Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 82

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 82: Three moves

“Big senior apprentice-brother, Big senior apprentice-brother……”

Fatty Zhao Dazhi’s voice came from outside the tent, and said with an embarrassed face: “Big senior apprentice-brother, Black Cauldron Sect is urging again, if we don’t go now, then they will declare that we forfeited the match.”

Unconsciously it was already noon.

After pulling down the curtain of the tent, Ye Chuan and Nan Tiandu stayed inside the tent without making any noise, and nobody knew what they were doing inside. But fatty who was responsible for passing on the messages was unlucky, as after the agreed time, now Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect were already impatient and were sending people to urge them to come quite a few times, but Ye Chuan however didn’t answer, leaving him in an awkward predicament. And being forced to run over here and again run over there, his face was streaming with sweat.

“This is already the ninth time they are urging.”

Ye Chuan smiled and said, “In any case, junior apprentice-brother Tiandu, do you need a break?”

“No, Big senior apprentice-brother, please!” Nan Tiandu was high-spirited.

Before he had made a breakthrough, he was already not putting the people of Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect in his eyes, but now that he had already made a breakthrough as well as condensed a Spirit Flying Sword, he was even more confident!

“Good, then let’s go!”

Ye Chuan nodded his head, then leading the people, he came to life and death arena once again. And the personnel of Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect who were waiting for a long time made an uproar in impatience.

On the life and death arena, three arbitrators came forward and drew lots, and the results of drawn lots came very quickly. This time, Cloud Mist Sect was not selected, it was Black Cauldron Sect versus Five Style Sect. The experts of both sects went up into the arena and fought at close quarters. And after a dangerous content, the expert of Black Cauldron Sect narrowly won the match. He himself was dripping with blood and was seriously injured, but the expert of Five Style Sect had kicked the bucket.

In life and death arena, living or dying was left to the fate. Along with the progress of competition, the matches of three great sects had become more and more intense and fierce. Blood was seen in every battle and until death, they didn’t stop.

The bloody life and death arena made people feel fear as well as excited. The disciples of winning Black Cauldron Sect cheered loudly with great momentum. But the disciples of Five Style Sect were silent, and Yi Suo who was standing behind Ye Chuan was also silent without uttering a single word to any people.

He was waiting, waiting for an opening to attack Ye Chuan with one fatal move.

Ye Chuan also was waiting, waiting for Yi Suo and hidden Jin Zhikun to give themselves away. If they openly attack, he will block directly, and even if they scheme in secret, he was not afraid in the slightest.

After the simple cleaning of life and death arena, the third match of today began. This time, it was Cloud Mist Sect versus Five Style Sect, this was the fourth match of Cloud Mist Sect and also the crucial match to decide the alignment of their situation.

If won, then Could Mist Sect would have won two matches, and their rank would soar to the second place from the last place, threatening the first place Black Cauldron Sect. If lost, then perhaps they would suffer a crushing defeat, with no chance of improvement from later matches.

In this match, who will Ye Chuan send?

Zhu Sijia with a sexy figure or he himself will personally enter the arena?

Ye Chuan who had led a group of people into the battle became the center of attention once again.

The expert of Five Style Sect took the lead to enter the arena. His body suddenly became dim, and disappeared using Wind Style. And in an instant, with a cold wind, he directly appeared on the life and death arena which was 100 meters away from him. When entering the arena, he put a good use of Five Style Sect’s technique, obtaining a heaven shaking applause. He had cultivated Wind Style to the highest degree of perfection. Although he was not abnormal to the level of Five Style Sect’s Big Disciple Gushan Leng, but he was also outstanding.

“Five Style Sect, Five Style Sect!”

“Kill, completely wipe out Cloud Mist Sect, kill!”


Off the life and death arena, people applauded as if tides, and this expert of Five Style Sect made the show of his strength on life and death arena, but the participant of Cloud Mist Sect still hadn’t come on the arena. So very soon, people off the life and death arena made an uproar.

Ye Chuan completely ignored the uproar of people, he calmly waited for a good while, then turning around, he looked towards Nan Tiandu who was standing behind him and said indifferently: “Junior apprentice-brother Tiandu, how many moves this time?”

“Three moves, rest assured, Big senior apprentice-brother, within three moves, junior apprentice-brother, I will kill him!” Nan Tiandu answered, calling Big senior apprentice-brother from the bottom of his heart.

