Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 69

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 69: You are not that skilled

Only at dusk, Ye Chuan and his traveling group finally arrived at the Eagle Beak Cliff without any problem. But the people of Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect were already present here. No matter whether Black Cauldron Sect or Five Style Sect, their campsites covered a large area. Other than participating seven elite disciples, there were a large number of guards and servants, even to the extent that even Sect Master had come personally. And the bustling scene of these sects was very grand. But compared to these two sects, Cloud Mist Sect was truly too simple and too shabby and miserable. Altogether, there were only eight people, not enough to be even a fraction of other two sects.

“Let through, let through……”

Several burly fellows suddenly shouted at the top of their voice, and while carrying heavy bronze cauldron, they came straight towards Ye Chuan and his traveling group. A small cauldron was embroidered on the cuff of every one of them, so they should be the disciples of Black Cauldron Sect. Just feeling the powerful energy fluctuation of their body, all of them should be powerful elite disciples.

The bronze cauldron they were carrying was also unusual, it was completely cyan in color, as if it was a huge piece of cyan jade. Even those eight sturdy men were having a hard time to lift that single cauldron. It seems, compared to that bronze cauldron of Old Monster Tong Bi, it was even heavier, having several tens of thousands jin weight.

Ye Chuan gave a meaningful glance, then the entire group moved sideways, making the way for them.

Eagle Beak Cliff was very tall. Below the half of this cliff, it was always enveloped with clouds and mists throughout the year, and very strong, bone-piercingly cold wind blew in the summit of this mountain. If a person was careless, then this wind could blow them away. Moreover, the mountain path was so narrow that it was hard for even two people to walk side by side, and on one side of this path, there was an unfathomable cliff, if someone was knocked down, then others absolutely wouldn’t be able to find even their bones.

“Let through, let through……”

The leader burly man loudly yelled, and while brushing past, he suddenly staggered losing his balance, then suddenly fell towards Ye Chuan. The body of this fellow was burly as if a barbarian bull, and if he collides with Ye Chuan, then his ribs would definitely break, moreover, he might fall down the cliff too.

Fatty, Zhu Sijia and others screamed, but the leader burly man who was about to collide head on with Ye Chuan sneered. It really wasn’t an accident, rather was deliberate, deliberately wanting to give Ye Chuan an initial show of their strength.

With the distance between them being so short, this truly was only a collision without any tricks. The Big Disciple of Cloud Mist Sect, Ye Chuan hadn’t even broken through to Xiushi realm, who don’t know this? So sending him flying with a collision, wasn’t this super easy to do?

The eyes of Yi Suo standing beside Ye Chuan suddenly flashed. His right hand subconsciously moved, while secretly hesitating whether to help this burly man of Black Cauldron Sect or not, so as to kill Ye Chuan using him.

“Brother, watch out!”

Sharp eyed Ye Chuan used his hand to support the shoulder of this burly man, then intentionally or unintentionally turn towards Yi Suo beside him, and slightly raised the corner of his mouth showing a smile yet not a smile.

This leader burly man, when he was just a paper distance away from the chest of Ye Chuan, his shoulder was stopped by the big hand of Ye Chuan, and was no longer able to advance forward. Immediately after that, Ye Chuan lightly pressed down, then boundless strength suddenly came though, and this leader burly man unexpectedly bent over and involuntarily went down on his knees, resulting in other seven burly men to lose their balance. And that heavy bronze cauldron they were carrying on their shoulder slid off, then scratching the scalp of that leader burly man, it tumbled down that unfathomable cliff of one side.

All the people on the Eagle Beak Cliff including those several burly men raised their head to look with nervous complexion. Especially the forehead of this leader burly man was sweating profusely, and was badly shaken. Just now, if there was even a little bit of difference, then even the people would have tumbled down with that bronze cauldron!

Fatty, Zhu Sijia and other people relaxed, however the eyes of Yi Suo was gloomy, then looking at Ye Chuan, he snorted secretly.

“Brother, are you alright?”

Ye Chuan with innocent as well as frightened expression took a deep breath and continued: “Fortunately, everybody is all right. That really scared me to death, all of us nearly fell down the cliff.”

“You……, it’s you……”

The leader burly man stared at Ye Chuan, but at this time, his reaction was very slow. He knew that Ye Chaun had intentionally used a trick, but his two legs were still shivering. Now, even though his mind clearly understood what was going on, he didn’t dare to do anything. Just a moment ago, the strength coming from the hand of Ye Chuan was unimaginable, and if Ye Chuan casually pushed him and he fell down the cliff, then wouldn’t that just be dying unjustly.

“How are you thinking of retrieving that bronze cauldron from the bottom of the cliff? Do you want my help? Please don’t hesitate to ask if there is anything you need.” Ye Chuan smiled. This smile of Ye Chuan looked harmless, but seeing this smile of Ye Chuan, the leader burly man began to sweat profusely again. He didn’t dare to speak anymore, he just returned back dejected to their camp with other disciples of Black Cauldron Sect. their complexion was very ugly. Not far away, standing in the middle of the crowd, the complexion of Big Disciple of Black Cauldron Sect, Hong Lie was even uglier compared to anyone else.

