Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 85

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 85: Toad’s life

“You again? Hahaha, is there only one person that can fight from so big Cloud Mist Sect? What about your Big senior apprentice-brother, he has guts to lead a team to go into a battle but doesn’t have the guts to enter the arena himself, what a coward? Hahaha……”

Hong Lie laughed heartily being arrogant and overbearing.

He had already anticipated that Nan Tiandu would enter the arena, so it was no surprise to him. He couldn’t help but say, Nan Tiandu was very strong, but despite being strong, he was also a younger generation disciple, so their cultivation level was not that far apart. So with God King Armor and Blood Lance, the fighting intent of Hong Lie was surging, and he was completely certain that he would be able to behead Nan Tiandu on the spot. Merely he had a regret that, Ye Chuan wouldn’t enter the arena so he would not be able to kill him in public.

“Want to fight with our Big senior apprentice-brother? You are not qualified!”

Nan Tiandu with cold looks suddenly dashed forward, then took the initiative to attack. And just when the sonorous sound of sword drawing resounded, the sword tip was already in front of Hong Lie.

Standing as if pine and moving as if wind! This move of Nan Tiandu didn’t have any tricks, it was just fast, so fast that it was hard to believe.

The complexion of Hong Lie changed. He clearly hadn’t expected that Nan Tiandu would immediately attack without many words, and he hastily dodged. But ‘ding’ sound resounded, although he was able to immediately dodge being stabbed in the vital part, his shoulder however was stabbed by the sword of Nan Tiandu. Seeing this, the onlookers outside the life and death arena screamed, and each and every one of them inhaled a cold air, as they were amazed by this sharp and fast attack of Nan Tiandu. But in the next moment, an even more amazing scene appeared before them.

Hong Lie who was stabbed by the sword was completely unscathed, and there was not even a sword mark in God King Armor he was wearing, instead, the sword in the hand of Nan Tiandu broke into two pieces.

“Haha, hahaha, this is God King Armor, the armor of God that fell from the heaven. Brat, what genius throughout all ages, now go to hell, hahaha……”

After getting dumbfounded seeing the result, Hong Lie laughed heartily, then with ferocious looks, he launched a series of fierce attacks with Blood Lance with earth-shaking momentum.

In that instant just now, he was also scared witless seeing the alarming speed of Nan Tiandu, and thought his situation was anything but reassuring. But unexpectedly, God King Armor he had worn was far sturdier than he had expected! With a pair of such armor and an all-conquering lance, who can be his opponent?

Hong Lie, who was now completely confident with his defense, so he initiated ferocious attacks without any defense. Now he was fearless and also not have any scruple.

Nan Tiadu was still expressionless, and despite the sword in his hand breaking into two pieces, there was no trace of panic. He just used that broken sword to parry the attacks. Merely, comparing to Hong Lie who had two treasures, he was practically unarmed, so the gap in strength rapidly shortened, and he fell to the disadvantageous position. Under the ferocious attacks of Hong Lie, now he was in a perilous situation in an instant.

“Kill, kill him!”

“For our Black Cauldron Sect, kill!”


Off the life and death arena, the disciples of Black Cauldron Sect cheered loudly, and their morale soared. And as for the disciples of Five Style Sect, they also cheered, and were glad to see both Cloud Mist Sect and Black Cauldron Sect suffering. And as for the fatty, Zhu Sijia and others of Cloud Mist Sect, the complexion of each and every one of them was tense.

A fine and continuous blood mist spread all over the life and death arena.

Then, those blood mists condensed into an indistinctly visible dragon. This dragon hovered in the sky and roared towards Nan Tiandu, attacking both his body and soul.

The more Hong Lie fought, then fiercer he became, and he slowly became capable of displaying the might of both God King Armor and Blood Lance. And as for Nan Tiandu, he retreated again and again in defeat with blood dripping from all over his body. Now he was already forced to the edge of life and death arena and was also already in the jaws of death.

“Big senior apprentice-brother, what should we do? Didn’t you say there’s a way?” Zhu Sijia worriedly asked, and her complexion became tenser and tenser. Now she was firmly clasping the hilt of her sword with her right hand.

Fatty Zhao Dazhi was also anxious, and said worriedly: “If senior apprentice-brother Tiandu is unable to withstand, then what should we do, Big senior apprentice-brother?”

“Don’t worry, the right time has still not arrived yet, believe me, it’s fine.”

Ye Chuan was still calm, and was indifferent without any change in complexion.

“Believe you? The blood of Tiandu is running out, when will your right time come?” Zhu Sijia stamped her leg. She was angry seeing the indifferent face of Ye Chuan. If there is no solution to this, then Nan Tiandu would die and Ye Chuan had to personally cut off his arm.

“Big senior apprentice-brother, I believe you. Senior apprentice-sister Jiajia, don’t worry, if Big senior apprentice-brother says it’s fine, then it is definitely fine!”

Fatty who was burning with impatience just a moment ago strangely became calm all of a sudden.

He couldn’t see Nan Tiandu escaping unscathed from this situation, but he believed in Ye Chuan, and also had absolute confidence in Ye Chuan. After selling that talisman in Ghost Market, Ye Chuan, this Big senior apprentice-brother was very unfathomable in his eyes.

“The only one who knows me is fatty. Unfortunately, you are a man, but if it was junior apprentice-sister Jiajia instead, then how good that would be.”

Ye Chuan smiled, and Zhu Sijia immediately got angry, as here she was so worried about the match, but Ye Chuan was still cracking jokes.

