Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 81

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 81: Transmitting technique

Nan Tiandu greatly shocked everyone.

Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect urgently discussed, then postponed the next matches to the afternoon, so that they could urgently discuss the means to deal with Nan Tiandu.

In Da Qin Dynasty, the mighty name of Heaven Shaking Sword was long-standing. According to the legend, the first Da Qin King was an outer disciple of Heaven Shaking Sect, merely a recruit, and then relying on this one move, he killed the Gods if Gods blocked him, killed Buddhas if Buddhas blocked him, conquering so big dynasty. And millions of years ago, the first Da Qin King had already died long ago, and Heaven Shaking Sect had already become history, moreover, this technique had lost forever. But who would have thought that this technique which was supposed to be lost forever was being quietly cultivated by Nan Tiandu, and he had actually obtained Heaving Shaking Sword’s heritage without the knowledge of anyone!

Ye Chuan calmly agreed to the demand of Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect, then leading his group, he leisurely left. But after returning to the campsite, he immediately made fatty to look for Nan Tiandu.

Looking up and down, he carefully observed Nan Tiandu for a while, then Ye Chuan lowered his voice: “Junior apprentice-brother Tiandu, what layer of Heaven Shaking Sword did your cultivation reach?”

Ye Chuan merely asked Nan Tiandu about his mastery over Heaven Shaking Sword, ignoring his cultivation. As a once Great Sage who was able to conceal heaven with his hand, he clearly understood that the cultivation realm in itself explains nothing very often, and the cultivation of technique was even more important.

Nan Tiandu who had just entered inside the tent from outside was startled, and his heart greatly shook, as if he was seeing Ye Chuan for the first time.

Heaven Shaking Sword had nine moves altogether, many people knew this, but Heaven Shaking Sword was still divided into several layers heart law, and very few people knew about this.

Although he already knew this Big senior apprentice-brother, Ye Chuan was not simple, and he had also heard about his Heaven Shaking Sword, but Nan Tiandu still couldn’t help but was shocked in his heart. And after thinking for a bit, he answered, “First layer, I still have yet to completely master the essence of Heaven Shaking Sword.”

“Oh, is that so?” Ye Chuan looked at Nan Tiandu with a smile yet not a smile.

Proud, aloof and indifferent Nan Tiandu who wouldn’t bat an eyelid even when a mountain collapsed in front of him, seeing this smiling expression of Ye Chuan, he suddenly was somewhat perturbed. Even after thinking, he didn’t understand why Big senior apprentice-brother had suddenly called him here.

“Big senior apprentice-brother, are you worried that Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect will send an even more powerful expert, and worried that I will not be his opponent?” Nan Tiandu asked.

“You will not be his opponent, now that is still very hard to say, but Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect will send an elite expert, that is certain.”

Ye Chuan paused, then said in low voice: “In these last few years, Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect are becoming more prosperous every day, and they have deliberately planned and prepared Great Competition of this time to suppress our Cloud Mist Sect. First, they pointed out that I, Big Disciple of the sect have to go into battle, and second, they naturally are determined to win the Great Competition of this time. Nan Tiandu, your cultivation is pretty good, Heaven Shaking Sword is even rarer deadly move, and you can sweep through the same realm of Xiushi. But, this is still not enough, I don’t want only some certainty, rather absolute certainty!”

The eyes of Nan Tiandu lit up, then looking at Ye Chuan, he said, “Big senior apprentice-brother, what method do you have?”

Talking to a wise man really is simple! Ye Chuan stood up, then holding a dry twig, he indifferently said: “Junior apprentice-brother Tiandu, look carefully!”

Ye Chuan who had still not stepped into life and death arena began to make a move in front of few people, suddenly brandishing the dry twig upward. And the dry twig in his hand suddenly made a whirring sound, just like it had changed into a bone-chilling sharp sword. After that, he lightly stabbed to the front, and a fierce energy fluctuation suddenly rose inside the tent, the air distorted, and a shadow of dragon faintly appeared.

Heaven Shaking Sword, First Form, Slaughtering Dragon Hand?

Nan Tiandu exclaimed, and was incomparably shocked in his heart!

This mediocre in former days, Big senior apprentice-brother Ye Chuan, who had still yet to breakthrough to Xiushi realm, how did he know Heaven Shaking Sword which only he knew and was already lost in Wilderness World long ago?

