Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 86

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 86: A cornered dog would jump over a wall

After Sect Master Tuoba Xiong walked away, the people of Black Cauldron Sect were also unwilling to stay, and they dispersed one after another feeling dejected and depressed. As for the people of Five Style Sect, they also didn’t have any interest to stay there, and under the leadership of Elder Tu, they also left.

The dim light of night quickly shrouded the sky.

Now there were only few lighting in the campsite of Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect, and their incomparably lively environment of two days ago was shrouded with melancholy. But as for the campsite of Cloud Mist Sect which used to be desolate in former days was now illuminated with bright red lights.

This day was the happiest day for Cloud Mist Sect since the beginning of Great Competition, and was of immense satisfaction to them.

Yesterday, Cloud Mist Sect had lost two matches, making all of them worried as well as depressed, but today they won three matches, and even defeated the Big Disciple of grand Black Cauldron Sect, so how could they not be excited and happy?

After being suppressed for many years, Cloud Mist Sect that was steadily deteriorating finally felt proud and elated!

And all of this was because of one person, Big senior apprentice-brother Ye Chuan.

Before Great Competition, the entire sect was densely covered with melancholy, and not even one person had a good prospect towards this time’s Great Competition. But Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect were very serious, even to the extent that Sect Master came in person, as they had placed high hopes on this time’s Great Competition. But within Cloud Mist Sect, people were evading responsibility and pushing it to others, and not even a single elder was willing to provide the support, merely dispatching a trivial protector to accompany them who was also working half-heartedly. But beyond the expectation of everyone, Cloud Mist Sect who had lost first two matches unexpectedly reversed the situation all of a sudden, winning three matches.

Fatty Zaho Dazhi, Zhu Sijia and others were excited, and they celebrated all night. Even the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect, who had privately rushed over to watch the competition, came to the campsite in succession to congratulate. And after hearing the news, many people of the sect were also rushing over to personally congratulate Ye Chuan, this Big senior apprentice-brother.

In the five matches of Great Competition’s Martial Competition, Ye Chuan still hadn’t entered the arena in person. But, this didn’t affect the respect of people towards Ye Chuan. As long as the group led by him seize the number one position of the Great Competition, they can push down Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect, and this was more than enough for them to happy.

This entire night, the campsite of Cloud Mist Sect was joyous. Many disciples of Cloud Mist Sect came here, and now were looking forward to the even more brilliant battles.

Tomorrow was the final day of Martial Competition, and was also a very important day. Will Cloud Mist Sect continue to maintain the first position, and seize the number one position in Martial Competition for the first time? Or, will they suffered an unbridled suppression of Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect? And, what kind of experts would these two sects dispatch?

Now everybody was looking forward, as the battles that originally didn’t have any suspense suddenly became suspenseful.

Ye Chuan however was quietly sitting cross-legged inside his tent without participating in the carnival of fatty and other people.

All the matches of today were basically within his expectation and control. He had deliberately not let Nan Tiandu enter the arena for the first two matches of the competition for this mighty counterattack. With Nan Tiandu being a millennium genius within the sect, as well as with the might of his Heaven Shaking Sword, plus those two talismans, winning three matches was nothing, if lost then that would be strange.

They won three matches today, but what about tomorrow?

Ye Chuan sat cross-legged on the ground, reckoning silently. The Great Competition was not over yet, and just like don’t pass judgment on a person’s life until the lid is on the coffin, he couldn’t be sure completely. Whether it was Black Cauldron Sect’s Sect Master Tuoba Xiong or Five Style Sect’s Elder Tu, both of them wouldn’t sit still waiting for death, or sit by and watch Cloud Mist Sect scaling the summit. While others were enjoying the party to their heart’s content, Ye Chuan was silently preparing for rainy days.

And as if the weather was not cooperative, in the latter half of the night, there suddenly was a night rain, and pitter-patter sound resounded as rainwater hit the tents.

But the people still celebrated and the dense wine fragrance rippled in the air. But at that time, Ye Chuan who was sitting cross-legged inside the tent suddenly heard a rustling sound. This was not the sound of rainwater falling on the ground, and also wasn’t the sound of footsteps, rather was like the sound of river waves.

Ye Chuan sat motionlessly, but his ears however got erect and he listed attentively as he felt somewhat ill at ease.

