Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 72

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 72: Bet

Early in the next morning, Great Competition was held on schedule.

The number of people of Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect were numerous, there were at least thousands of them. But the unexpected thing was, many disciples of Cloud Mist Sect had also rushed over privately to watch this Great Competition that was held only once every three years.

Although they knew that their sect would lose this time, but people still wanted to see how Ye Chuan and other would lose, they were truly unwilling to miss this. Besides, there was one-ten thousandths chance of them not losing, creating a miracle.

One person from each three great sects came forward to serve as an arbitrator, and after they read out rules, Great Competition began.

The rules were also very simple. Great Competition was divided into Literary Competition and Martial Competition, these two parts. And Martial Competition would begin first. Martial Competition was three great sect sending out all of their seven participants, then drawing the lots to take turns to challenge other sect’s participants for a battle. The one that was killed or forced out of life and death arena was the loser, and the other party the winner. After seven battles, the sects will be ranked by the number of times, they had won and lost.

In this Great Competition, not even a single elder of Cloud Mist Sect came, so Protector Yang logically went to the stage to assume the position of the arbitrator. The results of the first round of drawing lots quickly came out. Black Cauldron Sect battle with Cloud Mist Sect.

“I’ll go!”

The Big Disciple of Black Cauldron Sect Hong Lie as if already knew the result of the drawn lots, jumped into the life and death arena. And immediately after landing on the life and death arena, he turned around and coldly staring at Ye Chuan who was standing outside the arena, he said, “Surnamed Ye, come, I will let all the people see the integrity of my Black Cauldron Sect. Just look how I will kill you, hahaha! The outcome of this competition merely cede some crystal core mines and territory, honestly, that is too boring! How about we add a bet in this Martial Competition?”

Hong Lie was murderous and domineering while speaking, and the disciples of Black Cauldron Sect in the audience loudly cheered in high spirit. Moreover, each and every one of them were robust. By contrast, Ye Chuan, fatty and others looked pale and powerless. No one knows how many time they had ran to toilet yesterday. Especially fatty Zhao Dazhi, he was finding hard to even stand stably.

Yi Suo didn’t directly put poison to kill Ye Chuan and others, but mixed a laxative in the wine instead of frequently seen Hedinghong, Heartbroken grass and other hyper-toxic poison, making Ye Chuan and others weak, so as to kill them with a borrowed knife. After that, openly getting rid of Ye Chuan, he would seize his sect’s Big Disciple position.

“What bet?” Ye Chuan leisurely asked.

Hong Lie looked short and small, and similarly, his heart was also small. He already hated Ye Chuan to the marrow of his bones, so ferociously staring at him, he coldly said, “Very simple, the Big Disciple of the sect ranked last in this Martial Competition has to personally cut off their one arm.”

The people in the audience of life and death arena made an uproar.

In the former Great Competition, although the punishment was also not small, as, the last ranked sect had to cede many crystal core mines and territory, but such punishment of cutting off an arm or a leg had never happened before. Obviously, Hong Lie was directly aiming Ye Chuan. Naturally, whether this was his own idea, or the quiet suggestion of Sect Master of Black Cauldron Sect, Tuoba Xiong, no one know this.

The people of Five Style Sect were merely looking at this as a bystander, waiting to see the bad end of Ye Chuan. As for the forces of Black Cauldron Sect, they were cheering loudly, and their momentum was very high. And as for the disciple of Cloud Mist Sect who had rushed over privately, they were silent, and sighed in their heart.

Among the younger generation disciples of three great sects that participate in the competition of this time, Cloud Mist Sect was undoubtedly the weakest, and Cloud Mist Sect was sure to lose. If Ye Chuan agreed, then he will absolutely be waiting for a disgrace, and if he didn’t agree, that would implicate the entire sect and hereafter, they wouldn’t be able to raise their head when they went outside of sect.


Hong Lie sneered, he had got into the stage only to make it hard for Ye Chuan.

Outside the life and death arena, the Sect Master of Black Cauldron Sect, Tuoba Xiong was also sneering, and seeing the awkward predicament of Ye Chuan, he was feeling pleasure in secret. Previously, when he had tried to humiliate Cloud Mist Sect, he wasn’t able to do so, instead, he was humiliated by Ye Chuan, this made him bear a grudge against him. Moreover, his daughter Tuoba Xiaoniao kept on complaining, continuously making him even angrier. But now, the opportunity has come, and finally seizing the opportunity, they ruthlessly oppressed him.