Could it be that, Big senior apprentice-brother Ye Chuan is also the inheritor of Heaven Shaking Sect? Or, he had luckily obtained the inheritance left behind by the expert of Heaven Shaking Sword?

Nan Tiandu stared with his eyes wide open. He had horrified expression, which slowly changed into surprise, and then puzzled.

Ye Chuan continued to brandish the dry twig with very slow movements. Looking at these movements, the moves and the first form gave Nan Tiandu a familiar feeling, precisely was his life technique, Heaven Shaking Sword. But, after carefully looking for a while, he again discovered that this was different to some extent with his own cultivation, apparently right but actually wrong.

Same move Slaughtering Dragon Hand, in the hand of Ye Chuan, the posture was simple, but the momentum was even more flourishing. His single stab looked as if it was about to pierce through the tent and pierce a hole in the sky. When the momentum was most flourishing, the sharp end shook, giving rise to countless changes, as if he wanted to use next move of Heaven Shaking Sword, and again looked as if he wanted to use the same kind of move to stage a comeback, truly was hard to tell if it was real or sham, eternally changing.

Nan Tiandu who was always ambitious and proud suddenly watch intently.

And after an unknown period of time, Nan Tiandu who was watching the slow movements of Ye Chuan woke up suddenly, then forcing his mind to calm down, he began comprehending. Very soon, he was immersed in the world of cultivation. Even though he was standing still, the move and form of Ye Chuan however reflected in his brain, and inside his brain, together with Ye Chuan, he began to perform a sword dance. Without a sword in his hand, but with sword only in his heart, vast spiritual power within his body began to circulate quickly. And with his spiritual power getting entangled together, sometimes it condensed into a ball and sometimes it changed into an indistinct flying sword.

While cultivating, people will not have any sense of time, and even thousands of years would seem like only an instant. Nan Tiandu who was intoxicated in cultivation vaguely heard loud shouting voice beside his ear, and he woke up. His height and facial features hadn’t changed, merely his entire body was drenched, and he had unconsciously surmounted the bottleneck and broke through to Rank 4 Xiushi. And looking inside himself carefully, he was stupefied all of a sudden.

Inside his dantian, don’t know when but now there was a small flying sword suspended inside. It was the Spirit Flying Sword that was purely condensed out of spiritual power!

“Spirit Flying Sword, this……, this really is Spirit Flying Sword!”

Nan Tiandu was wild with joy, condensing a Spirit Flying Sword, this was the sign of reaching the second layer in the cultivation of Heaven Shaking Sword. From this time on, his cultivation embarked on a new path, entering an even wider world!

“Junior apprentice-brother Tiandu, congratulations.”

The faint voice of Ye Chuan came over, “Condensing a Spirit Flying Sword, now you are the true successor of Great Sage Heaven Shaking, but, this is far from the endpoint. Real Heaven Shaking Sword, doesn’t have only three layers of heart law, rather fully have nine layers. Now you are at the second layer, so continue to strive.”

The entire body of Ye Chuan was also drenched, and he had exhausted complexion.

It seems, although he was brandishing the sword moves very slowly, but it in fact was consuming a lot of spiritual power to display all the wonders of Heaven Shaking Sword.

In former years, he and Heaven Shaking Great Sage had fought each other for three days and three nights in Heaven Concealing Peak, finally, not only he defeated Heaven Shaking Great Sage who considered himself the best of the world at that time, he was also able to completely see through his life technique, Heaven Shaking Sword. Now all under the heaven, in the understanding of Heaven Shaking Sword, other than Heaven Shaking Great Sage himself, he, Heaven Concealing Great Sage of former years knew it the best.

“Many thanks, Big senior apprentice-brother!”

Nan Tiandu stood up, then respectfully bowed to Ye Chuan.

He was still puzzled in his heart, wondering how Ye Chuan could understand so deeply about Heaven Shaking Sword. But, that was not important at all, he only knew that Ye Chuan helped him to breakthrough the critical bottleneck, making him take the most important first step to become Heaven Shaking Great Saint of this generation. This Spirit Flying Sword, just like the Heaven Swallowing Talisman within the body of Ye Chuan, was a sign of stepping into true cultivation path.

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