Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 79

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 79: It won’t hurt to hug

Without much thinking, Ye Chuan knew that Yi Suo, this fellow was behind all this, and Alchemy Hall Master Jin Zhikun or Third Elder was adding the fuel to the flames. But unfortunately, even after looking all around, he was not able to discover their figures.

After alarming the disciples of three sects, Yi Suo and Jin Zhikun had retreated far away to watch the play. They were very cautious.

Yi Suo couldn’t endure at all. After losing his face on life and death arena in front of everyone, he was dying to fully enjoy the helplessness and tough straits of Ye Chuan before his death. Yi Suo felt that the closer he was to the scene, the better. But there was cunning and crafty Jin Zhikun, who did his best to not leak anything, and under his command, Yi Suo was forced to retreat to a distant place.

“Kill! Brat, if you are capable, then openly fight with me!”

Gushan Leng roared loudly, then his body and sword combined into one all of a sudden, flying towards Ye Chuan. The sword light as if rainbow, wanted to chop the head of Ye Chuan, but, seeing Liu Hong had suddenly appeared in front of the sword tip, he came back empty-handed again, as he had no choice but to angrily withdraw his sword.

“But are you capable enough to fight with me? What a joke, even if you want to fight to the death against me, you don’t have that qualification.”

Ye Chuan indifferently smiled. He didn’t care even a bit about this Gushan Leng, currently his target was Yi Suo, as well as Jin Zhikun and Third Elder who were moving behind the scene. He tightly held the slender waist of Liu Hong with his left hand, and take out a crystal bottle from his bosom with his right hand, then opening the cap of this bottle, he placed it under the nose of Liu Hong. An irritating smell quickly filled the air, then after Liu Hong sneezed, her dull eyes gradually lit up.

“Kill! You shameless sex manic, still not letting her go!”

Being completely ignored by Ye Chuan, Gushan Leng was angry to the extreme, so he didn’t notice many details. Seeing Ye Chuan not only not letting Liu Hong go, instead was hugging her even more tightly in public, the blood rushed to his brain, thoroughly driving him nuts. He held his sword and pounced on once again. This time, he made up his mind that even if he had to accidentally injure Liu Hong, he would firmly use one decisive sword attack to kill Ye Chuan.

Enough is enough, Gushan Leng could no longer endure again!

In Five Style Sect, who doesn’t know Liu Hong was his woman. All of them knew that he was strenuously pursuing her all along, so even the disciples who were attracted to the beauty of Liu Hong also didn’t dare to overstep etiquette. But now, in front of a big crowd, Ye Chuan was groping Liu Hong, so he would be unable to vent his hatred if he didn’t kill Ye Chuan. If he couldn’t protect his own woman, and let other people take liberties in front of him, then how could he still be Big Disciple?

This time Gushan Leng was truly ready to risk everything in this all-out attack.

The pupils of onlookers shrunk, and they didn’t even dare to breathe heavily. And as for Zhu Sijia and others, they became even more nervous. The cultivation of Gushan Leng was high, and now he was going all out, so how could Ye Chuan deal with this?

Ye Chuan still didn’t move, furthermore this time, he didn’t move Liu Hong in his bosom too, no longer using her to block the attack, as if Gushan Leng’s attack was too quick that he didn’t have any time to respond.

“Hahaha, brat, you are screwed, hahaha……”

Gushan Leng laughed heartily. And Yi Suo who was hiding at a distant place also was elated. The power of this move of Gushan Leng was vigorous. With the flash of the sword tip, more than ten sword flower bloomed, revealing that the death of Ye Chuan was fixed.

Big Disciple of Cloud Mist Sect, will he die just like this?

People didn’t even blink their eyes. Some of them screamed and some were silent, waiting for the last moment to arrive. And at this moment, the laughter of Gushan Leng was especially ear-piercing, resounding throughout the woods. But, when everyone was thinking Ye Chuan was sure to die, the laughter of Gushan Leng ceased abruptly.

Ye Chuan hadn’t moved at all. He was still motionless as if a bystander. But Liu Hong who was not able to stand up steadily all along suddenly stepped forward, using her ample body to block Gushan Leng’s sharp sword. Now her eyes were shining, and were clear as if a pond, where is her drugged appearance?

“Liu Hong, you…, are you awake?” Gushan Leng had to withdraw his sword again. After repeatedly coming back empty handed, now he was so gloomy that he wanted to vomit blood. So he ferociously said: “Step aside, let me kill this shameless sex maniac. He actually dared to hug and take liberty of you in public, let me kill him. I will chop him into 18 pieces!”

“Who is sex maniac? What’s wrong with him hugging me, it doesn’t hurt anyone! Gushan Leng, why don’t you rolled out for me, roll away as far away as you can from me!”

