Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 77

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Man Huang Feng Bao. Chapter 77: Please eat a sumptuous meal

The night got increasingly dense, enveloping the entire earth.

The tents scattered all over Eagle Beak Cliff, just like stars in the sky, gradually become silent. People were either immersed in the world of cultivation or have entered the dreamland. Now the mountain peak was very quiet.

The campsite of Cloud Mist Sect was also very quiet.

While other people were resting with their tent covered up completely, only fatty Zhao Dazhi’s tent was still half covered and half closed.

Hearing Liu Hong would come over tonight, fatty had been continuously thinking about her. That lovely, bold and unrestrained woman ah, even if he couldn’t obtain, but getting a chance to look was also good. With regarding Big senior apprentice-brother Ye Chuan’s skill and fortune of encountering a beauty, fatty greatly admired as well as envied him, while drooling.

Unfortunately, even though he was continuously waiting after the Great Competition, waiting until dusk, then continuously waiting until before daybreak, he however was not able to see those beautiful legs, and those short cannot be any shorter leather skirt too. Finally, regretting deeply, he entered the dreamland. In his dreams, the beautiful scene of Liu Hong soaring in the sky and beheading her opponent appeared before him again.

Tonight, even though he had a date with a beauty, Ye Chuan was completely unconcerned, unlike fatty who was continuously thinking about it. Right now, there were several bottles, pots and several talismans beside him.

These talismans were different from the talismans refined by ordinary cultivators, the lines drawn were zig-zagging just like tadpole character1. They resembled doodling, but looking carefully, one can find countless laws implied therein with obscure energy fluctuation. [1tadpole character = an ancient form of Chinese script, it is called so because of its resemblance to tadpoles swimming about in water]

“Rank 7 Wuzhe, sure enough, it’s still somewhat strenuous to refine!”

Ye Chuan muttered. Now beads of sweats were dripping from his face.

These talismans which resembled a casual scribble, in essence, he however had to spend an astonishing amount of vitality. And even with his experience, he refined a lot of defective talismans. Smoke Wave Talisman, Burst Talisman, Executing Heart Talisman……, a number of talismans that were long lost in Wilderness World were gradually appearing here now.

In the viewpoint of outsiders, the leader of the group, Ye Chuan was only talking big, was idle whole day, and seemed to not care about this Great Competition. But no one knew his effort behind the scene.

A rustling sound of footsteps suddenly came from outside the tent.

The noise was so small that even the guards on the duty were unaware of it. Ye Chuan however suddenly raised his head.

An arrow shot from a crossbow whistled through the air and nailed to the leg of the table. And at the end of this arrow, a handkerchief was tied.

Ye Chuan pulled out the arrow and rushed out. But he saw that it was very quiet outside the tent, and outer sect disciple Wu Yong who was responsible for guarding was snoring beside the fire, simply not perceiving the uninvited guest.

Ye Chuan picked up the arrow, and saw that there were four characters written on the handkerchief, ‘Noble son, come quickly.’

Beautiful calligraphy, exquisite strokes. This handkerchief still had faint delicate fragrance and familiar flavor.

“Is it Liu Hong?”

An evil smile appeared on the face of Ye Chuan, then raising this handkerchief, he smelled, yes, this faint fragrance was definitely the body fragrance of Liu Hong. And again looking at those words written on the handkerchief, his face gradually cool down. After thinking for a bit, without alerting anyone else, he turned and entered his tent. After clearing up his tent, he went straight towards mangrove forest.

Although the terrain of Eagle Beak Cliff was very steep, but its surrounding environment was very beautiful, and other than its summit being bare, its environment nevertheless was covered with dense forest. Moreover, there was a rare mangrove forest in one place, which would dye the entire mountain red during autumn.

This mangrove forest was not hard to find. Only after a little while, Ye Chuan stepped into this bright red woods. And not far away, he saw a silhouette of a female.

The sky was covered by layer upon layer of black clouds, and under a dim moonlight, a graceful woman was standing under a big tree, facing her back towards Ye Chuan. This female’s stature was not tall, but she was very curvy. On the upper part of her body, she was wearing skintight clothing, and on the lower part of her body, she was wearing a short leather skirt which couldn’t be any shorter, exposing her shining white slender legs. Although her height was not tall, but her legs were very long. Even looking from far away, it was clear that she was the golden daughter of Five Style Sect, Liu Hong who had infatuated countless youngsters of Cloud Mist Mountain Range.

“Miss Liu, I came.”

Ye Chuan directly walked over. Although his pace was very fast, but his steps were steady without any excitement, and every step had a constant distance between them. He quickly arrived behind Liu Hong.

