Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 76

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 76: Not enduring at all

Returning to the campsite, Ye Chuan began his seclusion cultivation.

Today, although both matches were lost in succession, but Ye Chuan basically didn’t care. These were within his expectation and also were his deliberate arrangement. Now the next step was focusing. But, if he wished to turn the tide and amaze the world with a single brilliant feat, then only relying upon strategy was not enough.

Ye Chuan silently recited his technique, and with the flashing of cyan colored light, Cyan Lotus Lamp came out.

Within faint cyan colored light, on the body of the lamp, two small black spots were circulating quickly. And with a popping sound, the air rippled as Golden Cicada King and white colored piggy jumped out from inside Cyan Lotus Lamp.

Golden Cicada King flapped its wings while flying all around, and its small wings gave rise to a burst of a chaotic stream, as if after such a long period of time in seclusion, it was impatient to freely soar all over the world outside. As for piggy, it was lying prone on the ground and was spiritless as always, as if even if it slept for eternity, it was not enough.

In a single glance, these two fellows didn’t seem to change, but the sharp eyes of Ye Chuan quickly noticed the changes of these fellows.

The two small bulging on the body of Golden Cicada King had gotten larger, moreover was slightly cracked with underdeveloped wings slightly coming out from them. It seems it had taken a substantial first step towards transforming into Six Winged Golden Cicada. As for Piggy, it was still fair and tender, but now there were two bulging on its back too as if it also wanted to sprout a pair of wings. Now it appearance looked all the more rarer, not resembling a pig, instead resembled a little like a young raptor, or the mutation of some ancient wilderness raptor.

“Is it possible that it is that legendary Flying Pig?”

Ye Chuan was somewhat surprised, and his thoughts of going deeper into Cloud Mist Mountain Range, searching for more wilderness mutated yao beasts to tame become even stronger. Yao Refining Heaven Swallowing Technique he had obtained in the God Burial Valley made him look forward to the future he had not seen in his previous life.

Starting the cultivation from the very beginning again, no matter how swallow his cultivation was, if he had a large group of innately gifted mutated wilderness yao beasts, then with a single move of his fingers, he would have been able to crush Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect who considered themselves the best of the world, just like in his previous lifetime when he was able to conceal the heaven with only his hand.

Ye Chuan suppressed his impulse to immediately go deep into the Cloud Mist Sect Mountain range, then taking out some materials, he busied himself, preparing a number of things to pleasantly surprise the opponent by catching them unprepared.

Very quickly, night befell on the earth.

The disciples of three great sects were excited endlessly, and were still excitedly discussing about the three matches of daytime. In the Eagle Beak Cliff, now only the tent of Yi Suo was very quiet.

After making an exhibition of himself on life and death arena, Yi Suo had fled, and since then, he had never returned back, as he no longer had face to face others. While Ye Chuan was busying himself inside his tent, he was hiding inside a hidden natural cave, merely there was an ice-cold masked man beside him.

“That’s right, it’s Ye Chuan, definitely the dirty plot of that brat Ye Chuan.”

Yi Suo said while gnashing his teeth. Even after most part of the day had passed, his voice was still sharp, fine and sweet female voice. Now under shame and anger, his face was twisted in an inhuman way. “Hall Master Jin, I want to kill him, don’t stop me, I must kill him, I will tear that brat Ye Chuan into pieces!”

Yi Suo had never been so angry like today. Originally, he wanted to go to the arena and show off to get into a limelight, but to his surprise, he nevertheless lost the face of even his eight generation ancestor, turning into a laughing stock of everybody.

On the life and death arena, facing the laughter of the disciples of three sects, the mind of Yi Suo had become blank. Now, although his voice was still not restored, but he has calmed down, and after deducing, he had a faint understanding of what was going on. Other than Ye Chuan, it was hard to imagine that someone else had used this devious trick. Merely, when did Ye Chuan used this devious trick and how did he carry it out, Yi Suo was unable to understand for the time being.

When drinking wine, did he also put in poison in my wine, or……

Yi Suo thought deeply, and suddenly, he recalled Ye Chuan patting his shoulder then immediately tearing apart his clothing, he looked. Sure enough, he discovered a small red dot on his shoulder. It was merely pinhole size, and was superficial, but if he pressed it using strength, he felt a little bit of pain.

It’s him, really was him!

Yi Suo trembled with anger, then he immediately pulled out his sword that was hanging on his waist, then with full of killing intent, he was about to go the campsite and kill Ye Chuan then tear apart his body into thousands of pieces.

