Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 87

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 87: Self-renewal cockroach

“Big senior apprentice-brother, Big senior apprentice-brother………”

Fatty wailed mournfully, and many disciples also shed tears one after another.

With great difficulty, Cloud Mist Sect which had been continuously suppressed for the past many years had finally felt proud and elated, making disciples saw the hopes of a revival. But in the blink of an eye, Ye Chuan, the leading Big senior apprentice-brother had died, died a violent death. Could it be that this truly was heaven being jealous of heroic genius?

“Black Cauldron Sect, Tuoba Xiong, it’s definitely him, that old fellow must have sent assassins to kill Big senior apprentice-brother. He didn’t want to give us Cloud Mist Sect any chance to respite and rejuvenate!”

Fatty Zaho Dazhi gnashed his teeth, and he who used to be timid and cowardly in former days pulled out the sword hanging on his waist, then said with murderous intention: “Brothers, let’s fight with them, kill to the campsite of Black Cauldron Sect, and take revenge for Big senior apprentice-brother! If you are a man and are a brother, then come with me!”


“Kill to Black Cauldron Sect, take revenge for Big senior apprentice-brother!”


People shouted at the top of their voice, and with red eyes, they draw out their sword. Now all of them were about to rush into the campsite of Black Cauldron Sect regardless of anything.

With the death of Big senior apprentice-brother Ye Chuan, who would get the largest benefit, who had this kind of motives and who had capabilities to move seven first-rate assassins?

There was only one answer, that was Black Cauldron Sect’s Sect Master Tuoba Xiong!

That old man was humiliated by Ye Chuan last time, and at that time, he had already regarded Ye Chuan as a thorn in his flesh. And now, they lagged behind in ranking in this Great Competition, so they naturally were most likely to be the criminal!

The chest of Zhu Sijia rapidly rose and fell. She knew that attacking the campsite of  Black Cauldron Sect like this was just courting death, but thinking about the tragic death of Ye Chuan, she also couldn’t help, as she herself was itching to personally chop that old man, Tuoba Xiong into minced meat. Only Nan Tiandu was clam headed, and was expressionless as always, but he didn’t stop them, rather tightly grasped the hilt.

Big senior apprentice-brother of today was no longer Big senior apprentice-brother of former days. Nan Tiandu had never been convinced by anyone, but now, he was completely convinced by Ye Chuan. If Ye Chuan really died, no need to speak about only killing to the campsite of Black Cauldron Sect, he would even dare to go to assassinate Black Cauldron Sect’s Sect Master Tuoba Xing without any hesitation!

“Don’t move, are the brains of all of you filled with water?”

When all of them wanted to go to kill with surging sentiments, a familiar voice resounded.

Inside the tent, the thick smoke gradually dispersed, and the indistinct figure of Ye Chuan appeared in front of people. His entire body was bloodstained and a long sword was still stuck in his body. But beside him, seven corpses were lying in disorder.

All seven assassins who had suddenly invaded were dead without exception!

Among seven assassins, the throat of six assassins was cut off by extremely thin razor blades, and now, their heads were attached to their body only with an extremely thin layer of skin. And as for the last one, he had fallen nearest to Ye Chuan, and he was also the one that had suffered the most injuries. There were three razor blades stuck in his body. One was stuck in his throat, another one was stuck in his chest and the final one was stuck in his forehead. And the final one was the most fatal one!

At the crucial moment, Ye Chuan had used Smoke Wave Talisman to create confusion, and also blinded their vision, then used Light Inch to counterattack all of a sudden. He instantly released all nine blades, and every one of them was fatal!

The assassin with three blades stuck in his body was the fastest and also the agilest and fiercest. It seems he was the leader of these assassins. Ye Chuan had to use the blade in his mouth to get rid of him, and at the same time, he himself was also stabbed on the left shoulder by the sword of this dying assassin. This sword had nearly stabbed his heart.

“Big senior apprentice-brother, you aren’t dead?” Zhu Sijia rushed over, and seeing a sharp sword stabbed through his left shoulder, tears flowed out from her eyes.

