Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 74

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 74: Is it okay like this too?

In the same cultivation realm, because of the difference in cultivation techniques and protecting treasures, or the certain area holding favorable location and weather, the strength might be very far from each other.

Zhu Sijia’s cultivation also wasn’t weak, and among the younger generation of Cloud Mist Sect, she was also a well-known expert, moreover, her cultivation was not necessarily worse than the black robed youngster on the life and death arena. But just looking at that huge cauldron on the shoulder of the other party, and also sensing the energy fluctuation of the other party, Zhu Sijia’s complexion was ugly, as she knew that she was not his opponent.

Although the Big Disciple of Black Cauldron Sect, Hong Lie had to go off the arena, but in a blink of an eye, another expert who was almost by no means inferior to Hong Lie appeared. Black Cauldron Sect which was at the zenith of its power in the last few years really was powerful and experts were emerging in an endless stream.

If she had been able to conserve strength and store up energy yesterday, reaching her peak condition, then she might have a chance, but yesterday……

The beautiful face of Zhu Sijia turned bright red, she was both angry and embarrassed, and then she glared at Ye Chuan.

Among the group of eight people, only Ye Chuan was fine yesterday and only he alone didn’t run to the toilet. And looking at the sudden change of Yi Suo’s voice into that super class girl’s voice today, it was obvious that Ye Chuan already knew that the wine served by Yi Suo had a problem. But what was infuriating was although he obviously knew about it, he unexpectedly expressed nothing, and made everybody including herself, a girl, run to the toilet many times throughout the entire night. Now you say, isn’t this brat Ye Chuan so hateful?

“Big senior apprentice-brother, let me go!”

Nan Tiandu stepped forward and said indifferently without any expression.

This was a war, and with Zhu Sijia being a girl, and Ye Chuan, this Big senior apprentice-brother having low cultivation, it was the time for him to raise his hand.

Last night, although he was similarly poisoned, had to run unknown times to the toilet, and now his entire body aching and feeling weak, but even if he had to face a strong opponent, Nan Tiandu was unintimidated. Heaving Shaking Nine Swords, a sword faster than a sword, encounter strong, become even stronger, this was his true qualities.

“No, Tiandu, not yet.”

Ye Chuan shook his head, and his vision scanned the face of everybody.

Fatty Zhao Dazhi immediately shrunk back. Just now, he had already toughened his scalp to enter the arena once, and he will not enter the second time. The first time, he luckily came back, but if he enters the arena once again, then he would die for sure.

“Fatty, are you scared?” Ye Chuan smiled.

Seeing his smile, fatty was greatly frightened in his heart, and began sweating profusely, “Big senior apprentice-brother, I……”

“Your guts is so tiny, no wonder you are not able to woo even a single junior apprentice-sister in so many years.”

Ye Chuan shook his head, while looking at fatty with hating iron for not becoming steel appearance, then his gaze turned towards one outer sect disciple, “Wu Yong, right? How about measuring your strength in this match, junior apprentice-brother?”

“Ah……, Big senior apprentice-brother, I……, I’m afraid, I can’t, this……”

The outer sect disciple named Wu Yong was greatly surprised, and had a bitter face.

It had been only less than one month since he had entered the sect. Although he was called outer sect disciple, but in fact was a lowest rank handyman. Specifically speaking, he did dirty, tiring and so on nominal works to live. And this time, following Ye Chuan to go into the battle, this was a complete accident. Even a lot of similar handyman outer sect disciples didn’t recognize him. He really didn’t understand how Ye Chuan was able to know his name.

Now, his cultivation was merely Rank 3 Wuzhe. If he went to life and death arena to measure his strength against that black robed youngster of Black Cauldron Sect, then he feared that he would be smashed into a meat pulp by that bronze cauldron the other party was carrying on his shoulder, so how could he fight?

Wu Yong didn’t dare to enter the arena, and again didn’t dare to defy Ye Chuan, so he trembled.

Ye Chuan beckoned and said with a smile, “Come here, Big senior apprentice-brother will instruct you what to do. If Big senior apprentice-brother says you can, then even if you can’t you can, and if Big senior apprentice-brother says you can’t, then even if you can you can’t, don’t be afraid.”

What kind of trick are you going to teach him, Big senior apprentice-brother?

Fatty, Zhu Sijia and others were curious in their heart, and Wu Yong walked over with half believing, half doubting expression, and only after hearing the instruction of Ye Chuan, his complexion become much better. After that, under the attentive gaze of people, Wu Yong gathered his courage and walked step by step towards life and death arena.