That bronze cauldron that had fallen down the cliff was sect guarding treasure, and also a symbol of Black Cauldron Sect. This time, it was brought here from Black Cauldron Sect with great difficulty, wanting to show off the strength of Black Cauldron Sect in this camping ground. But seeing the figure of Ye Chuan and his traveling group, on a whim, Hong Lie, with his status of Big Disciple, secretly instructed these bronze cauldron carrying disciples to make fun of Ye Chuan, so that Ye Chuan would make a fool out of himself in front of the disciples of three sects. But he had never thought that, not only would he be unable to make fun of Ye Chuan, but would also lose that bronze cauldron.

These several burly disciples knew that they were in big trouble, they wouldn’t be able to hide this matter for a long time, so even Hong Lie was also worried, and his complexion was also ghastly pale. This was just like giving his enemy a wife and losing soldiers to the enemy as well.

“Noble son Hong, we meet again, I trust you have been well since we parted.”

Ye Chuan directly walked over to Hong Lie, then smiling as if he was meeting an old friend who he had not met for many days, he looked all around for a while and continued to speak: “Oh, that’s right, my wife Xiaoniao, where is she?”

The first half of Ye Chuan’s words were very nice, but the latter half however caused people to vomit blood.

Hong Lie was so angry that his face turned red, then looking at Ye Chuan, he gnashed his teeth. Inside Black Cauldron Sect, who didn’t know he secretly like Tuoba Xiaoniao, even Sect Master Tuoba Xiong had a mind to marry his golden daughter Tuoba Xiaoniao with him. Still, Ye Chuan shouting like this in public, wasn’t this slapping in his face?

From inside the brand-new tent, just after tall and attractive Tuoba Xiaoniao lifted the curtain of her tent and come out, she happened to hear the words of Ye Chuan, then stamping her legs, she hastily withdrew inside her tent again. Now she was too embarrassed to come out. With regarding Ye Chuan, she naturally was gnashing her teeth, and she also had a bellyful of complaints and discontent towards her father, Tuoba Xiong. At that time, to humiliate Cloud Mist Sect, they had looked for Big Bird to pretend to be her, resulting in the current circumstance. This truly was crushing one’s own foot while trying to maneuver a rock.

“Brat, fight with me!” The eyes of Hong Lie became bright red, then pulling out the sword from his back, his killing intent rose to the skies.

The more on-looking people there were, the more he lost control of his feeling from embarrassment. He wanted to humiliate other people, but he wasn’t successful, on the contrary, he himself was humiliated. So this time, although he had already made up his mind to kill Ye Chuan in the Great Competition, this moment he wasn’t able to wait any longer, was already very impatient.

“You? You are not my opponent, if you want to fight me, then first defeat my these junior apprentice-brothers and sister in the life and death arena first. Let us through, we want to pitch a camp first, then entertain my wife Xiaoniao at night.”

Hong Lie was so angry that he gnashed his teeth. Ye Chuan nevertheless completely ignored him, and led fatty and others in all smiles to one side to pitch a camp. Behind, Hong Lie was so angry was that his face twisted. He wanted to rush up and stab his sword into the back of Ye Chuan, but an elder of Black Cauldron Sect hinted him to stop, so he had no choice but to endure.

In life and death arena, three sect’s disciples could go all out and even kill the opponents, but outside the arena, it was strictly forbidden to have any personal fight. This was the rule of every Great Competition.

“Brat, I’ll definitely kill you tomorrow!” The chest of Hong Lie rise and fall rapidly, forcibly enduring the anger of his heart.

“I will keep you company until the end, but, you cannot kill me, as you still don’t have that ability.”

Ye Chuan turned around and indifferently said, looking at Hong Lie. Then continued to pitch a camp, simply didn’t take the latter seriously. His cultivation was clearly not up to much, but persistently pretending to be a peerless expert as well as pretending to not lowering himself to the level of Hong Lie, the on-looking people shook their head as they thought.

If one doesn’t have strength, then he should be low-keyed, but Ye Chuan was different, he instead was high-keyed. Moreover mentioning the pot that doesn’t boil, he directly provoked a Big Disciple of the sect, Hong Lie, and he didn’t even give any face to the latter, was he fearless because he had a trump card, or just was plain stupid? [Mentioning the pot that doesn’t boil=talking about weak point]

People wondered in their heart, and were a little confused.

Hong Lie became even angrier, and his eyes became red through and through, looking as if a yao beast that was about to go insane.

Tomorrow’s Great Competition, it seems it wouldn’t end without death!

People thought in their heart. Now fatty Zhao Dazhi, Zhu Sijia and others were deeply worried, but Yi Suo’s gaze was ice-cold. Then looking at one outer sect disciples not far away who was busy warming the wine, a sinister smile appeared on his face.

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