This time, he directly jumped into the life and death arena, and stood in front of Five Style Sect.

“You again?”

The expert of Five Style Sect on the life and death arena was somewhat surprised, then he said with a ferocious expression: “Come, that fellow of Black Cauldron Sect of this morning was trash. Let me show you the power of my Five Style Sect’s Five Style. See how……”

Cold sword light suddenly streak across the sky.

Nan Tiandu didn’t utter a word, and quickly pulling out his Black Inscription Sword, he dashed towards the expert of Five Style Sect.

After climbing onto the life and death arena, it was life and death battle, so what’s the need of so much nonsense?

The Black Inscription Sword in the hand of Nan Tiandu flashed with cold sword light, then raising his hand, without any expression, he ruthlessly used a fatal attack. With a sword stab, a dragon appeared in the air above the life and death arena, then a faint dragon roaring sound resounded.

This was the same move Dragon Slaughtering Hand which he had used in the morning, but the might however was far more powerful than before!

After Ye Chuan transmitted the technique to him inside the tent, in the extremely short period of time, Nan Tiandu’s strength had soared.

The complexion of Five Style Sect’s expert who was making a show of his strength on life and death arena just a moment ago changed all of a sudden, then immediately using Wind Style, he narrowly dodged the dangerous attack of Nan Tiandu. And just when he appeared at the opposite corner of life and death arena, fierce and powerful sword light again whistled towards him. This was as swift and violent as a thunderbolt. And this time, he didn’t have time to even use Wind Style to dodge.

“Brat, I will stake it all to kill you, kill……”

The expert of Five Style Sect became stern in both voice and countenance, then he suddenly raised the sword in his hand to block. With a ‘ding’ sound, Black Inscription Sword of Nan Tiandu was broken into two, due to this collision.

Black Inscription Sword wasn’t a common sword, but the sword in the hand of Five Style Sect’s expert was even rarer treasure, so under the violent impact, the superiority and inferiority among the two swords were immediately revealed.

“Hahaha, what Heaven Shaking Sword, it’s only this much, haha……”

The expert of Five Style Sect was wild with joy and roared with laughter. And when his laughter was still reverberating, he suddenly felt pain in his chest. Lowering his head to look, he saw that he was bleeding like a pig from his chest, as his entire chest was penetrated by some kind of sharp weapon. His laughter suddenly stopped, and confusedly looking at Nan Tiandu, he collapsed to the ground with a bang.

Off the life and death arena, coincidentally all people stood up simultaneously, and everyone was greatly surprised.

The overwhelming majority of people were looking with their eyes wide open. Not even a dozen of people clearly saw how Nan Tiandu did this. Even the three arbitrators sitting at life and death arena only saw a ray of red light bursting out from the body of Nan Tiandu with great difficulty, and then, the expert of Five Style Sect had already died in one attack!

There was no sword in his hand, so, was that heart sword?

Nan Tiandu who had condensed Spirit Flying Sword as well as broken through to Rank 4 Xiushi had already stepped into a new realm. Now once awe-inspiring Black Inscription Sword was already dispensable for him. Unfortunately, this expert of Five Style Sect didn’t know this point, and after chopping Black Inscription Sword of Nan Tiandu, he thought he was sure to win, but that was just the beginning of his tragedy.

Three moves!

Nan Tiandu didn’t renege, he really killed Xiushi realm expert with only three moves in public. With him as a vanguard, there were no enemies. He alone made the younger generation disciples of Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect feel cold in their heart!

“Big senior apprentice-brother, junior apprentice-brother luckily accomplished the mission!”

Nan Tiandu didn’t make the show of his abilities to show off, instead, directly jumped off the life and death arena and respectfully stood behind Ye Chuan in silence. Instantly, people looked over towards Ye Chuan with their gaze full of surprise, envy and doubts. No one had ever thought that such an exceptionally talented genius was actually so docile and respectful in front of Ye Chuan.

Could it be that Ye Chuan, this Big Disciple of Cloud Mist Sect have some other background, or is a hidden genius?

Now people looked at Ye Chuan, who was famous as mediocre in former days, with new eyes. And the gaze of Black Cauldron Sect’s Sect Master Tuoba Xiong also glimmered. No one knew what crook plan he was thinking.

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