Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 75

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 75: Haunting Vixen

In the third match, it was finally the turn of Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect.

If Black Cauldron Sect was said to be a fierce tiger, then Five Style Sect was a fierce wolf, and their strength was also by no means inferior compared to latter. These two sects were latecomers that had surpassed their predecessors in Cloud Mist Mountain Range. Now in the life and death arena, they were going to have a ferocious and heated collision.

The participant of this battle from Black Cauldron Sect was a tall and big youngster, holding a heavy sword. And the participant of Five Style Sect was a girl. She was small, exquisite, and looked charming. She wore a skintight battle dress on the upper part of her body and wore a short leather skirt on her lower body. All in all, she attracted the eyes of people, and whistle sound began to rise from all directions. She was none other than the golden daughter of Five Style Sect’s Sect Master, Liu Hong.

After a simple probing, both of them opened ferocious attacks on life and death arena.

The expert of Black Cauldron Sect attacked as if the wind, and each attack contained great strength, absolutely not showing any tender, protective feeling for the fairer sex. His face was cold and as if he was merely a killing puppet, he attacked just like a tide. This fellow was in offensive and Liu Hong was in defensive, and she seemed to be surrounded by perils, but she occasionally launched swift counterattacks. Her weapon was also relatively rare, it was a long ribbon. Sometimes, it would wrap around the heavy sword of Black Cauldron Sect’s expert as if a rope and sometimes, as if a viper, thrust straight towards the chest of the opponent.

Boldly dressed Liu Hong attracted the gaze of the people from the moment she stepped onto the arena. And the gazes of people lingered on her chest and pert buttocks again and again. But soon, the people were attracted by the intense close quarter combat, including Ye Chuan. He was somewhat surprised looking towards Liu Hong. He had never thought that this woman whom he had encountered in underground Ghost Market was actually this skilled.

“Is that woman of Five Style Sect so good-looking?”

Seeing Ye Chuan was continuously staring at Liu Hong on the arena, Zhu Sijia got angry without any reason. People said that, all men liked vixen, it seems, that really was the truth. Ye Chuan was only staring, but the eyes of fatty were shining, and his lecherous gaze was following the buttocks of Liu Hong while drooling.

“Well, she is good-looking, her figure is indeed not bad. But, flavor……, she is unable to compare with our sister Jiajia.” Ye Chuan replied.

“Humph, you have a good taste, if you like this kind of woman who would have an illicit love affair with anybody, then I really would have looked down upon you.”

Zhu Sijia snorted, but was happy in her heart, as Ye Chaun finally spoke sensible words after they were together for so long.  But after thinking for a bit, the beautiful face of Zhi Sijia got covered with a layer of frost again, and glaring at Ye Chuan, she said: “No, wrong, who is your sister?”

This fellow looked honest, but was always taking cheap advantage of other people and she would carelessly fell into his trap. Zhu Sijia angrily glared at Ye Chuan.

“It’s same, isn’t junior apprentice-sister and sister same? Jiajia, it’s not good for a woman to be too rigid, otherwise, after marrying, I fear you will not have a harmonious life. Fatty, what do you say?” Ye Chuan said in all seriousness. Then with an evil smile, he secretly pushed fatty to the front.

Fatty who was entranced looking at Liu Hong on the arena, simply didn’t notice the little conflict between Zhu Sijia and Ye Chuan. And hearing the calling of Ye Chuan, he subconsciously turned around, result, a ‘pa’ sound resounded, as he helped Ye Chuan to block a slap with his face.

Zhu Sijia was so angry that it was unbearable, so she slapped. The face of fatty was swollen all of a sudden, and also felt dizzy for a moment.

“Don’t move, the result is out!”

Ye Chuan raised his head, and said all of a sudden. Then, Zhu Sijia who wanted to raise her hand again stopped, and fatty Zaho Dazhi also ignored the pain and raised his head to look. Sure enough, the victor of the fight on life and death arena was decided.

After making sure of an opportunity, the expert of Black Cauldron Sect launched an all-out attack, unfortunately, Liu Hong dodged again. And at the moment when the other party’s strength was exhausted, she exerted strength on the ground with her tiptoe, and suddenly jumped into the air, then with the ribbon in her hand strangling the throat of Black Cauldron Sect’s expert, she put forth her strength to twist the latter’s head. After that, his body weakly collapsed to the ground. At this moment, Liu Hong was still in the air, and her inner thigh was practically exposed thoroughly to the public, as her short leather skirt was too short to be able to cover her.


“Beautiful, once more!”


Off the life and death arena, people cheered loudly and were in high spirits as they were able to feast their eyes. ****, her appearance was lovely and beautiful, cultivation was also high, moreover with her ending the match by turning the tide, it was difficult to not seethe with excitement! [****: in raw]

In an instant, many people were in a daze, and fatty was also the same, forgetting the slap Zhu Sijia had given him for no apparent reason.

“Humph, a vixen is a vixen, obviously had thousands of ways to easily kill the opponent, but using this kind of way, truly shameless!”

Zhu Sijia snorted in disdain, and her mood became bad, but she no longer entangled with Ye Chuan. She just turned around and left, while looking at Hong Lie who was pretending to be frail.

On life and death arena, the three arbitrators stood and declared Five Style Sect as the winner.

