Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 84

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 84: Dream of a swan

In the evening, the last round of today’s competition finally begun.

The result of drawn lots quickly came out, it was Black Cauldron Sect versus Cloud Mist Sect, and hearing this announcement, Elder Tu of Five Style Sect secretly sighed in relief, and the complexion of Black Cauldron Sect’s Sect Master Tuoba Xiong nevertheless became gloomy.

“Go, call Hong Lie to come here!”

Tuoba Xiong gave an order in a lowered voice. This battle was extremely important, so after thinking for a bit, he decided to send the most outstanding younger generation disciple of his sect, Hong Lie for this match. As the Big Disciple of Black Cauldron Sect, the latter should also answer the call of duty.

Very quickly, Hong Lie arrived in front of Tuoba Xiong, then bowed, waiting for orders. Thinking about the situation, it was very likely for him to have a decisive battle with alarmingly powerful, millennium genius of Cloud Moist Sect, Nan Tiandu. Thinking this, he was somewhat excited as well as somewhat unsettled and perturbed.

“This is God King Armor, and this is Blood Lance, Hong Lie, take them.”

Tuoba Xiong gave two treasures to Hong Lie, then said in a lowered voice: “Kill, no matter who enters the arena from Cloud Mist Sect, kill him for me! If you win, then these two pieces of treasures will be yours, but if you lose, then you will have to step down from the position of sect’s Big Disciple, and give it to more capable junior apprentice brother or sister!”

The first half words of Tuoba Xiong made Hong Lie overjoyed in his heart, but the latter half made him sweat profusely. And the gazes of the surrounding disciples of Black Cauldron Sect looking at him began to become somewhat strange, sympathetic, gloating and even more were burning hot while glaring like a tiger eyeing its prey.

Unlike Cloud Mist Sect, the Big senior apprentice-brother of Black Cauldron Sect was not selected on the basis of how long they had entered the sect, rather judged on the basis of strength. Whoever was strongest, that person would become Big senior apprentice-brother, and do whatever they like among the disciples. This kind of rule was somewhat abnormal, fell short of human logic, but this also made the younger generation of Black Cauldron Sect to train harder and emerge as a wolf and tiger.

If he was unsuccessful then he had to die for a righteous cause, this vastly increased the pressure on Hong Lie all of a sudden.

Sect Master Tuoba Xiong always had words of enormous weight, and in Black Cauldron Sect, no one dared to contradict and defy him, but after the command, Hong Lie strangely didn’t answer immediately, hesitating for a moment, he mustered his courage and looking at Tuoba Xiong, he said: “Your Excellency Sect Master, if disciple win, disciple doesn’t want any treasure, only has a request.”

“Oh, speak!” A trace of surprise flashed in the eyes of Tuoba Xiong.

“If I lose, then no matter how Sect Master punishes me, I, Hong Lie will not complain at all. But, if I win, then this disciple hope……, hope that Sect Master will allow junior apprentice-sister Xiaoniao to marry me.” Hong Lie gritted his teeth and propose a marriage in the presence of all.

As a sect’s Big Disciple, his status was far above the ordinary disciples, and his potential was also infinite, but he was short and small, and was nothing special to look at, even to the extent that his appearance was somewhat wretched, still he had persistently, secretly loved Tuoba Xiaoniao who was just like a delicate endearing little bird. But, although he had done everything to please her in this period of time, he wasn’t able to obtain the favor of Tuoba Xiaoniao, so he was endlessly worried.

Within Black Cauldron Sect, everybody knew the wish their sect’s Big Disciple Hong Lie had in his heart, but practically all of them were not optimistic. No need to look anything else, Tuoba Xiaoniao’s appearance was too outstanding, and Hong Lie however was almost exactly the opposite, his appearance was too ugly. They two were basically not well matched.

But even though everyone was not optimistic, Hong Lie himself however didn’t admit failure, the more he couldn’t obtain, the more persistently he wanted to obtain her.

All said, a toad cannot eat the swan meat, but he didn’t believe in this. If young and beautiful endearing little bird Tuoba Xioaniao was a swan, then not only he wanted to eat only one bite of swan meat as a toad, he wanted to eat many more bites, then soaring in the sky, he and Tuoba Xiaoniao would become a pair of swans!

Just like, an ugly toad also had a dream of a swan, Hong Lie, this thin and small, wretched fellow had a very big dream.

Normally, his wish was even harder than reaching the heavens, but now was doubtfully a rare chance. As long as Sect Master Tuoba Xiong agreed to this in the presence of all, then even if Tuoba Xiaoniao was unwilling, she would have no other choice.

“You……, you want to marry my daughter?” Tuoba Xiong sneered.

