Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 80

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 80: Heaven Shaking Sword

The storm went away as fast as it came.

People began to disperse in succession, returning to their respective campsite on the summit of the mountain, and Eagle Beak Cliff which was as high as piercing into the clouds quickly calmed down. But, even though it was seemingly calm on the surface, great waves were secretly rising from all directions.

Who laid out this trap?

Who wanted to seize the opportunity to kill Ye Chuan, this Big Disciple of Cloud Mist Sect?

The heart of everyone was doubtful, and each disciple of three sects had their own views.

Some time ago, Black Cauldron Sect’s Sect Master Tuoba Xiong had personally gone to Cloud Mist Sect, and passing off Big Bird as his daughter Tuoba Xiaoniao, he wanted to humiliate Ye Chuan and Cloud Mist Sect, but he wasn’t able to humiliate them, instead he himself was humiliated, this matter had already spread all over Cloud Mist Mountain Range long ago. And after the storm of Mangrove forest, people quickly associated this matter with Tuoba Xiong. With the power of Black Cauldron Sect and their unscrupulous style, laying out this trap to kill somebody with a borrowed knife was very likely. This way, they can eliminate Ye Chuan to get revenge, and also can frame Five Style Sect, making Cloud Mist Sect and Five Style Sect fight to the death, killing two birds with one stone!

In addition to this gossip, there was another rumor that everything was the plan of Five Style Sect’s Big Disciple Gushan Leng. Seeing Ye Chuan and Liu Hong flirting, he burned with jealousy, and thought to seize the opportunity to kill Ye Chuan, self-edited and self-acted. Unfortunately, at the final juncture, Liu Hong sobered up with the help of Ye Chuan, failing to build a mound for want of one final basket of an earth.

All kinds of rumor rapidly spread among the disciples of three sects, and the relation between three great sects became even more subtle.

Ye Chuan returned to the campsite and slept. He was noncommittal to all kinds of rumor, and also didn’t speak out his doubts to Zhu Sijia and others. Facing fatty and Zhu Sijia’s detailed inquiry, he only said one word, wait.

The rumors suddenly rose from all direction, and as if burning raging flame, the rumors were getting worse and worse, obviously, someone was seizing the opportunity to fan the flames. If only the Great Competition came over, everything would have naturally vanished like smoke and dispersed like clouds. As for Yi Suo and Jin Zhikun, surely they were now quite willing to continue doing evil, as not long ago, they had completely failed.

In the latter half of the night, all kinds of rumors slowly disappeared.

Next day, Great Competition continued as scheduled, and three great sects focused on life and death arena once again.

Early in the morning, Ye Chuan led everybody and came to life and death arena as if nothing had happened, and calmly waited for the arrival of the competition. And to the surprise of everyone, Yi Suo was also following behind them. No one knew when he returned to the campsite, but now he was standing behind everyone with honest appearance, merely he had medicinal herbs smeared on his neck, and he didn’t utter a single word.

“Junior apprentice-brother Yi Suo, where did you go last night? There are turmoil and chaos of war, don’t walk around wildly everywhere, be careful.” Ye Chuan stepped forward and asked with a look of concern.

“Thank you for your concern, senior apprentice-brother, I went to pick a medicinal herb to treat my throat.”

Yi Suo replied, although his voice was still rather sharp, but already was a lot better, no longer was an amusing sweet female voice.

“How are you feeling now?”

“A lot better.”

One asking and the other answering, Ye Chuan was smiling with concerned appearance, and Yi Suo answered in earnest without a shred of previous high spirit.

After the storm of Mangrove forest, Yi Suo was not quite willing, and in accordance with his temper, he wanted to directly kill Ye Chuan without enduring his temper at all. But under the pressure of Alchemy Hall Master Jin Zhikun, he was forced to endure again, and pretending to know nothing, he had to continue staying beside Ye Chuan, looking for a chance.

Endure, continue to endure!

This is the only way to kill Ye Chuan and pull him down from the throne of sect’s Big Disciple!

Yi Suo endured humiliation in order to carry out an important mission.

Yi Suo didn’t shed all pretense of cordiality, wanting to keep pretending, so Ye Chuan naturally accompanied him.

Pretend, continue to pretend, let’s see what trick you have next!

Ye Chuan sized up Yi Suo with a smile, then turned away.

On life and death arena, three arbitrators drew lots, and today’s first match again happens to be Cloud Mist Sect versus Black Cauldron Sect. An expert of Black Cauldron Sect quickly jumped into the life and death arena. He was carrying a thousand jin heavy mace on his shoulder, and he easily brandished it all of a sudden, trying to demoralize his opponent by a show of strength.

