Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 73

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 73: Super class girl’s voice

In the first battle, Black Cauldron Sect won without suspense.

But, the complexion of losing side was indifferent, and the winning side was also not happy. As for overbearing Hong Lie who was shouting to kill the instant he entered the arena, he felt unwell as if he had eaten a dead fly. Now, he had nowhere to display his amazing cultivation power.

Hong Lie ferociously glared at Ye Chuan, and under the urge of the arbitrators, he had to jump off the life and death arena feeling bitter.

The second competition ensued.

As luck would have it, the result of this time’s drawn lots were unexpectedly again Black Cauldron Sect and Cloud Mist Sect, these two great sects running into each other in a row.

Off the arena, Hong Lie was laughing heartily, and shouting justice will be done by God, and the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect were getting nervous.

In the first battle, Ye Chuan made poisoned fatty who couldn’t even stand stably to go into the battle, and just like accepting one loss in order to ensure two wins, he easily resolved the battle against the strongest disciple of Black Cauldron Sect, Hong Lie, but what about next? This second battle, how will he deal with it?

The Great Competition which originally didn’t have suspense, because of Ye Chuan’s unexpected strategy, was suddenly filled with suspense.

Off the life and death arena, people raised their head to look with expectation.

“This match, I’ll fight!”

Yi Suo suddenly stood up, and not waiting for the approval of Ye Chuan, he jumped onto the life and death arena without permission while showing disdain towards the crowds of onlookers. He didn’t particularly care about the reputation of sect, so much so that, for his personal gain, he didn’t hesitate to secretly use poison, weakening Ye Chuan and others. But he wouldn’t miss the opportunity te get in the limelight. In this battle, he wanted to make all the people under the heaven know his, Yi Suo’s strength!

In the second match, suddenly the scene which no one had expected appeared.

Before the disciple of overbearing Black Cauldron Sect came to the arena, a person of Cloud Mist Sect instead jumped first onto the arena! And the disciple of Black Cauldron Sect who was originally preparing to enter the arena was caught unprepared and was dumbfounded.

“Hahaha, come, I will let you all see I, Yi Suo’s power, and Cloud Mist Sect’s real inheritance, hahaha……”

Seeing the surprised gaze of all the people in the audience, Yi Suo was extremely satisfied and felt unprecedented self-satisfaction, and as if an undefeatable commander returned in triumph, he enjoyed the public’s admiration and worship. But, when he was enjoying this incomparable scenery, his laughter strangely became sharp, changing into a female voice all of a sudden. The original laughing heartily to heart’s content laughter of man, suddenly changed into a sharp laughter of female.

Off the arena, people were dumfounded again, and the laughter of Yi Suo who was on the life and death arena also ceased abruptly.

What’s wrong with my throat?

Was that an illusion? Or did I laugh too loudly under the excessive excitement ruining my throat?

Yi Suo was anxious, he covered his throat and coughed few times, then tried to laugh again, but the sharp woman voice entered the ears of the public again. That voice was sharp, very fine, as well as sweet too, making the female disciples off the arena blush with shame after hearing it.

If a female disciple had this kind of voice, then it would be an ecstasy, and at the crucial moment, she could charm people to death. But if a grown man had this kind of voice, then this was not ecstasy, rather frightening, and too overwhelming that no one would dare to accept!

Off the life and death arena, regardless of Black Cauldron Sect, Cloud Mist Sect or Five Style Sect’s people, for the first time, their action was identical. They uniformly covered their ears, and strangely looking at Yi Suo, they felt very sickening.

“How could this be? Impossible, how could this be?”

Yi Suo was out of his wits, and cried anxiously. All the arrogance and self-satisfaction he had felt when he went to the arena just now were all gone.

Originally, he wanted to take advantage of this occasion to show-off as much as possible, and use the facts to tell the world that he, Yi Suo was the foremost person among the younger generation of Cloud Mist Sect, wanting to place himself above Ye Chuan. But now, he was dying to find a hole on the ground and jump in it, he completely lost his face. He checked himself from top to bottom, but discover nothing peculiar. After that, he ran away with his tail between his legs from the arena while covering his throat, now he was too ashamed to face anyone.

“Super class girl’s voice, truly is overwhelming.”

Looking at the back view of distant Yi Suo, Ye Chuan smiled evilly.

Want to play dirty with me?

Even after ten thousand years, you are still far away!

Ye Chuan was very comfortable, every pores in his body smoothly opened.  Although he had to start cultivation from the very beginning after reincarnation, but the feeling of simple life was also wonderful compared to the time when he could conceal the heaven with only his hand.

After Ye Chuan laughed, fatty Zhao Dazhi also giggled. He didn’t know what was going on, and was also puzzled, but seeing Yi Suo making fool out of himself, he was very delighted. Daring to mix poison in the wine, this is your retribution!

