Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 89

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 89: Nine Transformation Demonic Technique

A bone-piercing cold wind zipped by.

Ye Chuan coldly smiled, instantly understanding the intention of horned demon Na Gusi, “Strike, let me see whether you have that ability or not!”

Ye Chuan was completely calm, and with Heaven Swallowing Talisman rapidly churning, a round of pure energy fluctuation appeared.

Hearing about Dark Moon Continent where demonic cultivators gather, an average person would petrify, but Ye Chuan didn’t care. Before, when he was able to conceal the heaven with his hand, no need to mention about Dark Moon Continent, he had entered and exited thousand times more dangerous ancient ominous domain, killing those fiends until they pissed in their pants. Unfortunately, now he was reincarnated as a Big Disciple of Cloud Mist Sect, and was staying there to cultivate again, so he didn’t have time to waste in Dark Moon Continent.

“Eh, what technique is this? How…”

Horned Demon Na Gusi exclaimed, as he vaguely felt innate suppression after Ye Chuan rotate Yao Refining Heaven Swallowing Technique, circulating Heaven Swallowing Talisman within his body. Now in front of Ye Chuan, he seemed to be able to use only less than 60% of his complete power.

So glaring at Ye Chuan, now horned demon was shocked, puzzled and even scared.

Among the demonic cultivators, there was a legend passed down generation after generation. Demonic cultivator of whatever style once made a breakthrough to Daoist Master realm, they don’t need to fear the pressure of any righteous sect, even to the extent that the pressure of Sage would also not be that effective, only encountering the ancient existences that cultivate legendary Demon God level peerless technique, they would feel innate suppression.

How old was Ye Chuan, was he a venerable Demon God, or is the reincarnation of ancient Demon God?

Horned demon shook his head, and didn’t dare to believe this kind of thoughts, but he was truly feeling this kind of innate pressure!

“If I say I am the reincarnation of an ancient Demon God, will you believe?” Ye Chuan sneered, with his eyes flashing as if he could completely see through this horned demon.

“Impossible, will ancient Demon God reincarnate in such downtrodden sect, moreover as this kind of nobody? If you are the reincarnation of ancient Demon God, then I am a King of Demon God, that legendary Great Demon God!”

Horned demon Na Gusi shouted, then pressing ground with his tiptoes, he charged towards Ye Chuan. And clawing at the empty air, suddenly a huge claw appeared in the sky. The five sharp fingers of this claw were slightly bent as if a bear claw. And that claw suddenly emitted a bloody aura. Looking at this, it seemed this horned demon had fused with more than two yao beasts.

Usually, the more yao beasts a demonic cultivator had fused with, the more powerful their cultivation would be. Naturally, controlling their heart demon would also be hard and the backlash would also be extremely violent.

Ye Chuan slightly bowed, and the instant the sharp claw whistled through, he jumped, dodging the attack of this horned demon.

“Boy, you can’t run away!”

Horned demon Na Gusi shouted loudly, and chasing after Ye Chuan, he initiated attacks like tidewater.

Ye Chuan’s speed was fast, but his speed was faster. Despite his knee joint being stiff, his hopping was faster than average people flying in their flying sword. No matter which direction Ye Chuan ran, he instantly caught up to Ye Chuan. But Ye Chuan used an unknown technique, which made his body move as if a willow, making horned demon unable to guess which direction he would go next, dodging the attacks of the horned demon at the crucial moment.

As a once venerable Heaven Concealing Great Sage that was able to conceal the heaven with his hand, Ye Chuan had once mastered 3000 techniques, and had enough experience to deal with sudden and unexpected situations in many ways. Unfortunately, the cultivation of his current body was limited, so he was unable to last long. Not long after, horned demon Na Gusi cornered Ye Chuan on the edge of the mountain gully with nowhere to dodge.

“Hahaha, brat, be obedient and come with me to Horned Demon Palace!” The horned demon roared with laughter and advanced step by step.

With Rank 5 Daoist Master realm against Rank 7 Wuzhe, this was simply a disproportionate match. The current Ye Chuan was far from being his opponent. But, with various kinds of means, along with the usage of different kinds of talisman, ye Chuan seize the opportunity to break out of an encirclement time and time again, making horned demon Na Gusi more and more apprehensive as the time passed, so he made up the mind to resolve this in the shortest time possible. If by chance, he alerted the experts of the three great sects on the top of this mountain, then he would be in trouble.

The elder of Cloud Mist Sect hadn’t come, but there was still Black Cauldron Sect’s Tuoba Xiong and Five Style Sect’s Elder Tu. Although Na Gusi didn’t fear them, but he also didn’t want any unexpected twist and turns.

“Your body, you have fused with Violent Bear approximately fifty-seven years ago.”

Ye Chuan didn’t dodge again, merely looking straight at horned demon Na Gusi without any fear, he flatly said.

Aggressive horned demon Na Gusi suddenly stopped his steps, and looking surprised, he asked, “How did you know?”

“That time, you were very lucky, as you were able to fuse with thousand years Violent Bear, refining Violent Bear’s unique skill. But, at that time, you also left behind a fatal hidden damage. In every overcast and rainy days, your right arm aches very much, isn’t that so?” Ye Chuan flatly said without answering the question of the horned demon, rather continuing to point out his problem.

Just a moment ago, he was not only dodging the attack of the horned demon, he was also carefully observing his body. And he was able to discern the hidden trouble on horned demon Na Gusi.