Yesterday, Ye Chuan sent two weaklings in succession, and lost both matches in succession, but what about today? Will he still continue to voluntarily admit defeat?

Everybody curiously looked towards Ye Chuan. Even Protector Yang was the same. He was also rather unable to guess the plan of Ye Chuan.

Ye Chuan didn’t speak, just slowly looked at Zhu Sijia, fatty and others.

Seeing Ye Chuan was looking towards him, the fat meat of fatty trembled, and he said bitterly, “Big senior apprentice-brother, is it me again? It’s not that junior apprentice-brother doesn’t want to help you, but honestly……”

Experiencing one narrow escape was more than enough for fatty, he truly didn’t want to retry, and no longer dare to climb onto the life and death arena.

“Rest assured, fatty, it’s not you, senior apprentice-brother, I have a plan.”

Ye Chuan smiled, truly relieving fatty. And after pausing for a bit, Ye Chuan looked at Nan Tiandu and said, “This battle is extremely important, so losing is not the option. If we lose this match, then we don’t need to fight next matches, and I, senior apprentice-brother will have to personally cut off my arm. The cultivation of this fellow of Black Cauldron Sect is at least Rank 3 Xiushi, junior apprentice-brother Tiandu, if you fight, then do you have certainty?”

“Nine moves, at most in nine moves, I will kill him!” Nan Tiandu stepped forward bravely. His stature was tall and straight as if an unsheathed sharp sword.

“Good, go!” Ye Chuan instructed.

Nan Tiandu slightly bowed, then he leaped in the air, and the instant his body fell, he lightly stepped on the head of one young disciple with his tiptoe, and just like a raptor, he directly jumped onto the life and death arena. And the audience suddenly gave a warm applause.

The disciple of Black Cauldron Sect wanted to demoralize his opponent by the show of strength, and the mace he carried on his shoulder had made people apprehensive, but Nan Tiandu stepping forward bravely was by no means inferior.

“Hahaha, come, let’s have 300 bouts of battle. Finally, a decent opponent came out from so big Cloud Mist Sect, hahaha……”

The expert of Black Cauldron Sect roared with laughter, emitting a threatening aura. But suddenly, an ice-cold sword light appeared in front of him, and a rhythmic and sonorous sound of Nan Tiandu unsheathing his sword resounded beside his ear.

“Why are you speaking so much nonsense, kill!”

Nan Tiandu was expressionless, and without greeting, he directly made a fatal attack. The cultivation of this expert of Black Cauldron Sect was also not shallow, and had rich experience, but even he was unable to clearly see the movement of Nan Tiandu drawing his sword. Being greatly surprised, he subconsciously raised his heavy mace to block. And after the metal colliding sound, Nan Tiandu quickly retreated, and just like a stone statue, he stood motionlessly 10 meters away. As for the expert of Black Cauldron Sect, his hand was tingling, and a long crack had appeared on the mace he was very proud of.

“Coming again!”

The eyes of Nan Tiandu flashed with pallid light, and he attacked again. With a sword stab, the entire life and death arena was swept over by sword qi, as if someone had laid out a powerful sword formation. And heaven shaking killing intent spread all over. Dingding, the metal colliding sound resounded in life and death arena, and the expert of Black Cauldron Sect who had tried to demoralize his opponent by a show of strength was exhausted warding off the blows, instantly facing dangers from all around him.

“Heaven Shaking Sword, this is the legendary Heaven Shaking Sword!”

“Powerful, when did such genius appear in Cloud Mist Sect?”


Off the life and death arena, people were greatly surprised. No one had thought that the people of Cloud Mist Sect that couldn’t withstand a single blow and had lost two matches in succession yesterday would suddenly jump out to attack so ruthlessly today. And the heart of some people with vast knowledge shook as they quickly recognized the technique of Nan Tiandu.



When the hearts of people were shaking, Ye Chuan was leisurely counting. And when his count reached nine, the battle of life and death arena suddenly stopped. Nan Tiandu stood still and the expert of Black Cauldron Sect confronting him collapsed with a bang, and his body separated into three parts. Neither too much nor too little, he just attacked nine times.

After Heaven Shaking Sword came out, who dares to contend against him!

Off the life and death arena, people had their eyes wide open in silence. All of them were finding hard to believe what they had just seen. Shortly afterward, applause resounded. The disciples of Cloud Mist Sect and Five Style Sect cheered loudly, and as for the people of Black Cauldron Sect, they were silent. The complexion of Sect Master Tuoba Xiong become even more ashen, and his gaze looking towards Ye Chuan become even more malicious.

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