Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 694

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 694: A Killing Move

Insufferably arrogant Qing Tianhou who had suddenly appeared looked down upon all experts. He was not satisfied with just taking a share of the spoils, he unexpectedly declared publicly that he wanted to monopolize Heavenly Yao Sect’s inheritance.

The 15 Half Sage Realm experts who were besieging White Haired Heavenly Empress Zhao Tianbi suddenly looked unsightly and their complexion also became cloudy.

The energy fluctuation of Qing Tianhou was astonishing. A single move inflicted heavy damage to Half Sage Realm Red Robed Old Ancestor and Yan Xueying. These two were well-known great devils, but they actually were unable to withstand even a single move. The cultivation of Qing Tianhou was absolutely heaven-defying, very likely that he had already broken through his bottleneck and step into Sage Realm. Such a Slaughter God was a nightmare for any Half Sage Realm experts. Resisting such a Slaughter God was very likely asking for instant death. But, retreating just like this, giving up the benefits within reach, who was willing?

In order to seize the inheritance of Heavenly Yao Sect, they had paid a big price, attacking for a full three months. Some suffered serious damage to their vitality and some also lost a lot of followers and disciples. After making so much hard effort, letting Qing Tianhou take away all the benefits, who would be willing?

All 15 Half Sage Realm experts prepared to make a move, but under the pressure of Qing Tianhou, no one dared to rashly make a move.

“Hahaha, well, well, here comes another one!”

White Haired Heavenly Empress roared with laughter. Everyone was afraid of Qing Tianhou, she, however, ignored him and continued to laugh, “What Sect Master, what regional overload, scared like this just seeing a villain from the Outer World, pei, still having delusion of seizing my Heavenly Yao Sect’s inheritance like this, keep dreaming, hahaha…”

Under the joint attacks of everyone, White Haired Heavenly Empress was already at the end of her life. Her entire body was dripping with blood, but, perhaps, because she had already discarded the thoughts of survival, she laughed, standing in front of Heavenly Yao Hall without any intention to break out of the encirclement. The flame beside her also became stronger, burning many merit laws and treasures that could make people go crazy.

The face of 15 Half Sage Realm experts suddenly became red like a pig’s liver.

This attack on Heavenly Yao Sect had brought together the experts of the world, eight great demonic sects and various righteous sects. They jointly attacked to destroy Heavenly Yao Sect that was known as the foremost sect. Now, Heavenly Yao Sect was almost destroyed, only dying White Haired Heavenly Empress was left. At this moment, they, however, were unable to seize Heavenly Yao Sect’s inheritance, moreover, retreated in fear of Qing Tianhou alone. Hereafter, how can great sects show their face again? How can they stand in the Wilderness World?

Along with the laughter of White Haired Heavenly Empress, the face of all experts became unsightly.


“Let’s go together and kill this devil from the Outer World!”

15 Half Sage Realm experts looked at each other and simultaneously rushed up in tacit understanding. Then, they jointly attacked Qing Tianhou. This time, unlike when they were attacking lunatic White Haired Heavenly Empress who was barely alive, they went all out. All their moves were deadly.

Before the eyes of everyone, a fierce battle erupted in front of Heavenly Yao Hall.

Originally, the experts had come to attack Heavenly Yao Sect, wanting to seize Heavenly Yao Sect’s inheritance from White Haired Heavenly Empress. Therefore, there was no benefit in fighting against Qing Tianhou, but they were unable to tolerate the arrogance of Qing Tianhou. Qing Tianhou was truly powerful, even under the joint attack of 15 Half Sage Realm experts, he actually wasn’t at any disadvantage. He absolutely could fight head-on against these 15 peak experts.

“Impossible, when did this Qing Tianhou become so powerful?”

“Yes, when did he became so powerful? Could it be that this fellow that came from Outer World had always been hiding his true strength?”

The onlooking experts made comments in succession. Their eyes were wide open in disbelief.

When 15 Half Sage Realm experts came together, the attack power was unparalleled. Unlike when they were attacking White Haired Heavenly Empress who was on the verge of dying, they went all out, but even like that, they were unable to defeat Qing Tianhou, what did this explain? This explained that Qing Tianhou had truly broken through to Sage Realm! Just a Sage Realm expert that far surpassed Half Sage Realm could suppress 15 Half Sage Ream experts! As for whether Qing Tianhou broke through Sage Realm recently or had already broken through a long time ago, no one knew.

The crowd became restless. They were greatly surprised by Qing Tianhou’s heaven-defying strength, but even more shocking scene appeared next.

After withstanding the ferocious attacks of everyone, Qing Tianhou brazenly initiated a ferocious counterattack. The spear in his hand was incomparably fast. A devil comparable to Red Robed Old Ancestor was instantly killed with a large hole on his chest.

These Half Sage Realm experts who lord over a region in former days also became nervous and flurried, and some disturbances appeared in their formation.

“Lord Hou is here, Heavenly Yao Sect’s inheritance is mine, scram…”

Qing Tianhou raised his head high and roared. The word ‘scram’ exploded in the ears of everyone. Then, the spear in his hand instantly sent three Half Sage Realm experts flying nearly at the same time. One had his chest pierced, another one was bleeding profusely from his stomach and the final one’s head was cracked open.

An instant to kill three Half Sage Realm experts, what kind of cultivation base was this?

Everyone’s heart shook. The remaining 11 Half Sage Realm experts also were terrified and shrunk back. After paying such a huge price, who was willing to give up at this moment. However, Qing Tianhou was honestly too ferocious. With this Slaughter God here, it was impossible for other people to even think of getting a share of Heavenly Yao Sect’s inheritance. It was even harder than reaching heaven.

Qing Tianhou was expressionless. After looking at numerous experts that had retreated in fear, he directly rushed towards White Haired Heavenly Empress who was on the verge of death. Upon seeing this overbearing fellow, White Haired Heavenly Empress who already had no regard for her life and death also got nervous. A Sage Realm expert was unparalleled and omnipotent. Under the joint attacks of numerous experts, she could still support herself, she could even take a few of those experts down with herself, but what about facing a Sage Realm expert?

“Well, what a Qing Tianhou, worthy of being an expert that came from Outer World! Boy, didn’t you also want to seize my Heavenly Yao Sect’s inheritance?” White Haired Heavenly Empress coldly looked at overbearing Qing Tianhou and forcibly calmed herself down. She didn’t even fear death and she already didn’t expect to survive this, what else was there that could scare her?

“I don’t want the inheritance of some Heavenly Yao Sect, this Lord Hou wants you. Hereafter, you will serve this Lord Hou in the bedroom!”

Qing Tianhou coldly replied, shocking everyone.

Making a grand Heavenly Empress of Heavenly Yao Sect wait upon in the bedroom, who was so arrogant? Who dared to think like this?

Qing Tianhou not only dared to think, also dared to speak out in public. Under his cold face, there was a raging flame that wanted to thoroughly burn Heavenly Yao Sect that was known as the first under heaven. Not only he wanted to seize Heavenly Yao Sect’s inheritance, he also wanted to capture White Haired Heavenly Empress and humiliate her all her life.

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