Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 71

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 71: Junior apprentice-brother cause you great inconvenience

Zhu Sijia always did things quickly. Regardless of whether Ye Chuan was in cultivation or sleep, she opened the curtain of his tent and went inside. And just after she placed her one leg inside the tent, she immediately screamed.

Inside the tent, Ye Chuan was sitting cross-legged, but his whole body was bare, practically wearing nothing. This didn’t resemble sleeping, rather resembled cultivating evil arts.

“Bastard, rogue, what are you doing?”

Zhu Sijia was both embarrassed and angry, blushing to her ears.

She had come here wanting to criticize him violently, but who would have thought that Ye Chuan was unexpectedly dressed like this? This was too rogue and too outrageous!

“This is my room, so whatever I, senior apprentice-brother wants to do, I will do it, on the contrary, you, junior apprentice-sister Jiajia, why did you break in in the dead of the night? Can it be that your buttocks began itching again and wanted Big senior apprentice-brother to help you?”

Ye Chuan opened his eyes and smiled evilly.

The pretty face of Zhu Sijia who was both angry and embarrassed turned redder, and her towering chest began to rise and fall. This looked quite amorous.

This girl who was energetic, unruly and shrewish in former days, now nevertheless was in a dilemma. She was unwilling to withdraw in just this fashion, but also was very embarrassed to continue walking forward. After a quick look at him, she only saw that Ye Chuan was wearing next to nothing, but she didn’t see that, his body was emitting faint smoke from his body, and also the wet area of the ground.

After returning back to his tent, Ye Chuan silently recited Yao Refining Heaven Swallowing Technique, expelling the poison Yi Suo had mixed in the wine from the pores of his body. And very unfortunately, Zhu Sijia happened to come here just at that time.

“What did you say? You……”

The anger of Zhu Sijia reached the extreme point, then ferociously glaring at Ye Chuan, she gritted her teeth and walked over, wanting to teach him a good lesson.

She was still brooding over Ye Chuan spanking her buttocks at that time until now, and was also angry as well as embarrassed. Ye Chuan not mentioning about it was fine, but now that he mentioned about it, she couldn’t help but was even more vexed.

“Hey, don’t come over here, I say, junior apprentice-sister Jiajia, did you really see?”

Ye Chuan pretended to be frightened, and made an innocent appearance, but his face had an evil smile. “Since ancient times, men and women should not touch hands when they give or receive things, junior apprentice-sister, don’t be like this, I am not a casual man, don’t come. Junior apprentice-sister, slow down, in the dead of the night, what do you want to do?”

“What do I want to do? I want to kill you!”

Zhu Sijia really couldn’t endure, and began to speed up.

It was obvious that Ye Chuan was the one that took cheap advantage, but listening to him speaking, it however seemed she was forcing herself to him!

Zhu Sijia began to quicken her speed, emitting dense murderous intent. Now she had already forgotten about her real intention of criticizing Ye Chuan violently, and only wanted to teach him a lesson.

“Junior apprentice-sister, you tramped a cockroach to death.”

Ye Chuan still sat crossed-legged on the ground, and looking at Zhu Sijia moving threateningly towards him, he suddenly said indifferently.

Zhu Sijia lowered her head to look, then she immediately screamed.

On the ground, where she had stopped, there were cockroaches! She had trampled one cockroach to death, and more than ten other cockroaches ran in panic. Carefully looking, on the other places, with a rustling sound, cockroaches were coming out from under a layer of soil, carpet and also the dark corners. Stamping one leg, she wonder how many cockroaches would be trampled to death and she herself get tainted by how many cockroaches’ blood.

What kind of tent is this? Even a garbage heap wouldn’t have so many cockroaches!

Zhu Shijia who feared cockroaches, snakes and rats from her childhood immediately screamed, and exerting strength on her toes, she instinctively jumped. Perhaps was subconscious or perhaps was too nervous, she happened to jump into the bosom of Ye Chuan.

Ye Chuan was also speechless, are small cockroaches this terrifying?

These cockroaches were here due to him circulating his technique to expel out poison from his body. On one side, he circulated his technique to expel poison, and on the other side, he circulated Yao Refining Heaven Swallowing Technique to play around, conveniently refining few little cockroaches. Unexpectedly, these small cockroaches, in the eyes of Zhu Sijia, were even more terrifying compared to him, this big living person.

“Quick, quickly drive out these cockroaches!” Zhu Shijia repeatedly urged.

Ye Chuan shook her head, and a golden light suddenly flashed out from his body, as he had summoned Golden Cicada King. And under the aura of Golden Cicada King, all the cockroaches quickly fled out of the tent, but Zhu Shijia was still badly shaken. Seeing this, Ye Chuan shook his head again, then with an evil smile on his face, he said, “Men and women should not touch hands when they give or receive things, junior apprentice-sister Jiajia, senior apprentice-brother has never ever even touched a little hand of a girl before. But tonight, you have seen everywhere, moreover you hugged so intimately, you should take responsibility!”