“Ye……, noble son Ye, I……”

Liu Hong turned around and hugged Ye Chuan all of a sudden. Her body was boiling, and eyes were red as well as somewhat misty. Although she recognized Ye Chuan, but her consciousness seemed to be somewhat confused too, and she was emitting a faint indescribable aura.

“Miss Liu, is this the sumptuous meal you mentioned?”

Ye Chuan shook his head and smiled, then looking all around, just as he had expected, he discovered a burning sandalwood not far away inside the thick bush.

Tsk tsk, good fellow, acting so quickly without being able to endure any longer!

Ye Chuan sneered, then looked all around, searching the figure of Yi Suo.

After super class girl’s voice, Ye Chuan knew that Yi Suo would definitely not let this matter drop and he would definitely make a move to some extent. Merely, he had never thought that, this fellow would move so fast, and what was more unexpected was, this fellow actually had a crazy idea of involving Liu Hong, daring to defy the mighty. In such a short period of time, being able to move so resolutely, and making Liu Hong fall into a trap, the capabilities needed for these weren’t simple, and it was absolutely impossible for Yi Suo to do this alone.

Instantly, Ye Chuan understood that the greater part of his scheme, drawing a snake out of its hole, was already successful. Alchemy Hall Master Jin Zhikun or Third Elder was already drawn out.

“Protect Miss, there’s an assassin!”

“That sex maniac is in the front, kill him, protect Miss!”


In the dark, loud shouting voices suddenly rose, and flames soared outside mangrove forest.

The group of Five Style Sect’s experts with touch in their hand rushed over. And all of them immediately unsheathed their sword emitting dense killing intent. The person leading in the front was the Big Disciple of Five Style Sect, Gushan Leng, and seeing passionate Liu Hong stuck in the bosom of Ye Chuan, he eyes became bright red all of a sudden, and he gnashed his teeth.

Who was Liu Hong?

She was the golden daughter of Five Style Sect’s Sect Master, was the dream lover of every young generation disciples of Five Style Sect, and was a lover who he, Gushan Leng was strenuously wooing.

Although Liu Hong’s  temperament was bubbling with enthusiasm, dressed boldly, gave people flirtatious feeling, and never lacked all kinds of men beside her, but until now, no-one had been able to hold this beauty. Gushan Leng was the pavilion closest to the water enjoying the moonlight first, but the matter what he was most proud of was, he was once able to slightly touch the little hand of Liu Hong. But why was Ye Chuan having such treatment, he was hugging her entire body and they were still hugging tightly before him.

Gushan Leng was so angry that even his lungs were bursting with rage.

In the late night, he suddenly received the news that Miss Liu Hong was drugged and taken away by a sex maniac. At that time, he was a little unconvinced, but he stilled led a large group of guards to come and see what was going on in skeptical. But unexpectedly, that matter had really happened, and what made him even angrier was, that sex maniac was unexpectedly that brat Ye Chuan!

“Brat, you are screwed, tonight if you don’t die here, then I, Gushan Leng will die here.”

Gushan Leng walked over, while slowly pulling out his sword hanging on his waist. And the numerous guards hastily spread out making a large open space.

Big senior-apprentice-brother Gushan Leng is really angry, now he alone with deal with this sex maniac Ye Chuan!

Everyone subconsciously became aware of this. All of them felt Big senior apprentice-brother Gushan Leng’s monstrous anger and dense killing intent. Tonight, two great sects’ Big Disciple will have a death match on the spot.

“Killing a person is actually this simple!”

The thick chump of grass 100 meters away shook lightly as Yi Suo who was hiding inside it was wild with joy.

Killing a person with a borrowed knife, making the experts of Five Style Sect to kill Ye Chuan, this couldn’t be any better. Now Ye Chuan, this thorn in his flesh will be destroyed here, and he will not be exposed, so he can justifiably sit on the throne of Big Disciple and complete the instruction of Third Elder.

“This is just the beginning, there is still a good play coming!”

Jin Zhikun who was lying beside Yi Suo also sneered. Only the death of Ye Chaun was far from being sufficient for him. He wanted to completely ruin Ye Chuan’s reputation, so that even in death, he would be condemned by the public. Only this would vent his hatred.

“Your Excellency Hall Master, this slave will be leaving first.”

Seeing the matters were already coming to their proper settlement, the woman with a ponytail bowed to Jin Zhikun, then withdrew quietly. Then with the help of hazy moonlight, she sneaked into the midst of the people of Five Style Sect.

Ye Chuan who had led a group of people to come and participate in Great Competition stepped into a dangerous trap!

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