100 meters away, few disciples of Cloud Mist Sect were stepping on the bumpy path walking in the rain. Some were so drunk that they slipped and nearly fell to the ground;

30 meters away, the voice of fatty Zhao Dazhi could be heard. After being tipsy, he was hitting on junior apprentice-sister while laughing flippantly;

10 meters away, inside the neighbor tent, Zhu Sijia was flipping around unable to fall asleep. She was worried about the final two matches of tomorrow;

5 meters away, the outer sect disciple called Wu Yong was jogging over. He had a tray in his hand, and an oilcloth was covering some cooked dishes on this tray. He was diligently serving steaming hot food as before;


After sending out divine sense, Ye Chuan was able to clearly sense the rustle of leaves in the wind.

Sensing everything seemed completely normal, he thought that that might just be his misconception. But just then, the changes suddenly appeared.

The ground outside the tent suddenly overturned and path lines appeared on the ground. Moreover, soils rose slightly from underground and separate to both sides as if sea waves, then advanced towards the location of Ye Chuan’s tent, as if there was a yao beast hidden underground. Using the dim light of night and rainwater, this rapidly approached. Finally, just three meters away, the soils suddenly blew up, and no less than seven black-robed people jumped out from underground, and each of them had a powerful crossbow in their hand and a sword on their back.

The outer sect disciple of Wu Yong who was just delivering the food was dumbfounded, and his mind became blank. But just when he opened his mouth, it was already too late to shout, as an arrow from a crossbow had already pierced through his chest, giving rise to the bloody rain. After that, his body collapsed with a bang, and the food he had meticulously prepared for Ye Chuan also fell to the ground, and was submerged into ice-cold rainwater.

Su Su Su! A wave of concentrated arrows whistled, and pierced through the tent of Ye Chuan.

Seven black robed people quickly threw away their crossbows after firing arrows, then pulling out the swords on their back, they brandished the sword practically at the same time, tearing open the tent, and then they entered inside. Their movements were uniform, and their gaze was ice-cold and sharp, moreover, they didn’t utter a single word and instantly unleashed fatal attacks. They obviously were first-rate assassins.

Inside the tent riddled with gaping wounds, suddenly dense smoke rose, then a series of muffled groan resounded and the thick smell of blood spread out.

“Assassins, there are assassins!”

“Protect Big senior apprentice-brother!”


The disciples of Cloud Mist Sect screamed, and drawing out their swords in succession, they charged, and some even used their flying sword, urgently whistling towards the location of Ye Chuan’s tent.

Zhu Sijia who was inside the neighbor tent jumped up with a start, then without even wearing her outerwear, she pulled out her sword and recklessly rushed inside the tent of Ye Chuan. Although her distance was close, but she was not the first person to rush inside the tent of Ye Chuan first, there was a person who was even faster than her, and even after arriving inside the tent first, Nan Tiandu was not able to see even one of those black robed people.

Inside the tent, it was unusually quiet, and there was no sign of battle. There was nothing to see except the surging smoke above them.

“Ye Chuan, Big senior apprentice-brother……, Big senior apprentice-brother……”

Zhu Sijia was anxious, and her eyes suddenly got red, then tears began to flow out from her eyes.

Usually, seeing Ye Chuan, she felt that he was not pleasing to the eye, but now that she couldn’t find Ye Chuan and don’t know whether he was dead or alive, she couldn’t help but felt incomparably unwell in her heart. This feeling was just like suddenly losing the most precious thing in her life before any preparation.

“Big senior apprentice-brother, you cannot die, Big senior apprentice-brother……, it’s all my fault, drinking what wine, Big senior apprentice-brother……”

Fatty Zhao Dazhi also rushed in, then crying father and shouting mother, tears flowed out like a river, while firmly slapping himself several times.

Originally, this evening was fatty’s turn to guard, but being excessively fond of drinking, he handed over this matter to another Cloud Mist Sect’s disciple for a little while. But he had never thought that, in that little while of a slip-up, there would be an accident.

The heart of every disciple of Cloud Mist Sect who had rushed over after hearing the news became heavy all of a sudden. Only Yi Suo who was standing in the dark had a hideous sneer on his face. Although his entire body was drenched and ice-cold, but the smile on his face was even colder!

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