Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 70

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 70: If not played dirty, then it’s abnormal

Night, just like a huge black pot, quickly loomed over.

The action of Ye Chuan of selecting two handyman disciples who had just joined the sect as the participant of this Great Competition was beyond the expectation of everybody. This action had also disappointed everyone and also made people hate iron for not becoming steel. However, the advantages of bringing along these two handyman disciples were quickly unfolding. The condition of Eagle Beak Cliff was very poor, but these two handyman disciples were able to all odd jobs, and didn’t have a problem living in such poor place.

Ye Chuan stood at a high place, and silently looked at the Eagle Beak Peak shrouded by the dim light of night.

The terrain of Eagle Beak Peak was very steep, and only its summit had a little bit flat place, but all of them were already occupied by Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect who had arrived first, leaving cloud Mist Sect only a bare slope. Although this place was not good for camping, but the place was also the highest place, and standing at this place, one could overlook the entire summit.

Don’t know when, but Zhu Sijia had already draped over a cloak, and with her red outfit, and similarly red cloak, she was especially conspicuous in the night. She quickly came over to the side of Ye Chuan like a fire fox, then straightly said: “Ye Chuan, I feel that Yi Suo is fishy. He is the personal disciple of Third Elder, moreover, just after he came back to the sect from outside travel, he got into a conflict with you. But, you still brought him to participate in this Great Competition, aren’t you afraid of him secretly playing a dirty trick?”

An almost inaudible rustling sound came from the direction of the camping ground. Someone seemed to have quietly followed after Zhu Sijia.

Who was walking quietly on tiptoe like this?

Ye Chuan thought in his heart while coldly laughing, and without even looking towards the origin of that sound, he leisurely answered to Zhu Sijia: “No need to fear, that was merely a small personal enmity, not worth mentioning. Great Competition is a major event for our sect, junior apprentice-brother Yi Suo also knows what to do now. Jiajia, rest assured, junior apprentice-brother Yi Suo isn’t that kind of person as you say.”

The person who was covertly eavesdropping, other than Yi Suo, who else could it be?

Ye Chuan didn’t think much about it. And he deliberately didn’t reveal him, moreover, he spoke in a loud voice making sure that the hidden Yi Suo also heard his words. He wanted to see what kind of trick Yi Suo would play next.

“Humph, idiot, don’t blame me for not warning you at that time!”

Zhu Sijia stomped her leg, then angrily walked away.

In Cloud Mist Hall, she had already warned Ye Chuan once, and this was the second time, but there will be no third time!

“This idiot! If you don’t die, then who would die? Like this, I will become Big Disciple of Cloud Mist Sect.”

Yi Suo sneered, then quietly return back the same way.

Two handyman disciples, not only quickly prepared the campsite, before long, they were already serving the meal, including a big jar of steaming hot warm wine.

“Come, come, come, Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, junior apprentice-brothers and sister, drink wine.”

Perhaps because he was crossing a river in the same boat, and wanted to confront the pressure of Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect together, Yi Suo who was always cold in former days enthusiastically took the initiative to pour wine to everyone.

“Good fragrance, this is……, Hundred Grain Wine which is stored underground for hundred years!”

Fatty Zhao Dazhi inhaled the fragrance of this wine and saliva quickly flowed out from his mouth. And he became the first person to raise the wine cup served by Yi Suo. And just when he wanted to empty the glass at one gulp, he cried ‘aiyo’, as Zhu Sijia hit his wrist with her chopsticks. Then seeing the glaring face of Zhu Sijia, he had no choice but to endure and suppress the temptation of this wine. But his Adam’s apple was moving up and down, while continuously swallowing the saliva.

Zhu Sijia snorted, and her complexion wasn’t good.

Yi Suo actually took the initiative to serve wine to other people, this was too unusual, so her first thought was, this wine was poisoned. Although this wine was aromatic, but drinking it, perhaps they might not be able to see the sun of tomorrow.

“Come, come, come, I will drink first.”

Yi Suo looked at Zhu Sijia, and a trace of viciousness flashed in his eyes, then holding the wine cup, he emptied the cup at one gulp. After that, he placed wine cups in front of everyone and poured wine in his empty cup again. And even after drinking a few cups of wine, his energy fluctuation was as usual, and there didn’t seem to be any discomfort too.

Zhu Shijia was somewhat doubtful, and confusedly stared at this unusual Yi Suo. As for Ye Chuan, he was calm and collected on the surface, but inwardly, he was also somewhat surprised.