Hong Lie toughened his scalp and nodded his head, “Yes, Your Excellency Sect Master, please help me achieve this!”

“Good, good, it is not difficult to marry my daughter, you just need to be capable. Go, win this Great Competition, and kill the people of Cloud Mist Sect for me!” Tuoba Xiong gave an order in a lowered voice, neither agreeing nor declining him.

“Thank you, Your Excellency Sect Master!”

Hong Lie bowed respectfully, then wearing God King Armor and holding Blood Lance, he jumped onto the life and death arena with surging battle intent.

This match was not for the sect but for himself! Who was Tuoba Xiaoniao? Not only was she the most beautiful female disciple of Black Cauldron Sect, she was also the beloved daughter of Sect master Tuoba Xiong. If he married her, no need to mention about getting to embrace a beauty, even his status would be incomparably consolidated, and it would practically be certain that he would become next Sect Master of Black Cauldron Sect!

Although Hong Lie was short and small, but his ambitions were lofty, and was far higher than anyone of his peers. Although God King Armor and Blood Lance were very rare treasure, but his sight was by far not limited to such things.


After jumping on the life and death arena, Hong Lie used his strength to brandish the Blood Lance in his hand, giving rise to a fine blood mist. And that blood mist quickly condensed into a blood-red dragon. This dragon hovered around his body and let out a loud roar, instantly causing sand flying about and stones hurtling through the air above the life and death arena. And with God King Armor on his body, Hong Lie immediately looked as if he truly was an incarnation of a legendary immortal general, who was impervious to sword, spear and techniques, giving people a kind of undefeatable feeling.

“What’s that? Five Style Sect’s killing weapon Blood Lance, wasn’t that the treasure of Elder Tu, how……”

“What is Big senior apprentice-brother wearing, isn’t that Sect Master’s God King Armor which is impervious to swords and spears?”


The people off the life and death arena was greatly shocked.

Blood Lance and God King Armor, one of these treasure double the strength of their user, and another treasure completely protects the body, so who can be his opponent now? Furthermore, these two were the killing weapons of Five Style Sect and Black Cauldron Sect respectively, so how could they suddenly appear on a single person?

These two great sects had joined forces to not give even a slim chance of survival for Cloud Mist Sect!

Everybody quickly understood what was going on here?

The heart of fatty Zaho Dazhi, Zhu Sijia and others become heavy and they felt aggrieved. They had finally won two matches with great difficulty, but Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect were clearly joining hands to deal with Cloud Mist Sect. They were truly shameless!

“Big senior apprentice-brother, this won’t do, this is unreasonable, isn’t this obviously bullying us?” Fatty shouted.

“Why won’t do, what rule of Great Competition did they violate?”

Ye Chuan answered to fatty and others who were feeling aggrieved, but he nevertheless didn’t care. In his eyes, Hong Lie who was making a show of his strength with a dense fighting intent on life and death arena was merely a clown that had taken the stage.

“Big senior apprentice-brother, then what should we do?” Zhu Sijia asked. Looking at Ye Chuan, she couldn’t help but recalled that scene of him hugging Liu Hong in the mangrove forest, so she got angry, but she was still deeply worried about the current situation.

The cultivation level of Black Cauldron Sect’s Big Disciple Hong Lie was outstanding, and now, with God King Armor and Blood Lance, these two treasure, among the younger generation disciples of three great sects, who could be his opponent?

Zhu Sijia frowned, if even Nan Tiandu also lost, then their Cloud Mist Sect would completely lose this entire Great Competition. And at that time, the prestige of their sect would suffer the damage and moreover Big senior apprentice-brother Ye Chuan have to immediately cut off his own arm personally in public. So how could she not be worried?

“Junior apprentice-brother Tiandu, how much certainty do you have?” Ye Chuan didn’t answer Zhu Sijia immediately, rather looked towards Nan Tiandu and asked.

When people were shocked and feeling aggrieved, Nan Tiandu was silently standing just like a javelin as before without any change in expression.

“30%!” Nan Tiandu remained silent for a little while, then spat out two words.

Zhu Sijia, fatty and others instantly became pale. Even Nan Tiandu had only 30% certainty, one could well imagine how dangerous this match would be!

“Haha, good, good, that’s enough, 30% of certainty is enough!”

Ye Chuan laughed, then taking out several things from his bosom, he squeezed them in the hands of Nan Tiandu, then instructed something in whispers. Nan Tiandu was somewhat doubtful, then his eyes gradually shone and burned with fighting intent. After that, bowing towards Ye Chuan, he casually held a flying sword and leaped onto the life and death arena, facing the overbearing Hong Lie.

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