Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 90

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 90: Sect Master, you must not hesitate ah

When it was daybreak, Ye Chuan returned to the campsite, exhausted. Imparting technique consumed a lot of vitality. But his spirit was rather extremely excited.

Inside the sect, there was Flame Devil guarding the Cloud Mist Sect, and now, outside the sect, he obtained equally matched or even a more powerful helper. Flame Devil was a ball of fire, he would burn any fellow who wanted to dip a finger in Cloud Mist Sect, defending the sect from inside; Horned demon Na Gusi was a knife, sharp butcher’s knife, the main attacker in outside.

Ye Chuan was adept in moving knife, and even more adept in sharpening the knife. He believed that horned demon Na Gusi, this butcher’s knife would become sharper and sharper in his hand!

After resting for a little while, Ye Chuan led everyone to the life and death arena. Early in the morning, the forces of both Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect were already present there.

Today was the final day of Martial Competition. Will currently leading Cloud Mist Sect continue to hold their lead, or they will be pulled down?

In this final two matches, who will Ye Chuan send? Could it be that he will still send the millennium genius of Cloud Mist Sect, Nan Tiandu?

Everybody was waiting expectantly. The final two matches of this Martial Competition made everyone indescribably nervous.

But before the lots were drawn, the three arbitrators representing three great sects were quarreling on the life and death arena.

The arbitrators of Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect unexpectedly put forward a new rule in unison, claiming that for the sake of fairness, no one is not allowed to reappear on the matches many times, at most they can appear only three times.

Off the life and death arena, the disciples of Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect applaud to support this new rule, whereas the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect suddenly made an uproar.

This so-called for the sake of fairness new rule was clearly aimed specifically at Cloud Mist Sect. They were deliberately not allowing Nan Tiandu to enter the following matches. Clearly, there was no one in the younger generation that would be able to match with Nan Tiandu, so they made such new rule.

“Too despicable, too shameless, what Sect Master, what elder, all are shameless people!”

The anger of Zhu Sijia reached the extreme point. In these past few years, Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect had always been very shameless, and especially Black Cauldron Sect, for suppressing Cloud Mist Sect, nothing was bad for them. But this time, they unexpectedly were so shameless that they completely disregarded all their faces.

First they pointed out that in the Great Competition of this time, the Big Disciples of all three sects should personally lead the group into the battle, clearly showing that they wanted to humiliate Cloud Mist Sect using the mediocre cultivation of their sect’s Big Disciple Ye Chuan; Next, during Great Competition, they frequently stalled for time, to think of a way to deal with powerful Nan Tiandu; But finally unable to defeat Nan Tiandu, they unexpectedly thought of this method, forcibly changing the rule of Great Competition itself!

“They simply are bulling us too much, let’s quit and return, Big senior apprentice-brother. This is not the Great Competition of three sects, but clearly is the competition to see whose face is the thickest and who is even more shameless!” The complexion of Fatty Zhao Dazhi turned purple, and shouted loudly. Then as if hundred responding to a single call, all the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect also made an uproar.

Aren’t you thinking you are so amazing, and considering yourself very intelligent?

Okay, we have nothing to do with it, we will simply not play with you!

Coming a long way, the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect had finally seen the improvement of their sect, and at that time, seeing they were being they were bullied, every one of them was feeling aggrieved. On the life and death arena, the complexion of Protector Yang who was representing Cloud Mist Sect as an arbitrator was also ghastly pale, and was also flushed with anger. But, Ye Chuan standing outside life and death arena who was the leader of this group was quiet, and his complexion was also calm, as if this sudden counter-attack of Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect was within his expectation.

Who was Tuoba Xiong?

He was a savage bear (xiong) that would kill people without batting an eyelid. For his aim, he would use any fair or foul means, and for suppressing and humiliating Cloud Mist Sect, he even sold his own daughter. Being such person, seeing Cloud Mist Sect suddenly rising in this Great Competition, how could this fellow look on with folded arms, so this attack was normal, if he hadn’t made any move, then that would be abnormal!

Ye Chuan was already prepared for this, so he waited silently.

