Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 91

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 91: Angry Bear (Xiong)

Tuoba Xiong thought for a long time with a gloomy face, then finally, broke the silence with his hoarse voice: “Fine, brat, speak, what’s your demand?”


Tuoba Xiaoniao became anxious, and her eyes became moist with tears flowing down from the rim of her eyes.

She had always listened to her father Tuoba Xiong, but this time, it was different. Agreeing to the request of Ye Chuan, in a beautiful word was marrying him, but in a harsh word, she herself had become a thing of wager that’s all. Like this, if she was married to Ye Chuan in future, then wouldn’t that mean letting Ye Chuan wantonly play and humiliate her?

“Brat, quickly spit it out, and be done with it!” Tuoba Xiong ferociously glared Ye Chuan and said in a threatening manner with dense killing intent. He turned a deaf ear to the cry of Tuoba Xiaoniao.


Barbarian really is barbarian!

Ye Chuan shook his head, and looking at the anxious, nervous and helpless as if a little lamb Tuoba Xiaoniao, he said, “Your Excellency Sect Master, I am a bit embarrassed to say.”

You are embarrassed to say?

If you are really embarrassed, then at least pretend to be so.

The lungs of Tuoba Xiong was about to burst with rage, then gritting his teeth, he said, “Brat, are you speaking or not? What is your requirement?”

“Fine, it is better to accept deferentially than to decline courteously, I always respect old people. Your Excellency Sect master, then can I really say now?”

Ye Chuan with reluctant appearance said to Tuoba Xiong with a needle hidden in silk floss. Tuoba Xiong was in the prime of his life, and didn’t even had a single white hair, but when did he turn into old people?

Five Style Sect’s Miss Liu Hong also walked over to watch the excitement, and hearing the words of Ye Chuan, she involuntarily chuckled, and looking towards Ye Chuan, her bright and liquid eyes flashed amorous glances. And seeing her, the disciples watching the situation intently opened up a path for her so as to fawn upon her.

“Brat, are you going to speak or not?” Tuoba Xiong’s face twisted. He was angry as well as confused, as he suddenly had an illusion as if he was begging Ye Chuan to put forward his demand.

Zhu Sijia didn’t speak a word, fatty Zhao Dazhi was also not anxious, and all the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect were also quiet to see how Ye Chuan, this Big senior apprentice-brother would deal with this shameless Tuoba Xiong.

“Ai, I have no choice but to speak right?”

Ye Chuan shook his head, and when Tuoba Xiong was about to thoroughly erupt, as if pouring a bucket of cold water, he said, making Tuoba Xiong unable to have a fit of anger even when he wanted to do so, “Fine, then I will be blunt, although I am still somewhat embarrassed. My request is actually very simple, let Tuoba Xiaoniao marry into our sect!”

Ah……, people simultaneously exclaimed. Even though that had expected it, but they were still greatly surprised.

Tuoba Xiaoniao turned pale, and the complexion of Tuoba Xiong was similarly livid. Smelly brat, still embarrassed to speak, look what you have done now! Is this still a simple request?

“Don’t misunderstand, everyone, don’t misunderstand.”

Ye waved his hand to signal people to quiet down, and said, “Miss Tuoba is very beautiful, but, I am not interested, at least for the time being, I don’t have any intention to make family, also I cannot take advantage of the misfortune of Miss Tuoba to force her to marry. I am not such casual man, and also not like some people who especially does despicable matters.”

Tuoba Xiong glared at Ye Chuan and said, “Brat, make it clear, what do you want?”

Tuoba Xiaoniao’s eyes shone seeing a gleam of hope.

Ye Chuan looked all around, and his gaze finally stopped at endearing little bird like Tuoba Xiaoniao, then with an evil smile, he said, “As a matter of fact, there is one thing you all might not know. I have a junior apprentice-brother, called Zhao Dazhi. Although he is a bit ugly, a little fat and have a little insatiable lust for money, but in general, he is pretty good. In this period of time, he is always worried about having no appetite and having no mood to cultivation, and he told me that since he saw Miss Tuoba, he had no thought for tea or rice, and in this life, he would marry only her. So as a Big senior apprentice-brother of the sect, I feel very sorry for him, so with no other choice, I had to seize this opportunity to speak. I request Your Excellency Sect Master to help achieve his dream.”

The life and death arena suddenly seethed with excitement.