Jin Zhikun just stood aside without stopping him. He merely looked at angry Yi Suo coldly and said, “Kill? How will you kill him? Storm in in public, then cut him into two half with your sword, or chop him into minced meat? Recklessly attacking like this, do you intend to follow your teacher Third Elder’s instruction or not? And do you still want the position of Big senior apprentice-brother or not?”

Jin Zhikun coldly said, he was very dissatisfied with regarding the action of Yi Suo. And his words poured a bucket full of cold water over the impulsive Yi Suo. After that, he coldly said again, “Yi Suo, you are too disappointing. When we were in the sect, what did I and Third Elder tell you? Who asked you to go up to the arena as you wish for a battle?”

“Even if I didn’t go into a battle, that brat Ye Chuan already know my trick of poisoning the wine, and is secretly alert. That brat is too sinister and too despicable. His mouth sounds beautiful, but essentially, he doesn’t have any trust in me!” The face of Yi Suo twisted, his heart was still a little defiant, blinded by hatred.

Originally, he thought that Ye Chuan was just an idiot, and he could easily fool him as he please. But unexpectedly, he was a real idiot here.

That brat Ye Chuan was truly cunning!

“No, completely different! If you hadn’t gone into the battle, and pretended to be poisoned just like other people, then even if Ye Chuan had doubts in his heart, he wouldn’t have been able to anything, and there still would be the chance to continue secretly, making Ye Chuan and others suffer a crushing defeat. Now, do you still have a chance? Can you still act according to our plan? Now, what you have to do is, not kill to the top of the mountain, rather think about how you will explain this to your master.” Coldly glaring at angry Yi Suo, the blood and qi of Jin Zhikun were seething.

A good plan came to a premature end just like this, he was also very furious in his heart.

Unable to accomplish anything but liable to spoil everything!

This was his evaluation of Yi Suo. If it was not for him considering the face of Yi Suo’s master Third Elder, then he would have already twisted the head of Yi Suo personally!

Yi Suo who was blinded by hatred and anger suddenly woke up. Then his face turned pale and his body trembled.

The methods of his teacher Third Elder, no one understood better than him.

Alchemy Hall Master Jin Zhikun is right, how should I explain this important matter to master?

“Now that the circumstance has changed, we can only change the plan for the time being.”

Jin Zhikun looked at Yi Suo and coldly said: “Now, there is two choice, one is to directly kill Ye Chuan swiftly with the borrowed knife. Another is enduring. The angrier you are, the more you have to endure, while acting grieved and pitiful, to make Ye Chuan relax his vigilance, then give him a fatal one hit at the crucial moment!”

“How to kill him with a borrowed knife?” The eyes of Yi Suo revealed an ominous glint.


This was absolutely not his style, he absolutely couldn’t endure this!

Acting grieved and pitiful in front of Ye Chuan, how could he do that? Forcibly endure, he will suffocate to death! Between killing Ye Chuan to take revenge and not spoiling the important matter of his teacher, he didn’t need much time to think which to select.

Yi Suo selected the former without any hesitation, as he couldn’t endure at all.

“There are some matters you don’t need to know too much. Just act as per my instruction. Although Five Style Sect is difficult to enter, but I still have some eyes and ears over there. Yi Suo, come here.” Jin Zhikun instructed whispering in the ear of Yi Suo, then handed over a sandalwood to him. The latter was startled and his complexion changed.

“What, are you afraid?” Jin Zhikun coldly asked.

“If……, if the Sect Master of Five Style Sect knows this, then I’m afraid that……”

Yi Suo was sweating like a pig, and he was somewhat hesitating. But in front of the cold gaze of Jin Zhikun, he thought for a bit, then took the sandalwood and nodded his head resolutely, and said, “I’m not afraid, it’s useless to afraid, Yi Suo will follow all the arrangements of Your Excellency Hall Master.”

“That’s right, rest assured, after this is achieved, Big Disciple position of the sect is definitely yours. I just want the head of Ye Chuan, all others are yours, and one day, even the entire sect will be yours, you will become my Cloud Mist Sect’s next Sect Master.” The eyes of Jin Zhikun flashed with an ominous glint. He had waited for so long to kill Ye Chuan, now the opportunity has finally come.

“Rest assure, Hall Master, Yi Suo knows what to do!”

Yi Suo bowed, took a deep breath, then resolutely walked outside to the darkness.

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