Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 687

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 687: Perfect Surprise Attack

The efficiency of people was very high. The captives were quickly escorted away. The old devil Hei Kui was not careless. In the presence of all, these captives pledged loyalty, one after another. Regardless of the puppets or the disciples of Puppet Demonic Sect, not a single one could withstand his means. In the end, in such a big Eternal City, only one person of Puppet Demonic Sect was left, Elder Han Xilai.

“Hahaha, old guy, it’s your turn now, speak, are you doing to submit and pledge allegiance to my Puppet Sect or become a puppet?” The old devil Hei Kui laughed as his gaze was fixed on Han Xilai. He then sized him up and added, “Tsk tsk, not bad, your physical body doesn’t look particularly good, your cultivation, however, is good. Although it is impossible to refine a Puppet Battle God from you, there is no problem to refine an elite battle puppet, even if you are refined into the most useless puppet, it can still be used as a guard of this Eternal City, hahaha…”

The old devil Hei Kui laughed, seizing up Han Xilai’s body as if a blacksmith sizing up the best iron. His gaze greatly terrified Han Xilai and he trembled even more violently.

“Our Puppet Demonic Sect’s Sect Master Red Robed Old Ancestor is returning soon, you…” Although Han Xilai was terrified in his heart, his mouth was still stubborn. He feared being refined into a puppet, but he also didn’t want to go and seek refuge with Ye Chuan like other ordinary disciples.

“Heh heh, that old guy will not return. Even if he quickly returns from Heavenly Yao Sect, that will be all we could wish for. Last time, he ran away from Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm, this time, we will see where he can run away, hahaha!” Before Han Xilai finished speaking, Hei Kui ferociously interrupted him.

“You all…, are you all the people of Wilderness Guardian Meng Qi?”

Han Xilai cried out in fear and his face was filled with fear, thinking about a matter.

Some time ago, Red Robed Old Ancestor had gloomily run back from Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm. Not only he didn’t obtain the corpse of Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm’s owner, the entire army was also wiped out, only he alone escaped. Han Xilai didn’t dare to ask the specific about this matter, but he heard Red Robed Old Ancestor saying this was related to Wilderness Guardian Meng Qi.

It turned out to be Wilderness Guardian’s people, no wonder, they are so powerful!”

Since the chaos has fallen, could it be that aloof and refined Wilderness Guardian who was above all forces of Wilderness World also couldn’t help secretly making a move to turn the tide?

Han Xilai’s complexion changed rapidly. His heart was disturbed and also wavered.

Betraying Puppet Demonic Sect and sought refuge with Ye Chuan of unknown origins, he was very unwilling, but if Wilderness Guardian Meng Qi was Ye Chuan’s backer, then that was a different matter! Moreover, the ancient puppet technique displayed by the old devil Hei Kui had also shocked him.

“Your Puppet Demonic Sect, in fact, is just a branch of ancient Puppet Sect. My this subordinate looks strange, but in fact, is just a soul attached to this wooden doll. His true identity is the Sect Master of Puppet Sect. In ancient times, he was known as Puppet Old Ancestor. Strictly speaking, joining my Puppet Sect is also not betraying your Puppet Demonic Sect, rather recognizing your ancestor and returning to the sect, this is an extremely big joyous occasion.”

Ye Chuan said. Upon seeing Han Xilai’s heart had begun to sake, he stroke while the iron was hot. He liked to recruit capable people.

Han Xilai didn’t utter a word and remained silent. He didn’t stubbornly refuse to admit defeat and also didn’t curse, but he also didn’t surrender because he still had some misgivings in his heart.

He had also heard a little about the ancient Puppet Sect and he also knew something about the origin of his Puppet Demonic Sect. Naturally, joining Puppet Sect would be like recognizing the ancestors and returning to their sect. However, he naturally was somewhat reluctant to just surrender like this, merely, Ye Chuan gave him a flight of steps to step down.

“You are called Han Xilai, the elder of Puppet Demonic Sect?” asked Ye Chuan. It was not difficult to know the identity of Han Xilai from the surrendered disciples of Puppet Demonic Sect.


Han Xilai nodded his head. This time, he didn’t remain silent.

“Well, that’s a good name, a gentleman that came from the west (T/N: meaning of his name).”

Ye Chuan was satisfied with Han Xilai’s response. He knew that it was likely to turn out well. He then added, “Now, the world is in chaos, no one and no sect can survive on their own, my Puppet Sect also need talented people. When you join my Puppet Sect, you will still be the elder and wield the authority of the sect. In addition, you will have a chance to cultivate real puppet techniques. On the contrary, if you are still stubborn and blind, then we can only refine you into a battle puppet. Do you want to die or live? Your choice.”

After throwing the bait, Ye Chuan faintly clarified the bad end of being stubborn and gave Han Xilai a push.

The expression of Han Xilai changed rapidly and he trembled even more violently. After hesitating for a while, he sighed deeply and knelt down. As matters stood, he also could only accept his fate.

“Heh heh, old man, you are sensible, if it weren’t for His Excellency giving you a way to survive, my Puppet Sect wouldn’t have taken you as an elder, I would have directly refined you into a battle puppet, it’s a pity, it’s a pity…”

The old devil Hei Kui smirked and shook his head looking at Han Xilai.

“Paying respect to Sect Master!”

Han Xilai was frightened. Looking at the wooden doll where the old devil Hei Kui was attached, he sweated profusely. He knew that he had to be extra careful in the future. In the future, if he offended Ye Chuan, then he would die at the most. But, if he offended this old devil Hei Kui, he would be refined into a battle puppet at any time.

This long distance surprise attack succeeded.

The surrender of Han Xilai made this operation even more perfect. The long inheritance of Puppet Demonic Sect, ordinary disciples didn’t know many secrets, only Han Xilai, this kind of old bones, knew. With his help, they found many treasures in the castle. There were piles of crystal stones, a large amount of weapons and armors. In addition, deep underground, there was another huge underground palace. There were many high grade battle puppets with a long history here. The combat power of these high grade battle puppets was high, but their energy was already exhausted and couldn’t be used. Some of them were damaged and couldn’t be repaired, thus, they could only be stored and sealed in this underground palace.

However, although Puppet Demonic Sect could use or repair these high grade battle puppets even after exhausting their whole back of tricks, for Hei Kui, this Puppet Old Ancestor, it was not a difficult problem. After setting foot in the underground palace and seeing these high grade puppets, he laughed heartily as if he found a priceless treasure. The Puppet Sect was just rebuilt, but not long after, he could form a real puppet legion to sweep across the Wilderness World! The sole regret was that they didn’t find other Puppet Battle Gods. According to Han Xilai, there truly were more in history, but they were either destroyed or disappeared somewhere.

In the entire Puppet Demonic Sect, there was just a single Puppet Battle God. And after it was subdued by the old devil Hei Kui, it was used as his mount. He rode its shoulder to explore every corner of the Eternal World. Leading the disciples of Puppet Sect and numerous puppets, he turned Eternal City upside down. He searched for anything that could be used, wanting to transfer the entire Eternal City to Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm.

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