Lin Hong glared at Gushan Leng, then slowly looking at numerous experts of Five Style Sect, she loudly reprimanded, “Trashes, you all are stupid trashes without any true discernment ability. You all couldn’t even see such simple trap. Noble Ye is being framed, real sex maniac has already fled, if it was not for noble son Ye, then even I don’t know what I would have done in my muddleheaded state!”

Liu Hong fiercely glared at Gushan Leng, after being drugged, although her body was aching, limp and also muddleheaded, but her brain knew everything.

“Trap? Was Cloud Mist Sect’s Big Disciple really being framed?”

“Miss Liu said so herself, so that definitely should be the truth, no wonder surnamed Ye, that fellow was calm all along!”


People began to make all sorts of comments all of a sudden.

Zhu Sijia, fatty and other people were overjoyed and relaxed secretly. As for Gushan Leng, his complexion was ugly. And as for Yi Suo and Jin Zhikun who were hiding in the dark to watch the play, their complexions were even uglier. Failing to build a mound for want of one final basket of earth, after arriving to this extent, Ye Chuan unexpectedly didn’t die, so they were unwilling in their heart!

Hearing Liu Hong saying him to roll out in front of the public, Gushan Leng lost the control of his feeling, and was even more depressed in his heart. What’s wrong with hugging her once, but did Liu Hong ever let him hug her even once? He was very angry, but he didn’t dare to attack Liu Hong, instead he directed all his rage towards Ye Chuan, “Liu Hong, you said this is a trap, but is there any proof? Aren’t you being threatened by this brat Ye Chuan? Just let me kill him!”

Gushan Leng’s eyes revealed ominous glint, then his body suddenly dimmed, and disappeared using Wind Style. After that, he instantly appeared behind Ye Chuan and ruthlessly stabbed towards him. But, Liu Hong was already prepared, and blocked him once again.

“Gushan Leng, you dare?”

Liu Hong was angry, then suddenly raising her hand, she slapped on the face of Gushan Leng.

Instantly, all people were stunned. They had never expected Liu Hong, who was smooth and slick in making social contacts and who would never take offense, actually slapped Gushan Leng in public for Ye Chuan. Gushan Leng also hadn’t foreseen this, so was startled for a moment, then his face turned green then white.

“Gushan Leng, look carefully, don’t you want a proof?”

Ye Chuan walked few steps, then he pulled out a burning sandalwood from inside a bush, and said indifferently: “This is the proof, someone secretly burned this incense beside Miss Liu, drugging her without her knowledge.”

“This incense has not finished burning, but why aren’t we drugged?” Gushan Leng quickly seized the flaw in Ye Chuan’s words. He was angry in his heart, but he didn’t dare to attack easily seeing Liu Hong was watching him intently. The onlookers also simultaneously looked at Ye Chuan with same doubt.

“Good question!”

Ye Chuan nodded his head, then taking a quick glance at everyone, he said: “This incense has a very good name, it’s called Spirit Halting Incense. After smelling it, even the spirit will be fragrant. Burning this incense, not only will not drug you, instead will calm the spirit of people, but if added a medicinal liquid called Luring Spirit Water, then it’s a different matter. Miss Liu, did you drink something before you came here?”

“I have, I drank a cup of tea!” Liu Hong as if awakening from a dream suddenly recalled something. When she was muddleheaded, she knew that she had fallen into the trap, but she didn’t know the specifics of how. But after hearing the words of Ye Chuan, she suddenly came to the realization, then she coldly gave the order, “Guards, bring maid Ju Xiang over to me!”

Only her personal maid Ju Xiang knew that she and Ye Chuan had agreed to meet this evening at Mangrove forest, moreover, before going out, she had drunk a cup of tea this maid Ju Xiang had offered.

Liu Hong quickly understood what was going on, and her killing intent soared.

“Reporting……, Ju Xiang, she……, she is dead!”

Someone quickly came forward to report, and dragged a corpse from the middle of the crowd. Ye Chuan took a quick look and saw that it was that maid with a ponytail who was beside Liu Hong in the past. Everyone made an uproar, finally confirmed that this really was a vicious trap. Since framing Ye Chuan was a failure, they immediately killed a witness to silence them.

“Heh heh, good, very good action!”

Ye Chuan coldly smiled, and now he truly had murderous intentions.

Since this ponytail maid was dead, there was no way to draw out Yi Suo and Jin Zhikun, and the lead also has broken off all of a sudden. Now he couldn’t take advantage of the situation to tear them up by the root. But, it was good like this too, the more powerful and the more vicious the opponents are, it was that more enjoyable to play.

This game is getting more and more interesting!

Ye Chuan sneered, after reincarnation, he finally met a slightly decent opponent! Yi Suo as well as Jin Zhikun and Third Elder behind him were cunning, crafty, despicable, sinter and ruthless, but he like that! In this life, if he wants to step foot in the summit again, then he needed Nan Tiandu and Zhu Sijia like helpers, and moreover also needs powerful opponents!

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