Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 83

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 83: God King Armor

The initially planned next round of the match was once again postponed to evening by Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect.

Towards such rude demand of Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect, the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect naturally burned with anger and felt aggrieved, and Protector Yang also argued strongly on strong grounds. But the leader Ye Chuan nevertheless was indifferent, calmly agreeing to this demand once again.

“Brat, I didn’t expect, even though your cultivation is not up to much, you are still somewhat brave.” Tuoba Xiong smirked and said, coldly staring at Ye Chuan.

To make Cloud Mist Sect agree to this rude demand, he was prepared to use force, so regardless of his status, he personally stepped forward, preparing for the worst situation. But outside his exception, Ye Chuan readily agreed to his demand without arguing at all, making all the preparation of Tuoba Xiong go to waste.

“You flatter me, Your Excellency father-in-law. Your appearance also is not up to much, but surprisingly, you gave birth to a fine daughter, I love.”

Ye Chuan evilly smiled, intentionally looking towards Tuoba Xiaoniao who was standing behind Tuoba Xiong. Then leading everyone, he swaggered off.

Behind, the face of Tuoba Xiaoniao became red to her ears, and now she was too ashamed to face anyone. And as for Tuoba Xiong, his lungs were bursting with rage, and he angrily said, “Damned brat, you……”

Tuoba Xiong was flustered and exasperated, finally understanding the meaning of crushing one’s foot while trying to maneuver a rock. His chest rose and fell rapidly, and he nearly chased after Ye Chuan and personally attack him regardless of his status.

The disciples of Five Style Sect laughed up their sleeve and talked in whispers. And as for the disciples of Black Cauldron Sect, they were endlessly embarrassed.

“Your Excellency Sect Master, should……” Hong Lie stepped forward, and emitting dense killing intent, he was ready to make trouble, as well as seize the chance to ingratiate himself.

“Get lost, both of you are Big Disciple, but why is there such a huge gap?  Can’t you grow a little brain?” Tuoba Xiong roared loudly, then waving his hand, he left.

Although it was rather rude to postpone the matches, but it didn’t count as a violation of the rules. But, if he attacked outside the life and death arena in the presence of all, then first, no need to speak about whether he could kill Ye Chuan or not, will he, Tuoba Xiong be able to mingle with others hereafter?

Hong Lie had outstanding cultivation in young age, so he, Tuoba Xiong conferred him the position of sect’s Big Disciple. And compared to Ye Chuan, this Big Disciple of Cloud Mist Sect, he had always been proud of Hong Lie in the past, but now, seeing Hong Lie, Tuoba Xiong was not happy in his heart.

Both of them were Big Disciple, and were similar in age, but look at how Ye Chuan act? He smiles looking at a stormy situation, and solely strategize to dupe other people. Moreover, under his control, numerous junior apprentice-brothers and sisters were completely obedient. By contrast, looking at Hong Lie, this Big Disciple of Black Cauldron Sect, people duped him instead. On the first fight, he won without fighting. Moreover, the disciples of Black Cauldron Sect were merely feigning compliance to him. And he could never bring together the power of sect.

The angrier he got in his heart, the faster he walked, but he didn’t return to the campsite of Black Cauldron Sect, rather stealthily sneaked into the campsite of Five Style Sect when no one was paying attention, then had secret talks with the Great Elder, Elder Tu of Five Style sect.

The Sect Master of Five Style Sect was busy for the time being, as he had gone to Bluestone mine to excavate the underground hidden treasure, so in Eagle Beak Cliff, Elder Tu was the person in charge of Five Style Sect.

“Elder Tu, we cannot let Cloud Mist Sect continue to win like this.”

Tuoba Xiong came straight to the point, although Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect were always on bad terms, even to the extent that they fought intensely, but both of them were unwilling to see Cloud Mist Sect left to grow strong and unruly.

When all was said and done, Cloud Mist Sect was different from both Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect. Cloud Mist Sect possessed long history and inheritance. Although it was steadily deteriorating under the joint attack of both great sects in these last few years, but if they acquired a chance to take a breather, then perhaps they would immediately make a comeback. And once its strength was restored to the peak of its golden age, then there will not be any place for both Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect to have a foothold in this entire Cloud Mist Mountain Range.

The reason why they deliberately pointed out Big Disciple of the sect should personally lead the group to go into the battle in this Great Competition was for the sake of humiliating and again suppressing Cloud Mist Sect. So Tuoba Xiong naturally would not give Ye Chuan a chance of turning over.