Now a rare scene throughout the history of life and death arena appeared.

In the Great Competition which was held only once in three years, who among the participant disciples did not directly fly over to the arena? But trifling Rank 3 Wuzhe like Wu Yong, even if they wanted to fly over, they wouldn’t be able to fly, they could only walk step by step and climb on the arena. This had never happened before.

“No way, he is only Rank 3 Wuzhe, how will he fight?”

“Come on, here we go again, he has come just to take the initiative to admit defeat.”

“Kill, smash him into meat pulp in one move!”


Off the life and death arena, the disciples of three great sects were making all sorts of comments. Some were hurling curses, some were disdainful and some were also eagerly waiting for the end result of this match.

“Aiyaya, I……”

Black robed youngster flew into a rage, and he immediately held his heavy bronze cauldron high above his head. Learning from the mistake of Hong Lie, he didn’t show off his cultivation, and directly used a fatal move. But it was already too late for the heavy bronze cauldron to smash him, as, leisurely walking step by step Wu Yong, when he had just placed the tip of his toe on the life and death arena, he suddenly cried out ‘aiyo’, and his body suddenly rolled down from life and death arena. It seemed that a sudden invisible blast wave sent him flying.

Off the life and death area, clapping suddenly resounded with earth-shaking momentum, and the disciples of Black Cauldron Sect cheered loudly. For the valor of black robed youngster, they cheered.

On the arena, black robed youngster nevertheless had a lifeless look in his eyes.

Is it okay like this too?

The black robed youngster, Li Yang won, but his heart was messy, dejected and annoyed. Although this victory was too one sided, but it was too late to kill, so how should he justify himself in front of Sect Master Tuoba Xiong?

Black robed youngster, Li Yang was vomiting blood in his heart. Now, he finally understood the feeling of Big Disciple Hong Lie. After that, ferociously glaring at smiling Ye Chuan, he jumped down resentfully.

“That brat surnamed Ye, truly is too sinister, and too despicable!”

Among the crowd, Tuoba Xiong cursed loud and long despite his status.

Hong Lie and Li Yang were two most outstanding younger generation disciples of Black Cauldron Sect. He wanted to take advantage of this time’s Great Competition to place them in a big limelight, and ruthlessly suppress Cloud Mist Sect and Five Style Sect. But unexpectedly, they were not able to use even a single big move they had. Ye Chuan had used two weaklings to easily resolve them like this, this made him continuously grit his teeth in anger.

“Father, what’s next?” Tuoba Xiaoniao’s autumn eyes wander about and looking at far away Ye Chuan, now she even more felt that the latter was not simple.

At that time, when her father’s scheme failed, she knew that Ye Chuan wasn’t simple, and was far from the person without a single redeeming feature. As it now seems, this Big Disciple of Cloud Mist Sect was really well hidden.

“Humph, continue, we’ll continue to send the experts of our sect. In any case, the last ranked sect should cut off one arm, let’s see whether his Cloud Mist Sect has more trashes, or my Black Cauldron Sect has more experts, and see until when that brat, Ye Chuan can endure!”

Tuoba Xiong gnashed his teeth, and his eyes turned red as if an insane yao beast.

With absolute strength, one could be capable of directly grinding through the obstacles. No matter what scheme Ye Chuan has, send an expert to fight, directly grinding through the scheme!

“Big senior apprentice-brother, I guess these two matches are the only matches for us Cloud Mist Sect for today. We are fine today, but what about tomorrow, what should we do?”

While Tuoba Xiong was gnashing his teeth, Zhu Sijia asked with heavy-hearted.

The strategies of Ye Chuan unexpectedly obtained extraordinary efficacy, but there was no way they could continue to do so. They always cannot give up voluntarily every time, otherwise they would be last ranked and Ye Chuan would have to cut off his arm, making themselves an extremely big joke. Instead of this, it would have been better off if they hadn’t participated from the very beginning.

“The matters of tomorrow is for tomorrow, but tonight, how should we get through this endless night? Junior apprentice-sister Jiajia, do you have any idea how we two should spend the night?” Ye Chuan smiled and said while sizing up the curvy body of Zhu Sijia. While sizing up, intentionally or unintentionally, he concentrated his gaze on her pert buttocks.


Zhu Sijia cursed and angrily turning around, she walked away, now she didn’t feel like caring again. In any case, even if they really ranked last, the one that should cut off the arm was not her but Ye Chuan, so why should she worried about him? However, although she was angry, but in her heart, she couldn’t help but think about the matches of tomorrow and got worried.

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