Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 78

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 78: This person is very shameless

The uproar and the abnormal move of Five Style Sect halfway up the hill quickly alarmed other two sects, and the entire Eagle Beak Cliff boiled over, and flame soared.

People raising torches went towards the mangrove forest which was halfway up a hill in succession. Zhui Sijia, fatty and others were also alike. Along the road, they heard that a sex maniac sneaked into the campsite of Five Style Sect and abducted Miss Liu Hong, so everyone was angry. Although three great sects were continuously fighting openly and maneuver covertly, but if someone was to do this kind of matter, then that would arouse the great indignant of both men and gods. If that sex maniac was caught, then he would definitely be hacked to pieces!

Now, the disciples of three great sects were unanimous. Zhu Sijia didn’t curse much, but fatty Zhao Dazhi however cursed ferociously all along the road.

So charming, bold and unrestrained woman, before he had the chance to see her more, she was unexpectedly defiled by a sex maniac, so how could he not hate?

Fatty who was unable to have his wish fulfilled even after guarding for the most part of a night was heavy-heartedly panting with rage, and he hated that he was not that sex maniac.

“Eh, Big senior apprentice-brother, where did he go? Fatty, did you see him?” On the way, Zhu Sijia suddenly stopped her step, recalling Ye Chuan.

The entire Eagle Beak Cliff was boiling, and Ye Chuan unexpectedly disappearing without a trace in such moment, this was very abnormal. Zhu Sijia didn’t know why, she suddenly felt indistinct uneasiness.

“I don’t know, I also haven’t seen him, he might be having a date with a beautiful woman, perhaps……”

Fatty Zhao Dazhi shook his head, being envious of Ye Chuan’s good luck, but before he finished speaking, his complexion suddenly changed.

Big senior apprentice-brother Ye Chuan and Hong Lie had a date tonight, and now, Liu Hong was abducted by a sex maniac, then what about Big senior apprentice-brother?

The heart of Zhu Sjjia jumped, and she understood this was not good, “Fatty, speak quickly.”

“Big senior apprentice-brother, he……he said that tonight he and……and Liu Hong have an appointment.” Fatty stuttered but didn’t dare to conceal, because not seeing even the trace of Ye Chuan made him feel uneasy.

“Walk, quickly walk!”

Zhu Sijia became nervous, then leading everybody, she dashed. And after arriving at the mangrove forest of halfway up a hill, she saw Ye Chuan hugging Liu Hong from far away, suddenly making her hands and legs turn ice-cold.

After cursing for a long time, that sex maniac that should be hacked to pieces was Ye Chuan.

The complexion of the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect changed simultaneously, and everyone was caught unprepared for this.

“Kill, kill him, kill this sex maniac!”

“What ancient sect, the grand Big Disciple of the sect actually did this kind of deed, is this the so-called inheritance of millions of years?”

“Kill him, drag his corpse to Cloud Mist Sect and make Cloud Mist Sect explain themselves!”


More and more people came to watch, and all sorts of comments and public sentiments surged up violently. Zhu Sijia and party as well as the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect who had come privately to watch the batter, all received the public’s unanimous contempt, and the public consciously or unconsciously intercepted them, making them unable to approach Ye Chuan. Some of the disciples of Five Style Sect even looked towards Zhu Sijia and others with a strange gaze, revealing ominous glint and malicious intent, as if they wanted to catch all of them.

“Impossible, absolutely impossible, how could Big senior apprentice-brother do this kind of deed?”

Fatty Zaho Dazhi shook his head, and sticking to his statement, he added: “No, wrong, this is a scheme, Big senior apprentice-brother is being framed. After the Great Competition, Liu Hong took the initiative to invite Big senior apprentice-brother to meet. There is basically no need for him to do such deed. Jiajia, Big senior apprentice-brother is being framed, Jiajia……”

“Shut up, first, don’t act rashly, I have the ability to discern myself, second, act according to circumstance.”

Seeing Ye Chuan hugging Liu Hong, Zhu Sijia was so angry that she gritted her teeth, and she was dying to just turn around and walk away. But after a few deep breath, she quickly calmed down, then she crushed message talisman, asking for urgent help.

No matter if Ye Chuan was really a sex maniac or being framed, this matter was very serious, and she and others would be unable to stay aloof from this matter!