Tuoba Xiaoniao standing beside her father Tuoba Xiong was staring at Ye Chuan, wanting to know how he would choose. Recalling Ye Chuan calling him wife every time he met her, furthermore with the matter of Shallow Water Bay, she was somewhat angry in her heart.

“Big senior apprentice-brother, don’t agree.”

Zhu Sijia said, pulling the hem of Ye Chuan’s gown. She was worried that he will agree to it without thinking.

Recalling the matter of yesterday, she was angry. She had never seen such rogue from her childhood, but, despite being angry, in front of outsiders, she joined in opposition to the same adversary.

“Okay, no problem, it’s just an arm.”

Ye Chuan agreed as if he didn’t hear the words of Zhu Sijia.

The disciples of Cloud Mist Sect secretly cried out this was anything but reassuring and were greatly surprised. The eyes of Hong Lie who was standing on the life and death arena shone, and said while laughing heartily, “Hahaha, good, good, brat, your cultivation is not up to much, but your arrogance isn’t small. Heh heh, it’s easy to say, but I want to see how many arms you will have in the end. Come, come up, within 10 moves, I will keep one of your arms, hahaha!”

Hong Lie killing intent rose to the skies, challenging Ye Chuan in public.

“Want to fight me?”

Ye Chuan laughed, and shaking his head, he continued, “No, boy, you are not qualified. First, defeat my junior apprentice-brothers and sister. Fatty, go, kill him for me.”

“Ah……, Big senior apprentice-brother, I……”

Fatty Zaho Dazhi was stunned, he was never prepared for this.

After having diarrhea the entire night, now he was unable to even stand stably, so how could he fight Hong Lie? Besides, his cultivation cannot be compared to his, so if he went to the arena, then wouldn’t that just be throwing a meat-stuffed bun at the dog?

Ye Chuan smiled and with the appearance of having a well-thought-out plan, he whispered something in the ear of fatty. After that, the fear on the face of fatty slowly dissipated, then nodding his head, he dragged his body onto the life and death arena using a stick as support, “Surnamed Hong, come, you dare to snatch our Big senior apprentice-brother’s wife, sister-in-law Xiaoniao, I, your father will crush you to death!”

Your sister-in-law Xiaoniao?

The people in the audience were dumbfounded, then made a commotion all of a sudden. The complexion of the people of Black Cauldron Sect become ugly, and the people of Five Style Sect were looking at this bustling with a smile. On the arena, the complexion of Hong Lie got ghastly pale, and the complexion of Tuoba Xiaoniao off the arena blackened, and was so angry that her body was trembling.

In all these last few years, even she didn’t know how many people were pursuing her, but she didn’t even look at one of them, remaining pure as jade and clean as ice. But now, just after she came back from her travel outside, not only Ye Chuan was addressing her as a wife, even several thousands of young disciples of Cloud Mist Sect were addressing her as a sister-in-law.

Thinking about several thousand people chasing after her shouting sister-in-law, young Tuoba Xiaoniao felt pain in her heart.

“Ah, damned fatty, I will cut all the fat meat from your body!”

Hong Lie was angry, then pulling out the sword, he rushed towards fatty. Suddenly a sword light rose dramatically on the life and death arena. Then with khacha khacha sound, the wooden stick in the hand of fatty was cut into more than ten pieces!

Angrily raising his hand, with just a single move, Hong Lie, the Big Disciple of Black Cauldron Sect displayed his cultivation in public. That truly was unstoppable! But after that single move, when he raised his head and look coldly, he saw no one. Where did he go?

On the life and death arena, there was only Hong Lie alone showing off his strength, with a completely overrun wooden stick and woodchips. There was not even a trace of fatty Zhao Dazhi, as he had already jumped off the life and death arena.

With the cultivation of Hong Lie, his one move was more than enough to kill fatty. Unfortunately, this fellow deliberately showed off, intending to humiliate him first then kill, and the result, he missed the opportunity.

“First match, Black Cauldron Sect wins!”

The arbitrator of Fire Style Sect stood up and announced the result of the first battle.

Ye Chuan merely smiled as if he was merely a bystander, as everything was under his control. But Hong Lie on the life and death arena was laden with grief, and his hatred towards Ye Chuan just like the newly melted snow of the mountain top of Cloud Mist mountain range, unceasingly overflowed!

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