Zhu Sijia glared at Ye Chuan, and when she was just about to curse furiously, the circumstance of life and death arena suddenly changed.

Nan Tiandu who was forced to the corner suddenly smiled coldly, then taking out a Smoke Wave Talisman from his bosom, he gently pinched it. Immediately afterward, this talisman suddenly released dense smoke which quickly spread outward.

“What is this? Brat, do you think you can escape unscathed playing with a little smoke?”

Hong Lie was caught unprepared by this move, but with confidence provided by God King Armor which was impervious to sword or spear, he didn’t retreat, instead advanced towards Nan Tiandu. After that, wanting to seize this chance to initiate a fatal blow, he stabbed towards the heart of Nan Tiandu with his lance. But in a blink of an eye, all around him became hazy and he was not able to see anything, losing the sight of Nan Tiandu.


Nan Tiandu coldly spat out a word, then taking out a Burst Talisman from his bosom, he directly punched Hong Lie. Then with a rumbling sound, as if a mountain fell sea cracked, and also like a volcanic eruption, the entire Eagle Beak Cliff swayed all of a sudden. And immediately afterwards, they vaguely saw a hint of dazzling gleam within the dense smoke, then horrible shriek as if pigs being slaughtered resounded.

The mist rapidly dispersed, and the scene that surprised all the people appeared in front of them.

On the life and death arena, the three arbitrators of the match were uninjured. But, originally overbearing Hong Lie however was securely nailed on the ground with a broken sword, and his God King Armor which was claimed to be impervious to sword or spear had slid down from his body. And his current appearance was just like that of thousand-year-old tortoise, whose body had fallen off from inside its tortoiseshell, appearing battered and exhausted.

“You cannot defeat even me, but you want to challenge our Big senior apprentice-brother. Roll out and return after cultivating 100 years!”

Nan Tiandu coldly looked at Hong Lie who was barely alive, and he felt that it was beneath his dignity to seize this chance to attack and kill him. So he just picked up the fallen Blood Lance from the ground and jumped off the life and death arena.

Off the life and death arena, people finally came to their senses, and began to discuss spiritedly.

Tuoba Xiong’s complexion became ashen, then snorting, he turned around and walked away. He didn’t even take a single glance at Hong Lie on the arena. Now he was thoroughly depressed, and was also disappointed at Hong Lie, this Big Disciple of his sect.

On the life and death arena, Hong Lie still hadn’t died, still was barely alive, but his heart was like dead ashes and his limbs were ice-cold at this moment.

Although he grew short and small, but he had lofty ambition, and had a dream of a swan in his heart. But now he was unable to change his toad life, and was doomed to have no hope of obtaining Tuoba Xiaoniao. After losing in this battle, he lost everything, and now it was absolutely impossible for him to get married with Tuoba Xiaoniao, moreover, he even lost the position of Sect’s Big Disciple!

The complexion of Tuoba Xiong was unsightly, and the complexion of Elder Tu of Five Style Sect was also same, and their face was aching. Not only their conspiracy to kill Nan Tiandu not succeed, he also lost Blood Lance, which was a great loss for him!

Is this a miscalculation?

Yi Suo was also feeling stifled at heart. With Nan Tiandu winning three matches, fatty, Zhu Sijia and others were very happy, but he nevertheless was even more depressed. Could it be that he really had to helplessly look at Ye Chuan having a limelight, and him amazing the world with a single brilliant in this Great Competition?

Yi Suo was unwilling to do this, so he quietly left to look for Alchemy Hall Master Jin Zhikun.

On the other side, there was no excitement on the face of Nan Tiandu who had turned the tide, but after jumping off the life and death arena, he respectfully stood in front of Ye Chuan and respectfully presented Blood Lance, this spoils of war with both hands. Despite winning, he knew that he was merely the surface scenery, and the person who truly defeated Hong Lie was Big senior apprentice-brother Ye Chuan. Without those two talismans which defeated his opponent by a surprise move, he feared that he might have died in life and death arena this time.

“Well, this is a bit worse, cannot be considered something good, but I will reluctantly accept it, I can regard it as scrap metals, and sell it for few silvers.”

Ye Chuan shook his head, and somewhat reluctantly accepted this Blood Lance which claimed to be all-conquering. Then looking at Elder Tu of Five Style Sect who was not far away, he had a smile yet not a smile.

Personally entering the arena, he might not necessarily be the opponent of Hong Lie. And refining talismans was one thing, but could use those talismans to their full extent or not was another thing. But as a millennium genius, Nan Tiandu was obviously capable of this.

After reincarnation, Ye Chuan had to start everything from the beginning again, but this still didn’t affect Ye Chuan’s capability of producing clouds with one turn of the hand and rain with another. With time, he was convinced that he would surely create a greater glory. In the first life, he was only able to conceal heaven with his hand, but in this life, he will swallow the heaven.

Not far away, Elder Yu just happens to look over towards them, and hearing the words of Ye Chuan, his heart bled. If Blood Lance couldn’t be considered something good, and could only be regarded as scrap metal, then why don’t you just return it back to me!

Unfortunately, just like a fine meat that had reached the mouth wouldn’t fall, it was easy to give away good things, but very hard to obtain it back. And seeing Ye Chuan’s smile yet not a smile, Elder Tu knew that if he wants to obtain his Blood Lance back, then that would be very difficult. So his heart was distressed and he was also having a headache!

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! I mean the Blood Lance couldn’t have been that amazing if their sect was willing to take it out for a kids’ competition. Also, his sect still kind of owes Ye Chuan for that treasure their sect master is excavating.

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