Finally, a phase of the Great Competition ended. And the people of three great sects dispersed in succession. There will not be any more match today, and the competition will continue tomorrow.

Ye Chuan calmly led fatty, Nan Tiandu and other towards their camping ground.

In today’s competition, Liu Hong being so excellent was slightly unexpected, but everything was still under his control. The poison Yi Suo had mixed in the wine, not surprisingly lost its effect now. And with Ye Chuan’s personality, he will definitely not let this matter drop, even Hall Master Jin Zhikun and Third Elder who were hiding in the backstage, he will make them have no choice but to come out one after another!

Ye Chuan sneered in his heart, he wanted to draw a snake out of its hole, then eliminate all the potential hidden troubles!

Want to play dirty with him, regardless of Yi Suo or Jin Zhikun or Third Elder Bai YanHu, all were too inexperienced!

“Noble son Ye, wait a minute, noble son Ye……”

A sweet voice came from behind. Liu Hong who was showing off on the life and death arena just now was unexpectedly chasing after them, followed by her personal maid with a ponytail, and behind her, a group of Five Style Sect’s guards.

The people around immediately stopped their steps, and looked over simultaneously.

There were many young and promising disciples of three great sects, but why was she persistently looking for this mediocre fellow, Ye Chuan?

People didn’t understand. Some were envying, and many others were jealous, so much so that they viewed him as an enemy. Ye Chuan turned around, and he saw that among the group of bodyguards of Liu Hong, he discovered a familiar face. He was Big Disciple of Five Style Sect, Gushan Leng. Now he was ferociously glaring at Ye Chuan with sinister and ruthless complexion.

“Miss Liu, are you looking for you?” Ye Chuan asked, completely ignoring the ferocious gaze of Gushan Leng.

“Yes, I’m here to thank you. The people I sent to Shallow Water Bay, found these seeds, I want to give them to you as a present, merely I don’t know whether these are the seeds you were looking for or not.”

Liu Hong came over, and handed over a small pouch to Ye Chuan, and her fragrance seeped into the nasal cavity of Ye Chuan. After that, she approached even nearer, and just when her tall and erect boobies were practically stuck on the chest of Ye Chuan, she stopped, and she whispered in the ear of Ye Chuan: “Noble son Ye, I have another good news to tell you. In that place of Bluestone Mine you have told me about, we really discover an ancient bronze cauldron 100 meters deep underground. Although it was somewhat damaged, but the greater part of the runes carved on the cauldron still exists. After mending, perhaps it might become our main cauldron. They said, there might be other things underground, so my father and others are still digging. Because of this, my father heavily rewarded me.”

Accidentally discovering an ancient treasure, and being able to help her father, Liu Hong obviously was very happy, and was glowing with pride and happiness. All of this was because of Ye Chuan. The causal move of the latter made her achieve her heart’s wish.

“Well, congratulations, congratulations!” Ye Chuan was somewhat surprised. At that time, he had casually informed her to repay her favor, but unexpectedly, there truly was a treasure deep underground. No wonder Black Cauldron Sect’s Sect Master Tuoba Xiong came personally for this time’s Great Competition, but the Sect Master of Five Style Sect was absent.

“Our Five Style Sect looks grand, but the period of time we rise to the prominence after all is still too short. We lack sufficient accumulation, unlike your Cloud Mist Sect which has such a long heritage and accumulated a large number of techniques and treasures. Noble son Ye, you say, how should I thank you for this time?” A pair of big watery eyes of Liu Hong looked at Ye Chuan, then leaning even closer, she placed her finger on the chest of Ye Chuan and began making circles with her finger. Then she said in a mosquito like small voice, “Noble son Ye, tonight, I will be waiting for you in the mangrove forest of the hillside, please come to have a sumptuous meal. See you there, you must come.”

Deeply looking at Ye Chuan, Liu Hong with ponytailed maid turned around and walked away, leaving behind lingering fragrance. And those slender legs under her short skirt become Eagle Beak Cliff’s most beautiful scenery.

Now far away, the gaze of Gushan Leng become even more sinister. Then ferociously glaring at Ye Chuan, he followed after Liu Hong. The onlookers also dispersed slowly. No one knew what Ye Chuan and Liu Hong talked about, but discerning people could perceive Five Style Sect’s golden daughter Liu Hong’s ambiguousness.

“Big senior apprentice-brother, what did miss Liu Hong say to you just now?” Fatty was very curious, and before walking even a few steps after Ye Chuan, he couldn’t help but asked.

Ye Chuan smiled and said: “She said that Five Style Sect’s campsite has a lot of delicacies and wine. And she asked me to come to her tent tonight for a rendezvous, and have a night chat in candlelight with her.”

“Big senior apprentice-brother, did you agree?” Fatty excitedly asked, as if he was the one who had the appointment. He recalled that feast of the eye he had seen just a moment ago in mind constantly.

“No, am I, Big senior apprentice-brother a casual man? Even if I want to have night chat in a candlelight with her, then I will do so in the Cloud Mist Sect’s campsite.”

Ye Chuan looked at fatty with a smile yet not a smile then strode away.

“Really? Big senior apprentice-brother, is Miss Liu really coming to our campsite tonight?”

The eyes of fatty shone, and he eagerly ran after Ye Chuan.

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