered instruction to him. After that, the latter was dumbfounded, but quickly afterward, he dashed away. Meanwhile, a figure flew out from the crowd of Five Style Sect, jumping into the life and death arena. He was tall, handsome and was expressionless. The energy fluctuation of his body was not that inferior to Nan Tiandu, and after entering the life and death arena, he coldly stared at Ye Chuan. He was none other than the Big Disciple of Five Style Sect, Gushan Leng!

“Ye Chuan, come, I will use only one hand, and also let you make three moves first.”

Gushan Leng coldly said without any expression, but his eyes were gloomy and cold as if a viper.

The people off the life and death arena made an uproar hearing this.

What a big tone, use only one hand, moreover, let him make three moves first, who had this kind of courage and boldness?

Although this was very surprising, but people quickly calmed down and look forward to the match. Although Gushan Leng was very insane, but he definitely had that capability. Rank 7 Wuzhe against Rank 3 Xiushi, if Ye Chuan really entered the arena, then he was screwed!

Will Ye Chuan personally enter the arena?

Nan Tiandu couldn’t fight, Zhu SIjia wasn’t his opponent, so who will represent Cloud Mist Sect for this final match?

All people simultaneously looked over, and even fiery tempered Second Elder Nangong Ren who feared neither Heaven nor Earth also couldn’t help but became solemn.

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