“Pei, rogue!”

Zhu Sijia came back to her sense and became both angry and embarrassed again. Now she was so embarrassed that she didn’t want to stay inside this tent for even a moment, and just like a startled bunny rabbit, she ran away in panic. And as she was not paying attention, couple with her nervousness for a moment, she happened to knock down fatty to the ground who was standing outside the tent while eavesdropping.

Thinking about the appearance of Ye Chuan which was practically not wearing any clothing, moreover, the time when she delivered herself into the bosom of Ye Chuan, Zhu Sijia who was unruly and shrewish in former days was too ashamed to face anyone.

Fatty Zhao Dazhi secretly cursed his bad luck. And after getting up, when he had just thought to walk away, the voice of Ye Chuan came from inside the tent, “Fatty, come in.”


Fatty nervously walked in. Inside the tent, don’t know when, Ye Chuan had already worn clothing, and his expression was natural as if nothing had happened just now. And it was neat and tidy inside the tent without even a trace of a single cockroach.

“Fatty, it’s already very late, I like junior apprentice-sister visiting me at this hour, but I don’t have any interest in junior apprentice-brother, so quickly spit out what you want to say!” Ye Chuan sized up fatty who was suffering from diarrhea and said with a smile yet not a smile.

“Yes, yes, yes.”

Fatty sweated profusely. When he was eavesdropping outside the tent for that long, he was fine, but seeing Ye Chuan, his stomach began to ache, so he made the long story short, “Big senior apprentice-brother, all of us are abnormal tonight, we continuously have an upset stomach, moreover I have already run more than ten round trip to the toilet. I and senior apprentice-sister Jiajia doubt that all of this is happening because Yi Suo, that fellow had poisoned the wine, intentionally wanting us to suffer a defeat in Great Competition.”

“Ran only more than ten round trip?” Ye Chuan asked.

Fatty nodded his head, then suddenly paused, and looked at Ye Chuan with his face full of grief and confuse. What is the meaning of Ye Chuan’s words? Don’t you think I’m not miserable enough?

Ye Chuan didn’t speak, then taking out a paper and pen, he wrote words and gave it to fatty.

Fatty carefully looked at the words written on it, then said, “I, junior apprentice-brother, cause you great inconvenience.”

“Leave, it’s not a big matter, you will quickly get better.” Ye Chuan instructed, then seizing that slip of paper from the hand of fatty, he burned it to ashes in an oil lamp.

The eyes of fatty shone and was moved in his heart.

He originally wanted to warn Ye Chuan again, but now, he knew that Ye Chuan already understood everything long ago. Great Competition will begin tomorrow, although the circumstance was anything but reassuring, but with Big senior apprentice-brother’s ability, he naturally will have a way to deal with it.

Fatty bowed and took a leave, then covering his stomach again, he rushed out. And just after fatty left, another guest came inside the tent of Ye Chuan. Yi Suo who was full of youthful vigor in former days unexpectedly came in front of Ye Chuan in the dead of night.

“Big senior apprentice-brother, I’m coming in!”

Yi Suo was indignant and his complexion was ghastly pale, “Now, all of them says that I put in a poison in the wine, so that they will be unable to appear in the arena of Great Competition tomorrow. I am also a person of Cloud Mist Sect, am an elite inner sect disciple, so what is there for me to do that kind of thing, why are they saying that? It’s very normal for a stomach to not acclimatize, I am also same. Tonight, I have also run to the toilet quite a few times, but why are all of them blaming me, merely because I’m not well acquainted?”

The face of Yi Suo showed indignant, but was carefully observing the expression of Ye Chuan in secret. He wanted to see how he will handle this, and also wanted to see whether he was poisoned just like fatty, Zhu Sijia and others or not.

“Fatty and other are just speaking thoughtlessly, it’s nothing serious, don’t mind them. It’s very normal for a stomach to not acclimatize, I’m also same. Besides, even if we are really poisoned, that would be the work of Black Cauldron Sect or Five Style Sect in secret.” Ye Chuan assumed a feeble appearance, looking even more haggard compared to fatty who had run more than 10 times. After that, patting the shoulder of Yi Suo, he said, “Junior apprentice-brother Yi Suo, you are our Cloud Mist Sect’s hope for this Great Competition. Go back and rest well to prepare yourself for the Great Competition of tomorrow.”


Yi Suo nodded his head and left. In front of Ye Chuan, he had a very respectful appearance, but after leaving the tent, his complexion immediately turned cold, and a sneer appeared on his face.

Inside the tent, Ye Chuan was also smiling. Looking at his own palm, he was smiling brilliantly as if flowers blooming in spring.

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