Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 686

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 686: Puppet Old Ancestor

In the majestic Puppet Demonic Hall, the crowd besieged a tall battle puppet.

This battle puppet was more than seven meters tall with a huge body that gave others pressure. Its single punch would give rise to a strong wind to over 100 meters. Not to mention its strength was amazing, its body was also unexpectedly forged with iron. It was a true iron giant. An ordinary sword couldn’t even leave a scratch on it, instead the sword would break into two. Several disciples of Cloud Mist Sect jointly attacked it, but they held no advantage.

“Step aside, let me go!”

Nan Tiandu roared and rushed forward. Bang, a fist collided against the iron giant. The iron giant remained motionless, Nan Tiandu who obtained astonishing strength after fusing with Evil Dragon below Evil Dragon Abyss, however, retreated three steps in succession. In addition, he felt tingling pain from his fist. With his doughty body and Half Sage Realm cultivation base, not to mention he didn’t hold any advantage, it actually seemed like he was inferior!

“What a good fellow! Here I come again!”

Nan Tiandu raised his eyebrows and rushed forward again. He then used bare fist to attack this iron giant again. He didn’t use his Azure Dragon Moon Blade, this great killing weapon, rather used the bare hand to fight against this iron giant.

Under the leadership of Old Demon of Mount Yin and Zhu Sijia, Yao Beast Legion and the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect chased after the remnants of Puppet Demonic Sect. The overall situation was already set. Nan Tiandu was also at ease, he didn’t believe that he wouldn’t be able to defeat even a puppet.

Muffled collision sounds resounded one after another.

Under the gaze of everyone, Nan Tiandu and the iron giant ferocious exchanged blows. Those muffled sounds coming from their collision made the heart of people twitch. Both of them had amazing strength, soon, the skin of Nan Tiandu tore open, the body of the iron giant was also filled with fist-sized potholes. Even after such damage, this iron giant unexpectedly didn’t fall.

“This is a Puppet Battle God, its vital part is the back of its head. Attacking any other places is useless. Use powerful punches to wreak its head! The person controlling this Puppet Battle God should be nearby, within 100 meters, search him!”

The old devil Hei Kui shouted loudly. When it came to the attainment of refining puppets, if he claimed to be second, then no one in the Wilderness World would dare to claim first.

The disciples of Cloud Mist Sect gathered around him spread out in succession to search. On the battlefield, Nan Tiandu raised his head high and roared, then transforming into a huge dragon, he rushed towards the iron giant. Dong, this time, the iron giant was knocked flying to the ground. In the next moment, the iron giant jumped up from the ground and suddenly punched which sent Nan Tiandu who had transformed into a dragon flying.

Afterward, an iron puppet and a dragon exchanged ferocious blows. Slowly, a huge Soaring Dragon Mouse phantom appeared behind Nan Tiandu as he began to use all his strength, forcibly suppressing this powerful and ferocious iron giant. However, it was just a suppression, he was powerless to thoroughly defeat it. On several occasions, he was about to land a good blow on the back of this iron giant’s head, but it was either blocked or dodged. In the end, Diamond Ape King and Plague Archfiend also entered the battle. With three Half Sage Realm experts attacking jointly, this iron giant fell. And at the same time, Deacon Elder Han Xilai of Puppet Demonic Sect stumbled out of the darkness and vomited a large mouthful of blood. Then, under the support of several trusted subordinates, he gritted his teeth and fought, trying to break out of the encirclement. But, the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect caught him alive and was brought to the front of Ye Chuan.

“Who are you? What is your position in Puppet Demonic Sect?”

Ye Chuan asked, sizing up this short and very thin Han Xilai. On the surface, Han Xilai looked inconspicuous and his energy fluctuation was also not up to much, was just Peak Daoist Master Realm, however, he actually was able to control such a powerful iron giant, this was honestly too surprising.

This iron giant was able to withstand the attacks of Nan Tiandu. It was extraordinarily powerful and impervious to sword or spear, no wonder it was called Puppet Battle God. If they had ten or even hundred such iron giants, then wouldn’t they be able to crush the entire Wilderness World?

Looking at the iron giant subdued by Nan Tiandu and other Half Sage Realm experts, Ye Chuan was fascinated.

“Pei, who am I? I’m your enemy, I want to eat your flesh and drink your blood, hahaha…”

Han Xilai roared with laughter. Even though he was already caught alive, he still glared ferociously at Ye Chuan and gritting his teeth, he said, “Boy, you are screwed, our Puppet Demonic Sect has over hundred such Puppet Battle Gods, wait until our Sect Master Red Robed Old Ancestor returns, then you all will die, all of you will die, hahaha…”

Eternal City which was praised to be impregnable fell quickly just like this under the attack of Ye Chuan. Han Xilai was surprised and also angry and he hated Ye Chuan to the bones. After being captured alive, he was fully aware that he would die for sure, thus, he directly gave up. When he had just finished speaking, the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect around raised their swords. The reaction of Little Long’er was even more ferocious, he transformed into a demonic dragon and wanted to crush his head with his claw.


Ye Chuan stopped Little Long’er and looked at Han Xilai. He was not angry rather said with admiration, “Good, good, you have a character, I like it. Tell me, where are the other Puppet Battle Gods? Hand them all over. After you hand them over, I can spare your life, otherwise, I will wipe out your Puppet Demonic Sect here today.”

“You dare?”

Han Xilai was alarmed and also furious, and looking at the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect surrounding the disciples of Puppet Demonic Sect, he was in a state of alarm. But, his mouth continued to be stubborn, “You dare to slaughter our Eternal City, Our Sect Master will wipe out your entire sect! As for the other Puppet Battle Gods, don’t even imagine, my Puppet Demonic Sect’s puppet techniques are unparalleled in the world, even if you find other Puppet Battle Gods, you will never be able to control them!”

“Oh, is that so?”

Ye Chuan looked at Han Xilai and faintly said, “Hei Kui, the Puppet Demonic Sect has already fallen, the rest depends on you. As the Puppet Old Ancestor, if you don’t even have a way to control this Puppet Battle God, then you cannot finish the meat on your mouth.”

“Hahaha, Your Excellency, rest assure and watch me!”

The old devil Hei Kui roared with laughter, jumped out of the crowd and went towards the iron giant. Afterward, he used a technique and patted the Puppet Battle God. In the end, he suddenly roared and slammed his palm on the giant. The latter shook and red light glimmered around his body as many runes on its body. Then, the iron giant got up and respectfully knelt in front of the old devil Hei Kui, completely ignored Han Xilai at one side.

Relying on extensive knowledge of puppet techniques, the old devil Hei Kui quickly controlled incomparably powerful Puppet Battle God, adding a real battle puppet in his Puppet Legion.

Upon seeing this scene, the eyes of onlooking disciples of Cloud Mist Sect shone. Han Xiali, however, was shocked and became deathly pale. He then cried out in fear, “Impossible, Ancient Puppet Technique, this… how is this possible?”

Looking at the Puppet Battle God kneeling in front of the old devil Hei Kui, Han Xilai was in disbelief and his heart sunk further.

“Hahaha, it’s mime, the puppets in this entire castle is mine, even you are also mine, either submit and pledge allegiance or wait to become a new puppet, hahaha…”

The old devil Hei Kui laughed and he began to subdue the captured puppets in public. After subduing all puppets of the castle, he turned towards the captured disciples of Puppet Demonic Sect. They had two choices, either pledge loyalty on the spot or be refined into battle puppet while still alive. Han Xilai who originally was still stubbornly refusing to admit defeat gradually trembled and shivered.

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