Not long after, Tuoba Xiong leisurely walked over and said, “Kid, I heard you are very dissatisfied with the new rule, is that true? What, are you afraid? Is there really no one except Nan Tiandu in your Cloud Mist Sect? As a grand Big Disciple of the sect, you don’t even have guts to go to the arena and compete?”

The expression of Tuoba Xiong was sinister and ruthless. He used prodding in the presence of all to compel Ye Chuan to be stuck in an embarrassing situation!

“Discontent with the new rule? Why? This is just adding a small rule, what’s the big deal, but Your Excellency Sect Master, why are you getting so hyped for?” Ye Chuan said with a smile.

Overbearing Tuoba Xiong’s faced turn red, then he said, “Kid, does that mean you are agreeing?”

“Big senior apprentice-brother, you must not agree!

“Big senior apprentice-brother……”

Fatty, Zhu Sijia and others became anxious. If he agreed to Tuoba Xiong, then Nan Tiandu wouldn’t be able to enter the last two crucial matches, so who will fight in his place?

Ye Chuan waved his hand signaling people to not agitate. After that, he looked at Tuoba Xiong, and again looked at Tuoba Xiaoniao not far away who was hesitating to walk forward, then said with an evil smile, “Your Excellency Sect Master, we, Cloud Mist Sect will accept this new rule, but, we have a small request.”


Tuoba Xiaoniao screamed, and this time, it was her turn to get anxious. Seeing that smile of Ye Chuan, she felt anything but reassuring.

If Ye Chuan took this opportunity to ask her father to let her marry him, then what should she do?

The heart of Tuoba Xiaoniao agitatedly jumped as if a deer.

The face of Tuoba Xiong also sank, clearly his thought was same as his daughter, so he was in dilemma now. Letting Cloud Mist Sect win this Great Competition was absolutely unacceptable, he must not give Cloud Mist Sect any chance to pull itself together. But if he really let his daughter Tuoba Xiaoniao marry Ye Chuan, then that would be a big loss!

“Your Excellency Sect Master, you must not hesitate in the crucial moment, don’t forget what we discussed before.” Elder Tu of Five Style Sect came over and poured oil on the flames with a taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune smile on his face.

When dealing with Cloud Mist Sect, these two sects were unanimous, but in secret, they were fighting openly and maneuvering covertly, so he was happy to see Tuoba Xiong suffering a setback. Using an imposter Big Bird to humiliate other people didn’t succeed, but in the end, he instead had to respectfully present real Xiaoniao with both hands, wasn’t this giving one’s enemy a wife and lose soldiers to the enemy as well. This will make Tuoba Xiong and even entire Black Cauldron Sect a joke!

Tuoba Xiong’s complexion became gloomy and he ferociously glared at Ye Chuan with a pair of red eyes, as if he was a yao beast that wanted to eat people. He had thought to prod Ye Chuan, but unexpectedly, he instead was stuck in an embarrassing situation in an instant!

“Your Excellency Sect Master, there is no hurry, you can think slowly. How about we postpone these two final matches? When do you want the matches to begin again?” Ye Chuan said with understanding appearance, making Tuoba Xiong grit his teeth in resentment.

The disciples of all three sects simultaneously looked at Tuoba Xiong to see what he would choose. On the life and death arena, the three arbitrators also stopped quarreling.

Now, the decision of approving new rule was not in the hand of Ye Chuan, but Tuoba Xiong!

The complexion of Tuoba Xiong got even gloomier, and also blackened as if an iron cooking pot. He suddenly regretted a little, if he had known this would happen earlier, then he would have directly attacked to kill Ye Chuan, and that would still not be so intolerable and passive like this!

Who said that the Big Disciple of Cloud Mist Sect Ye Chuan was stupid and mediocre? Is this stupid? He is clearly a thousand-year-old fox who will eat people without leaving even bones!

The chest of Tuoba Xiong was sullen, and gnashing his teeth, he pledged that he will tear apart all the disciples of his sect who were responsible for intelligence!

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! Wait till his cultivation catches up too. Then they’ll know how scary he can really be.

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