In the critical moment, the mind of Zhu Sijia, who was energetic, unruly and shrewish in former days, was incomparably calm.

From the top of the mountain, more and more people came over, and more and more disciples of Five Style Sect heavily besieged upon Ye Chuan. No need to mention a huge living person, even a fly also couldn’t escape from this encirclement now.

Gushan Leng didn’t attack immediately, he intentionally suppressed the anger in his heart, waiting for more onlookers to come, so that he could make Ye Chuan taste the flavor of being condemned by the public before dying. He wanted to enjoy Ye Chuan’s panic, helplessness and nervousness, but, he was disappointed very soon.

From the beginning till now, the complexion of Ye Chuan didn’t change even a bit, and there was not even a bit of nervousness too, instead, took advantage of drugged Liu Hong by hugging her even tighter.

This shameless sex maniac!

Gushan Leng was furious in his heart, and became the first one to lose patience. Then pointing Ye Chuan with his sharp sword, he said: “Bold sex maniac, do you have anything to say? If you have then say it quickly, tonight, either you or I will die here!”

Gushan Leng’s eyes were bright red, his face was twisted, and as if he was insane yao beast who wanted to eat people, he emitted dense killing intent. The onlookers who were where 10 meters away from him, all felt that bone chilling killing intent and they retreated in succession. But Ye Chuan who was first to be affected was completely indifferent, and without running away, he also showed no intention of attacking.

“Frequently attacking to kill, is killing interesting?”

Ye Chuan shook his head, as more and more experts of Five Style Sect surrounded him watertight while emitting dense killing intent. Everyone was as if a tiger and a wolf, but he didn’t even look at them, just looking at Gushan Leng, Ye Chuan indifferently said, “Grand Big Disciple of Five Style Sect, unexpectedly has only this much IQ, no wonder indiscriminate people could easily use you. Your cultivation is pretty good, merely IQ is worrying, no wonder I heard the Sect Master of Five Style Sect was very distressed, and despite him being not too old, his hair is completely white.”

“You……, brat, what are you talking about?” Gushan Leng got angry. Even in such time, Ye Chuan, this brat was unexpectedly still talking nonsense?

Swish! Under his anger, Gushan Leng used his sharp sword to ferociously stabbed, directly towards the heart of ye Chuan.

Originally, he still intended to show off his skill in public, and restrain his cultivation to let Ye Chuan last few moves. But under his extreme anger, he instantly forgot his original plan and was dying to cut Ye Chuan to two half!

Bone chilling sword light streak across the sky, producing an ear piercing void-breaking sound.

The noisy mangrove forest quieted down all of a sudden. Everybody stared without uttering a word, looking at Ye Chuan and Gushan Leng, these two Big Disciples’ life and death battle.

Originally, these two people wanted to decide life and death in life and death arena, but now, that life and death battle suddenly moved up.

Gushan Leng stably sat on Big Disciple’s throne of Five Style Sect, and his cultivation was also not weak. He attacked as fast as lightning, and the momentum of sword move was as if rainbow. Seeing this, Zhu Sijia and others got nervous all of a sudden. But, when the sword tip was about to stab Ye Chuan, Gushan Leng suddenly stopped and gnashed his teeth.

Ye Chuan didn’t move, and indifferently confronting aggressive Gushan Leng with a genial smile on his face, he merely moved Liu Hong who was leaning on his bosom. If Gushan Leng hadn’t stopped, then he indeed would have stabbed Ye Chuan, but he inevitably would have first stabbed through Liu Hong.

Did Gushan Leng dare to ruthlessly stab through Liu Hong in public? Obviously, he didn’t dare, even if he was dying to do so, he didn’t have guts!

More and more people came to watch, and the situation was becoming more and more not too encouraging. If there was any other person instead of Ye Chuan in this situation, then his legs would have already softened and collapsed on the ground, but Ye Chuan was calm as if nothing had happened. With Liu Hong in his bosom, it was equivalent to having a hostage, so even if more experts of Five Style Sect comes, he was not afraid of them at all. Looking around, Ye Chuan secretly circulated Heaven Swallowing Talisman within his body to instigate his spirit to send out divine sense to look for Yi Suo’s whereabouts.

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