“A good person doesn’t live long, but bad person lives for thousands of years. Junior apprentice-sister Jiajia, didn’t you say I, Big senior apprentice-brother am a bad person, so how could I die so easily?” Ye Chuan smiled, and a muffled groan escaped from his mouth as slightly moving his body hurt his wounds.

“Don’t move, Big senior apprentice-brother, I will help you to treat your wounds. Guards, help Big senior apprentice-brother come to my tent!”

Zhu Sijia calmed down, then instructed loudly, and quickly, help Ye Chuan wrap up his wounds.

The assassin that stabbed Ye Chuan on his deathbed was truly sinister. That sword was not only sharp, but was also coated with poison.  Fortunately, the body of Ye Chuan was doughty, moreover, their Cloud Mist Sect that was famous for refining pills was also good at detoxifying, otherwise, Ye Chuan would have been buried with those people. Even like this, his injuries weren’t light, and he looked pale.

“Big senior apprentice-brother, should we forget just like this and helplessly let that old man Tuoba Xiong go?” Fatty still gnashed his teeth feeling aggrieved.

“Not forget like this, then do you want to fight to the death with Tuoba Xiong? Let alone you yourself, even if all of us went together, I fear it is not even enough to even plug the gap of his teeth.” Ye Chuan answered. Fatty and others were feeling aggrieved, but he was indifferent as if this was a common occurrence, merely a sneer flashed for an instant. And after speaking, he slowly closed his eyes.

“All of you, return now, Big senior apprentice-brother is tired, I alone can look after him.” Zhu Sijia hinted fatty, Nan Tiandu and others to leave. Then they bowed and left one after another.

Very soon, inside the tent, only Zhu Sijia and Ye Chuan were left. And a fine and continuous faint fragrance of woman seeped into the nasal cavity of Ye Chuan, penetrating deep into his heart.

“Big senior apprentice-brother, don’t pretend, now there is no one else, so tell me, who sent those assassins?”

Zhu Sijia thought carefully, and incisively became aware of that Ye Chuan hadn’t said anything and was concealing the truth of the matter, “Was it truly Black Cauldron Sect’s Tuoba Xiong? Or, Five Style Sect’s Elder Tu? Or……”

“Jiajia, look, what is this?”

Ye Chuan smiled without answering answer right away, then raising his right hand, he slowly opened it.

From inside the tent, suddenly a screaming sound transmitted out.

Fatty and others who had yet to walk far away, hastily turned back, as they were worried that something might have happened again. As a result, they immediately lifted the draped clothing of the tent and saw Zhu Sijia who was wearing extremely thin underwear was hiding in one corner in panic, and both of her hands were hugging her towering chest. Now she looked just like a little lamb at the mercy of others.

“What are you looking, roll out this instant!”

Hearing Zhu Sijia cursing them right in their face, fatty and others hastily put down the draping cloth of tent, then hid far away. Although the figure of Zhu Sijia was sexy, but at this moment, no one dared to look at her once again, as they understood in their heart that she and Big senior apprentice-brother Ye Chuan’s relationship was rather subtle.

“Just suffered such serious injuries and nearly lost his life, but in an instant, he is already beginning to flirt and dally with junior apprentice sister, tsk tsk, usually he did his utmost to act, but now that he has a chance, he is fast, Big senior apprentice-brother is indeed Big senior apprentice-brother……”

Fatty shook his head, and incomparably admired Ye Chuan. Now he eagerly took the initiative to walk far away without speaking, and also made guards walk far away, so as to avoid disturbing the good deeds of Ye Chuan. Inside the tent, hearing the words of fatty, Zhu Sijia was so angry that he gritted her teeth, and she regretted not knocking out fatty just a moment ago.

Ye Chuan smiled hearing the words of fatty. Then he spread out his palm and a small cockroach crawled out. After that, pretending to sigh, he said: “Ai, junior apprentice-sister Jiajia, it’s just a cockroach, why are you so frightened?”