Zhu Sijia looked at the dejected back view of Yi Suo, and again looked at Ye Chuan smiling evilly, then quickly understand what was going on. After that, stepping forward, she asked in whispers, “Hey, isn’t this your work? When did you act?”

“What hey not hey, call me Big senior apprentice-brother, do you understand? Otherwise, I’ll spank your buttocks.”

Ye Chuan smiled, then retracting the smile, he said in dead earnest, “Junior apprentice-sister Jiajia, be sure to never say such things. Am I, Big senior apprentice-brother that kind of person? It isn’t my work, Big senior apprentice-brother, I am upright and frank, open and candid, and have true quality of a hero, so how can I do such matter that is unfair to the sect?”

Such matter that was unfair to sect, Ye Chuan also wouldn’t have done, but punishing that fellow, Yi Suo was not only not unfavorable for sect, instead was significantly favorable, so he raised his hand without any soft-heartedness. Also making the move without anybody knowing it made him feel excellent. Even Yi Suo himself didn’t know when he was punished.

He had schemed against many people, but scheming without anybody knowing it still made him feel well, this was the skill!

For Ye Chuan who once could conceal the heaven with only his hand, this minor matter was naturally very easy.

“Chi, open and candid? If you are not a hoodlum, then who is hoodlum?”

Zhu Sijia rolled her eyes, with regarding the words of Ye Chuan, she didn’t believe them. But, Ye Chuan doing this kind of thing secretly means he really wasn’t stupidly believing in Yi Suo, making her feel relieved a lot.

“Second match, Cloud Mist Sect forfeits, Black Cauldron Sect……”

The arbitrator of Black Cauldron Sect was very impatient to stand up, but before he could declare Black Cauldron Sect as a winner, Protector Yang who was sitting on the life and death arena on the behalf of Cloud Mist Sect also stood up and said, “Slow down, the person of your Black Cauldron Sect still hasn’t gone on the arena, so according to what rules, this counts as forfeiting. This match still hasn’t begun, continue.”

Protector Yang who was originally working half-heartedly suddenly saw a little bit of hope in Ye Chuan and felt as if he had to do something, so he stepped forward bravely.

The arbitrator of Black Cauldron Sect glared at Protector Yang and his complexion become cold, but just when he wanted to refute, the arbitrator of Five Style Sect spoke, “Correct, the match still hasn’t begun, continue.”

Three great sects were always fighting openly and maneuvering covertly, and Five Style Sect naturally hoped to watch in safety whilst other fights then reap the rewards when both sides were exhausted, so they wouldn’t let Cloud Mist Sect win and also wouldn’t let Black Cauldron Sect win too easily. 2:1, with two arbitrators saying the match will continue in unison, the arbitrator of Black Cauldron Sect was also forced to hold back his words.

Off the arena, Tuoba Xiong was in a very bad mood, and the consequence of this will be very grave.

He called over a black robed youngster, then ferociously instructed few words in his ears. He wanted to send another powerful expert of his sect.

“Sect Master, if that brat Ye Chuan enter the arena, then even if I have to risk my life, I will kill him. But, if the other side sent a weakling and take the initiative to withdraw again just like before, then what should I do?” The black robed youngster asked for instruction. Among the younger generation disciples of Black Cauldron Sect, he was only second to sect’s Big Disciple Hong Lie but in terms of physical strength only, he was even better. Now he was carrying an over ten thousand jin heavy bronze cauldron on his shoulder. He was good at physical strength and close combat, and was also expert at killing!

“Kill, whoever enters the arena, just kill, don’t give any opportunity to even quit voluntarily, do you understand?” Tuoba Xiong ferociously gave orders, while gnashing his teeth.

Being called father-in-law in public always made him feel humiliated, and nobody knows how this taste.

In this period of time, Tuoba Xiong was in a very bad mood. His daughter Tuoba Xiaoniao didn’t forgive him and would always complain whole day long. Moreover, he himself would also lose control of his feelings. He had never thought that the humiliation of that time would not disappear, and instead would leave behind this kind of consequence. So the best way to solve this was, not thinking of a way to make Ye Chuan correct himself, rather directly exterminate him, and this Great Competition was a heaven-sent chance!

“Yes, Sect Master, rest assured, disciple understand!”

Black robed youngster bowed, then with a heavy bronze cauldron on his shoulder, he jumped onto the arena. When his legs landed on the arena, the entire life and death arena shook and he left behind two deep footprints. His heavy cauldron, and astonishing power made people jumpy as well as shocked. The personnel of Black Cauldron Sect cheered loudly, but Zhu Sijia who had just relaxed got tense again all of a sudden. Quietly sensing the energy fluctuation of the other party, her palms were sweating.

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