Fatty Zaho Dazhi was more dumbstruck and startled than anyone else here, “Big senior apprentice-brother, I……, I……”

Fatty wanted to deny this, but Zhu Sijia suddenly hit him with her elbow. This made him close his mouth.

Ye Chuan had a sincere face with the expression as if he would go through fire and water for his junior apprentice-brothers and sisters. And as for Tuoba Xiong, he nevertheless was so angry that he trembled.

If Tuoba Xiaoniao married Ye Chuan, then he could very reluctantly accept it, as in any case, Ye Chuan was sect’s Big Disciple. But marring unknown junior apprentice-brother under Ye Chuan, moreover with this big fatty that looked just like a pig, how could he accept it?

“Brat, you……, you are pushing people too hard!” Tuoba Xiong angrily said. Then with earthshaking energy fluctuation erupting out from his body, a small mountain like huge cauldron appeared in his hand, then suddenly raising his leg, he stomped. After that, sands flew about and stones hurtled through the air, the ground shook and the disciples within the radius of 100 meters were caught unprepared, and all of them were sent flying.

Black Tortoise Cauldron!

Tuoba Xiong was angry, and holding the sect guarding treasure of Black Cauldron Sect, his killing intent soared! This moment, the might of Rank 4 Daoist Master realm was fully shown!

Seeing the situation was anything but reassuring, Elder Tu of Five Style Sect quickly grabbed Liu Hong and retreated far away.

A grand Great Competition suddenly developed into the battle of two great sects. And Tuoba Xiong, regardless of his status of Sect Master, personally attacked shedding all pretense of cordiality.

Zhu Sijia, fatty and others were also sent flying. And after getting up, all of them looked pale. In this Great Competition, not a single elder of Cloud Mist Sect had come, moreover, Sect Master Yun Feiwu was missing for many years without any trace. And with only these disciples of Cloud Mist Sect present here, it would be impossible to stop Tuoba Xiong from killing anyone he wanted!

“Your Excellency Sect Master, why are you doing this? Isn’t this just a discussion, if you insist on disagreeing, then forget about it.”

Ye Chuan was calm and composed. Although the blood and qi within his body were churning almost making him spit out a mouthful of blood, but his face nevertheless was expressionless, and speeding up the circulation of Heaven Swallowing Talisman within his body, he suppressed the churning blood and qi. Now, on the surface, he would appear as if he didn’t know the height of the heavens or the depth of the earth, but inwardly, he had already taken out a talisman. As long as he crushed this talisman, horned demon Na Gusi who was standby on halfway up the mountain would immediately fly over to kill.

Tuoba Xiong as a Sect Master had already broken through to Rank 4 Daoist Master realm, and even Great Elder of Cloud Mist Sect Zhu Guohong might not be his opponent, but horned demon Na Gusi was absolutely a well-matched against him or even be able to eliminate his arrogance!

In the views of other people, current Ye Chuan appeared as if he didn’t know the height of the heavens or the depth of the earth and was courting death, but Ye Chuan was fearless!

“Heh heh, Tuoba Xiong, very good might, but do you really think that there is no one that can stop you from bullying my Cloud Mist Sect?”

An ice-cold voice suddenly came through, then a majestic heavy pressure.

A short grey-bearded old man flew over. He carried a hoe on his shoulder, and the bottom of his pants was full of muds, appearing downright countryside old farmer. But, Tuoba Xiong who considered himself the best in the world suddenly became cautious.

Cloud Mist Sect’s Second Elder Nangong Ren appeared at the crucial moment!

Nan Tiandu, Zhu Sijia, fatty and others were overjoyed, even fearless Ye Chuan was secretly relieved, then secretly put away the message talisman. Horned demon Na Gusi was his trump card, and until it was not the last moment, he was unwilling to reveal him easily.

“Damned black bear, you dare to bully my sect’s Big Disciple?”

Second Elder Nangong Ren was famous for having a bad temper. And without enduring at all, fuming with rage, he raised his hoe and rushed forward, immediately beginning to fight with Tuoba Xiong. Second Elder was determined to beat Tuoba Xiong to death. Sect Master was not present, so Great Elder Zhu Guohong didn’t dare to easily shed all pretense of cordiality with Tuoba Xiong, taking the big picture into consideration, but Second Elder had no scruple, if he said fight, then he would fight!

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! Picking on the God of Gardening in front of one as pious as the second elder? Asking for death!

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