“Rogue, pervert!”

Zhu Sijia somewhat shivered. She was not afraid of fierce tiger or cheetah, but from her childhood, she was very afraid of cockroaches, rats and those small fellows that appeared inside the house. Seeing them, she would get goosebumps, “Throw it away, why aren’t you still throwing it away?”

“Fine, I’m throwing this pitiful fellow.”

Ye Chuan shook his head, then lightly flicking his left finger, the little cockroach on his palm was flicked out. Unfortunately, a gust of wind coincidentally blew over, and the cockroach that was already flicked outside of the tent was unexpectedly blown inside, and coincidentally landed next to the legs of Zhu Sijia.”

The energetic Zhu Sijia again screamed and subconsciously stamping her legs, she jumped to another side, and trembled. As for poor little cockroach, her stamp broke its legs and its body was deformed, practically was trampled to the pulp. But it was still not dead, its life-force was especially tenacious, and after turning around, it again crawled towards Zhu Sijia.


Zhu Sijia truly wasn’t able to endure. She jumped beside Ye Chuan and subconsciously hugged latter tightly.

“Jiajia, rest assured, isn’t this just a cockroach, senior apprentice-brother, I have already taken care of it! Such tenacious cockroach is very rare, later, call it Self-renewal Cockroach!”

Ye Chuan caught this tenacious cockroach while grinning. Then with his complexion suddenly changing, he asked in all seriousness, “Jiajia, don’t focus solely on being afraid, don’t you smell a kind of smell on this little cockroach?”

“What smell?” Zhu Sijia subconsciously answered, but her head was still blank.

“Our Cloud Mist Sect’s smell, a special medicine fragrance.”

Ye Chuan paused, then faintly said, “Our Cloud Mist Sect’s inheritance is very long, and we are known for refining pills, and inside the sect, a large number of medicinal herbs are grown on every peak. So in the course of time, all the lives propagated within the sect possess a faint smell of medicine.”

“Big senior apprentice-brother, are you saying that this cockroach had crawled to here from our Cloud Mist Sect? How is that possible?” Zhu Sijia had her eyes wide open, as she found this unbelievable.

“Of course that’s impossible, unless this cockroach transformed into a yao beast, and successfully cultivates the spirit.”

Ye Chuan shook her head. A woman despite being intelligent also has a time when their brain is short-circuited, especially in front of a man with whom she was having a delicate relationship. And after thinking, he said: “If my guess isn’t wrong, then this cockroach must have been hidden inside something, and brought over here by disciples.”

“I understand, Big senior apprentice-brother, you are saying those assassins had the smell of Cloud Mist Sect, and they are very likely……” The intelligent eyes of Zhu Sijia shone as she said, then she glared at Ye Chuan. This fellow was truly hateful, he could have obviously said in simple words, but he went around the circle to say. Moreover, he frightened her with a cockroach, truly too hateful!

“Yes, it is very likely to be the traitor inside the sect. But naturally, we cannot rule out Tuoba Xiong and Five Style Sect.”

Ye Chuan nodded his head and just when he wanted to throw away the little cockroach in his hand, he had a thought, then he quietly forced out a drop of essences blood from his middle finger and used Yao Refining Heaven Swallowing Technique, quietly refining this little fellow. After that, getting his instruction, it crawled towards the tent of Yi Suo.

He wanted to confirm whether this assassinate matter was the doing of Yi Suo and Jin Zhikun. Ye Chuan already had Golden Cicada King and Piggy, these two yao beasts, but if he wanted them to secretly go to the side of Yi Suo, Jin Zhikun or Third Elder, then it would be hard for any yao beast to accomplish. But an ordinary little cockroach instead could easily accomplish this without anybody knowing it!

Ye Chuan had pinned high hopes on this tenacious little cockroach that was trampled to pulp by Zhu Sijia.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! Later it turns out that it’s actually has the Golden Super Saiyan Cockroach lineage and a swarm can eat an entire sect clean in 2 hours.

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