Yi Suo, this kid will not be honest for nothing. For this Great Competition, Third Elder, Jin Zhikun and him, they definitely have a shady conspiracy. So secretly playing a dirty trick was definitely normal, but if not played a dirty trick, then it was abnormal!

Originally, Ye Chuan had also thought that Yi Suo had poisoned the wine, but seeing it was not the case, he couldn’t help feeling slightly strange in his heart.

“Come, Big senior apprentice-brother, junior apprentice-brothers and sister, drink!”

Yi Suo again urged people to drink the wine, and straightforwardly emptied a cup of wine at one gulp again.

Fatty was already unable to bear long ago, so quietly looking at Zhu Sijia, he held the cup of wine, and emptied it at one gulp, then began to empty one cup of wine after another.

Ye Chuan also pick up the wine cup, then the alae of his nose lightly moved, he smelled a hint of faint and indistinct unusually sweet smell among the thick fragrance of wine. After that, he turned the wine cup without letting anyone notice, and sure enough, he found a very faint finger print on the wine cup. Afterward, closing his eyes, several tens of thousands kind of poison emerged in his mind and very quickly, he understood what that unusually sweet smelling thing was.

Come on, this boy really is fishy!

Ye Chuan coldly smiled, then intentionally or unintentionally looking at Yi Suo, he didn’t reveal it, instead he drank few cups of wine.

Under the persuasion of Yi Suo, all people raised their wine cup in succession. And seeing Ye Chuan had also drunk, Zhu Sijia had to put down the doubts of her heart, and drink the wine.

“Hahaha, Big senior apprentice-brother, this cup is my toast to you.”

Yi Suo laughed heartily, frequently toasting with Ye Chuan with a smile all over his face.

Ye Chuan didn’t refuse his offer, and just drank with a smile. Now, Yi Suo was smiling, but Ye Chuan’s smile was even more brilliant.

After having drunk and eaten to their heart content, the entire group of people quickly fell asleep or cultivated quietly. The Great Competition would begin from tomorrow morning, so they took this chance to conserve strength and store up energy.

Very quickly, the snoring sound of fatty Zhao Dazhi resounded in the ears of the people. After getting drunk, he was totally absorbed in sleeping. But not long after, fatty woke up with rumbling stomach, then covering his stomach, he ran out. And after returning back, when he had just lied down and before he could even cover himself with his quilt, he ran out again. This scene repeated many times.

“Damned fatty, what are you doing?”

“Tomorrow is Great Competition, but you are still not letting other people rest.”

The entire group of people was woken up by fatty, and every one of them cursed him roundly. But very soon, no one opened their mouth to curse, and their complexion changed in succession, then just like fatty, they also covered their stomach and ran out. Even Zhu Sijia was the same. Inside the tent, she endured for a good while, but she was still forced to cover her stomach and run out. When she came back, she happens to encounter fatty with weakened legs.

Poor fatty, within half an incense stick burning time, he had run a round trip for seven or eight times. Now his legs were exhausted and he was staggering while walking. Among the entire group of eight people, even Protector Yang who had come here half-heartedly wasn’t spared, only the tent of Ye Chuan was very quiet without any movement till now.

“Yi Suo, it is definitely Yi Suo, that fellow secretly mixed poison in the wine!” Zhu Sijia bit her lower lip, hating that treacherous and despicable Yi Suo, but now she hated Ye Chuan even more. If he had listened to her, then they wouldn’t have fallen into his trap.

“Impossible, Yi Suo, he……, isn’t he afraid of us losing, losing in a total mess in Great Competition?” Fatty didn’t dare to believe this.

“That is exactly what he wants, that fellow wants all of to lose here, want us all dead here!”

Zhu Sijia burned with anger, then burst into the tent of Ye Chuan, wanting to criticize violently and also to see how he wind up. Behind, fatty hesitated, then he followed her inside.

Everyone was poisoned, and Nan Tiandu was also no exception. Suffering from diarrhea, he didn’t even have enough strength to walk, so how could he battle in the Great Competition of tomorrow?

Just before going to the battle, if they shrink back, then all of them would become a joke, and would even implicate all the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect, moreover, they wouldn’t be able to raise their head when they went outside afterwards. But, they didn’t even have a strength to walk properly, so if they want to forcibly participate in the Great Competition, wouldn’t that just be a moth darting into a flame?

Drunk fatty became clear headed all of a sudden, and turned pale.

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