Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 92

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 92: Betting pact

In the final day of Martial Competition, the critical two matches had still not begun, instead, Black Cauldron Sect’s Sect Master Tuoba Xiong and Cloud Mist Sect’s Second Eder Nangong Ren had a quarrel and started fighting.

With Rank 4 Daoist Master realm against Rank 3 Daoist Master realm, Tuoba Xiong naturally held the advantage, but he wasn’t able to completely dominate this battle, even to the extent that he was repeatedly in danger.

Nangong Ren, as if crazy and also as if Tuoba Xiong was the enemy that had killed his father, fought with all his might, as if he didn’t mind perishing together. The cultivation of Tuoba Xiong was a rank higher, but this short-tempered short old man repeatedly forced him to retreat.

From the past many years, this fight was most unpleasant and most suppressed battle for Tuoba Xiong.

The matters have completely gone out of control, this was not he wanted. Originally, he just wanted to pressure Ye Chuan, and used prodding to force him to agree to the new rule. He had never wanted to personally attack from the very beginning. And what he was even more unexpected was, he had to fight with this old man Nangong Ren in public which was the battle where only both sides would suffer.

Dong! After ferociously colliding, both of them separated to opposite sides.

Tuoba Xiong took a deep breath, and Black Tortoise Cauldron in his hand was lightly trembling making a buzzing sound, moreover, now there were scratches on it due to the attack from the hoe of Second Elder. But on the other hand, the hoe in the hand of Second Elder unexpectedly wasn’t damaged even a bit. This rustic hoe however was a powerful treasure.


Tuoba Xiong cursed ferociously, and seeing the scratches on Black Tortoise Cauldron, his killing intent soared.

“Enough, don’t fight, father, don’t fight……”

Tuoba Xiaoniao stepped forward, standing between her father Tuoba Xiong and Nangong Ren. Then she looked her father and again looking at Ye Chuan standing not far away, she said, “Noble son Ye, I agree to your demand. But I also have a request, after three years, as long as you can defeat me, I will agree to whatever you want, I will marry to whoever you want me to marry.”

Tuoba Xiaoniao knew that once her father made a decision, he will not give up easily. Now that he had already purposed the change in the rule of Great Competition, he will not give up easily. And the more she looked at the fight between her father and Second Elder, the more shocked she became, and she didn’t dare to look down on this matter anymore, moreover, not wanting to make her father embarrassed, she took the initiative to stand out and agree to the demand of Ye Chuan.

It’s a pity that a flower is really going to be stuck in the cow dung.

All people simultaneously shook their head, looking at delicate as a flower, refined as a precious jade endearing little bird like Tuoba Xiaoniao, and again looking at wretched looking fatty Zhao Dazhi, they endlessly felt sympathy. Black Cauldron Sect’s Big Disciple Hong Lie, who was standing among the crowd leaning on crutches, gnashed his teeth. Helplessly watching Tuoba Xiaoniao whom he had secretly loved for many years promising to Ye Chuan just like this, his heart was bleeding. Unfortunately, the times have changed, now he was not only out of favor, he still was suffering from severe injury, so even if he had the heart to stop, he however didn’t have strength. He was helpless.

“Big……, Big senior apprentice-brother……” Fatty stuttered as he didn’t know what to say. Happiness came too suddenly, so he didn’t dare to believe this was a reality. If Tuoba Xiaoniao really married him, that truly would be pie falling from the sky, but was this possible? Absolutely impossible!

Fatty didn’t dare to believe, and also wasn’t able to imagine this, as he knew himself clearly. Tuoba Xiaoniao was too beautiful and was equally matched with Zhu Sijia in beauty. This kind of beauty, even if he really married, then he had to let Big senior apprentice-brother enjoy ah!

“Three years is too long, what about one year. If time is too long, then I’m afraid it would be too late.” Ye Chuan smiled and said.

“One year is already enough for many things to happen, brat, hereafter it would be best for you to not leave Cloud Mist Sect easily. Now begin the match!”

Tuoba Xiong glared at Ye Chuan and said, then gave the order to begin the Great Competition. After that, three arbitrators on the life and death arena busied themselves.