After his reincarnation, Ye Chuan had to start his cultivation from the beginning, so his cultivation was limited, but his experience and discernment were still present.

“So what? Even if my entire right arm is wasted, you will still not be my opponent!”

The complexion of horned demon Na Gusi became ferocious, then he suddenly accelerated wanted to quickly capture Ye Chuan.

“Twenty-three years ago, you fuse with a unicorn, inheriting its innate ability which vastly increased your speed, but your left hand was wasted, so you can merely use one hand to fight.” Ye Chuan said.

Ferocious Na Gusi suddenly stopped again, then his complexion changed.

Saying his secrets once, he could pass it as a wild guess, but Ye Chuan was able to point out his two secrets, this was not simple!

“And just recently, you forcibly fused with hundred thousand years Horned Dragon, changing the entire essence blood within your body into the dragon blood. This vastly strengthened your body, but, your two knees however were wasted and you can’t bend them, so even walking is difficult.”

Ye Chuan paused for a bit and continued indifferently, “There are many ways for a demonic cultivator to fuse with yao beast, but you choose the simplest and also most dangerous method. Now, you can’t bend your knee, that is a small problem, but very soon, it’s your internal organs turn to be unable to bear the power of hundred thousand years Horned Dragon. The end of your life is already right around the corner, but you are still wandering outside, you are so pitiful and funny!”

“If I catch you, I will have many Ghost Talismans, wouldn’t that solve all my problems?” The eyes of horned demon Na Gusi showed ominous glint, then began to advance forward again.

“Ghost Talismans can only alleviate and delay the arrival of the end of your end. It merely cures the symptoms, not the disease.” Ye Chuan answered.

Horned demon Na Gusi stopped again, then with his green eyes, he firmly stared at Ye Chuan, “Then you say, how can this be treated?”

“Look for an immortal pill and swallow it.” Ye Chuan answered.

“That’s impossible, in this Wilderness World, immortal pills are already extinct. And if it was available, then you don’t need to say it!” Horned demon shook his head.

“Look for an immortal, and ask him to cleanse you muscles and subjugate your marrow.” Ye Chuan continued.

Horned demon shook his head once again, and with an ominous glint flashing in his eyes, he said: “Even more impossible, immortals have already disappeared! Brat, are you joking around with me?”

“I have a technique, after achieving success in the cultivation of this technique, you don’t need to ask anyone to help, you can resolve it yourself.” Ye Chuan said ignoring the ominous glint of this horned demon.

“What technique?”

“Nine Transformation Demonic Technique!”

Ye Chuan spat out several words, and circulating the Heaven Swallowing Talisman within his body, his body suddenly expanded to three meters, two lumps sprout in his forehead, and he vaguely became somewhat similar to horned demon Na Gusi. And in a blink of an eye, he immediately reverted back to his original state, looking pale and exhausted. It was just a very short time transformation, but that was already enough. The experienced and knowledgeable horned demon Na Gusi suddenly became excited.

Nine Transformation Demonic Technique, this was a technique tailor-made for demonic cultivator from the legend. With this technique, he could resolve his heart demon whenever he pleased, fuse with any yao beast, even to the extent of directly evolving to the appearance of yao beasts themselves. This technique was something demonic cultivators yearn for even in their dream. Unfortunately, this technique was long lost in Wilderness World. And suddenly seeing this technique in front of him, horned demon Na Gusi who was nearly at the end of his life was excited like never before.

“Don’t be too excited, or your end of life will arrive in advance.”

Ye Chuan paused, and said indifferently: “See this mountain gully, if I directly jump down, I will certainly die, and you will also be unable to obtain Nine Transformation Demonic Technique. How about we make a deal?”

“What deal?” Horned demon Na Gusi swallowed a mouthful of saliva, suppressing the impulse within his heart.

“I will teach you Nine Transformation Demonic Technique, first only the first part, then slowly teach you other parts. But you have to help me do a number of matters.” Ye Chuan calmly said, grasping the treasured possession of horned demon Na Gusi.

Nine Transformation Demonic Technique was the dream of horned demon Na Gusi, but was a lifesaving rope for Ye Chuan. With this rope, horned demon Na Gusi will no longer be able to escape his control, as after becoming aware of its benefits, he will fall deeper and deeper. After that, he would tighten up the noose on this horned demon even more.

After leaving God Burial Valley, Ye Chuan was lying low in Cloud Mist Sect, not leaving even Cloud Mist Mountain Range. But, his vision was already outside Heavenly Fire Continent, and betting on Dark Moon Continent, he began to lay out the seeds to return to his past pinnacle in the future. Demonic cultivators were fierce, each and every one of them was a great devil that kills people like flies, but using well, they could be a powerful force.

Controlling horned demon Na Gusi was the beginning of controlling the power.

“Fine, it’s a deal!” Horned demon Na Gusi thought for a bit, and being unable to resist the temptation of Nine Transformation Demonic Technique, he said.

“Then listen carefully, now, I will impart the first core law!”

Ye Chuan came straight to the point, then confidentially imparted the technique beside the mountain gully. And the vicious and overbearing horned demon Na Gusi also listened with attention. Slowly, the suspicion in his heart disappeared, and was replaced by shock and solemnness.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! Wonder if Na Gusi will regret this in the future when Ye Chuan gets stronger and has contingency plans in place against people like him.

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