“Difficult, difficult, very difficult!”

Elder Tu shook his head, then showing the signs of reluctance, he said in a lowered voice: “All said that the Big Disciple of Cloud Mist Sect, Ye Chuan was mediocre and stupid. But now, although his cultivation is not up to much, but his intelligence……, heh heh, I fear he is far superior compared to the Big Disciple of your Black Cauldron Sect and my Five Style Sect. And the even more surprising matter was, Cloud Mist Sect actually had someone who had secretly obtained the inheritance of Heaven Shaking Sword. He can sweep over all the experts within the same realm as him. Who can deal with such genius? Your Excellency Sect Master, do you have any wise opinion?”

The entire face of Elder Tu was filled with wrinkles, but he was young at heart though advanced in age, and was a crafty, cunning person. He immediately pushed this problem to Tuoba Xiong.

Tuoba Xiong was well aware in his heart, and said with a cold smile, “Elder Tu, less nonsense, I have a God King Armor, it can stop the attack of heaven grade weapons. This matter is no small matter, if Cloud Mist Sect obtains the first position, then perhaps they might flourish with this great momentum, thereupon becoming more prosperous every day and ultimately becoming the ruler of Cloud Mist Mountain Range. At that time, both of us will be having a bad time. So if you have a good thing, quickly take it out now!”

Tuoba Xiong really wanted Ye Chuan to die, so without hesitation, he took out a heavy armor with black lights wandering around it.

This was God King Armor, was the armor he had inadvertently robbed from a loose Xiushi expert more than 10 years ago. It was impervious to sword or spear, and was his most treasured treasure. Usually, he was even reluctant to take out this armor for his daughter Tuoba Xiaoniao. But now, for the sake of dealing with Ye Chuan who was the representative of Cloud Mist Sect, he had no choice but take it out.

“Well, Your Excellency Sect Master is indeed heroic!”

Elder Tu greedily looked at God King Armor in the hand of Tuoba Xiong, then somewhat hesitating, he took out a blood-red lance from his space ring, “This is Blood Lance that I relied upon to make a name for myself. Wearing God King Armor, and holding this Blood Lance, the cultivation of any disciple will rise sharply. With these two treasures, regardless of the disciple of your Black Cauldron Sect or my Five Style Sect, once they enter the arena, he will absolutely be able to kill that genius of Cloud Mist Sect, seizing the manual of Heaving Shaking Sword!”

“Hahaha, good, good, Elder Tu really is frank!” Tuoba Xiong laughed heartily, and his complexion was ferocious, as if he was already seeing Cloud Mist Sect ranking last, and Ye Chuan having no choice but to personally cut off his arm in the presence of all.

“You are flattering me, you are flattering me, Your Excellency Sect Master, the matter we speak about last time…..”

Both big shots discussed the matters that were not fit to be seen or revealed inside the tent.

Meanwhile, in a secluded cave, Yi Suo respectfully bowed to masked Jin Zhikun.

“Your Excellency Hall Master, the circumstance is not right, Nan Tiandu is too powerful, like this……” The complexion of Yi Suo was malicious. Seeing Nan Tiandu winning two matches easily, Zhu Sijia, fatty and others participants cheered and jumped in joy, and so were the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect, but Yi Suo nevertheless had a gloomy face. Personal grudge had long been above the honor of the sect for him.

“I know all about it.”

Jin Zhikun replied, saying nothing else but this in low voice.

“Your Excellency Hall Master, could it be that you want to helplessly look at Ye Chuan feeling exuberant. and him amazing the world with a single brilliant feat?” Yi Suo urgently said. He had faced the danger of being discovered to come and look for Jin Zhikun just get the ways to deal with Ye Chuan. But Jin Zhikun said nothing, so he couldn’t help but become anxious all of a sudden.

“Endure, just endure, endure and again endure! Rest assured, Tuoba Xiong, that old fellow will not just sit by and watch. He will not let our Cloud Mist Sect have any chance to take a breather and rise to the prominence. What we must do is endure, and silently wait for a favorable opportunity. And once a chance appears, immediately……”

Jin Zhukun’s eyes flashed with an ominous glint, then his right hand made a beheading sign. Yi Suo nodded his head and gritted his teeth to endure again!

He knew that Great Competition lasts for only a few days, but he didn’t know how long he could endure, and when he could avenge a past insult?

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