The result of drawing lots came out very quickly, it was Cloud Mist Sect against Black Cauldron Sect.

Then with the laughter of Tuoba Xiong, a strong and bulky elite disciple of Black Cauldron Sect jumped onto the life and death arena, holding a heavy spear. After that, he raised his head and roared, and a halo unexpectedly appeared behind his head. In the middle of this halo, entrenched python was faintly visible.

Rank 3 Xiushi!

Yet another expert of Black Cauldron Sect appeared and his cultivation was unexpectedly not less than sect’s Big Disciple Hong Lie.

The disciples of Black Cauldron Sect cheered loudly, but the people of Cloud Mist Sect became solemn. Now that Nan Tiandu wasn’t able to enter the battle due to the rule, who would Ye Chuan send?

There were many disciples of Cloud Mist Sect in the crowd, but only six had truly followed Ye Chuan for this competition. Fatty Zaho Dazhi was worthless, Nan Tiandu couldn’t enter the battle, and the two outer sect disciples were useless too, moreover, Ye Chuan was only Rank 7 Wuzhe. It seems, Zhu Sijia was the only person left, so although she clearly knew that she was not his opponent, she could only toughen her scalp and enter the arena!

“Big senior apprentice-brother, let me!”

Ye Suo suddenly came up from behind, and said with a sincere face, “The day before yesterday, I suddenly had a problem in my throat, so I left the arena on my own, disgracing our sect. This time, senior apprentice-brother Tiandu cannot enter the arena, so let me handle this match. Big senior apprentice-brother, believe in me, I will definitely kill this disciple of this Black Cauldron Sect, please give me a chance!”

“No, Big senior apprentice-brother……” Zhu Sijia shook her head, and immediately recalling those words of Ye Chuan.

Those seven assassins unexpectedly had the aura of Cloud Mist Sect, so that assassination plan was very likely to be the work of the mole, so Yi Suo and his master Third Elder were the greatest suspects. This match was very important, and if Yi Suo had evil plans, then wouldn’t he……

“Jiajia, say nothing, it’s fine. Everyone makes mistakes, so we should always give them a second chance. Junior apprentice-brother Yi Suo, go, even if other people don’t believe in you, Big senior apprentice-brother will believe in you.”

Ye Chuan interrupted Zhu Sijia, and looked at Yi Suo with similar sincerity.

“Thank you, Big senior apprentice-brother!”

Yi Suo bowed, then pulling out his sword, he jumped onto the arena. When he was facing others before, he had a sincere face, but after stepping on the life and death arena, when his back was facing towards Ye Chuan and others, a sneer immediately appeared on his face.

Originally, in order to make Ye Chuan agree his request, he had already thought of many ways, which included even crying and kneeling down. But to his surprise, Ye Chuan actually agreed so easily, saving him from trouble!

“God came to help me, brat, now, just wait to cut off your arm!”

The complexion of Yi Suo became hideous, and was dying to raise his head to utter a long, loud cry.

“Kid, time is limited, jump when you have time.” Off the life and death arena, Ye Chuan also sneered.

After he eavesdropped the discussion between Yi Suo and Hall Master Jin Zhikun, he knew that these two wanted to play dirty trick again, so this unusual request and sincerity of Yi Suo was already within his expectation.

To kill the enemy, the most refreshing way was not simply stabbing him to death, rather let him became complacent first, and let him do as he pleases, then when he is most happy and intensely proud, deal him a head-on blow.

Ye Chuan loosened the reins only to grasp them better, intentionally made Yi Suo jump again!

“Heh heh, even a knowledgeable person, when exhausted of all choices, he would inevitably make an error!”

In a distant place, Hall Master Jin Zhikun who was hiding behind rock also sneered and was happy in his heart.

His biggest worry was the vigilance of Ye Chuan, and not allow Yi Suo to enter the arena. But now, before the competition was finished, he was sure that Cloud Mist Sect would lose the Martial Competition! After that, no need to mention about Ye Chuan has to personally cut off his arm, even if he returned alive to Cloud Mist Sect, they could seize the opportunity to launch an attack making him lose his Big Disciple position. And when Third Elder grasped the authority of Cloud Mist Sect, he could do whatever he liked without any misgivings.

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