Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 685

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 685: Puppet Battle God

Late at night, there was a heavy snowfall along with a fierce wind.

In the past, Eternal City would be especially quiet in these kinds of days. This place was far away from the secular world. Even the hunters who occasionally took the wrong path also couldn’t approach this place as when they reached within the radius of ten meters, they would be killed by either Puppet Demonic Sect’s disciples or the patrolling battle puppets. Tonight, however, Eternal City was in flames, welcoming a fierce and bloody battle.

These days, Han Xilai had been restless, but at the critical moment, he kept clam. He concentrated all military strength on the city wall, tenaciously fighting against Ye Chuan’s puppet army.

The Puppet Legion of the old devil Hei Kui was just established. Although it had taken shape, its combat power was still far insufficient, it lacked truly powerful battle puppets, in addition, the quantity was also insufficient. However, under the help of Nan Tiandu, Diamond Ape King and Plague Archfiend, these three Half Sage Realm experts, these 500 black armored battle puppets made the defending troops suffer a bitter loss. If it were not for the defense of ancient restrictions, with just remaining disciples and puppets, Eternal City would have already fallen.

“Kill, don’t use oil, use stone, use boulders to crush them to death!”

“Release the arrows, aim at their forehead and shoot the arrows…”

Han Xilai loudly shouted with a twisted face. He personally rushed to the city wall with a sword in his hand and cut a black armored battle puppet into two halves. Then, looking all around, his heart sunk further.

The enemy troops had split into two groups. One group was violently attacking the city wall and the other group was forcibly charging towards the city gate of Eternal City. Relying on the powerful ancient restriction and using over 300 elite battle puppets, they were barely able to stall Nan Tiandu, Diamond Ape King and Plague Archfiend, these three Half Sage Realm experts. As for the remaining troops, although they were able to barely block those 500 black armored battle puppets, they were unable to thoroughly repel the enemy. With the illumination of the flame on the city wall, he could see a crowd standing below the city wall. The enemy troops had yet to attack with all their strength. They had just dispatched a part of their military force to initiate a probing attack, nothing more.

“Quick, request reinforcement from Sect Master, if he didn’t return to help, then Eternal City will fall!”

Han Xilai shouted loudly and grabbing his trusted subordinate who was fighting with the enemy troops, he ferociously ordered.


The trusted subordinate obeyed the order and hastily stepping into the transmission array, he urgently went to Heavenly Yao Sect to ask for reinforcement.

Han Xilai who was guarding Puppet Demonic Sect was very restless like an ant on a hot pan. Ye Chuan who was standing in front of a majestic castle, however, was calm and indifferent, watching the changes in the battlefield.

“Big Senior Apprentice Brother, it’s almost time, give us the orders!”

Zhu Sijia stepped forward and loudly asked for a battle assignment.

After Nan Tiandu personally entered the battle, she became the commander of Cloud Mist Sect’s disciples. She wore a fiery red battle armor and held a cyan-colored sword, looking heroic. In this operation, Cloud Mist Sect had practically turned out in full strength. Almost all younger generation disciples had come out. They had already arranged a huge sword formation in front of Eternal City. They were just waiting for Ye Chuan’s order. As long as Ye Chuan ordered, they would immediately rush out stepping on a flying sword. Beside this sword formation, there was a group of uncommon figures which included a large group of Evil Eyed Cow Demons, Human Faced Snakes, golden eagles and other yao beasts. Even Super Electric Eel and White Lady were also among this group. Their formation was not as neat as those disciples of Cloud Mist Sect, but they looked even more terrifying. Each and every one was ferocious.

In order to capture Eternal City in one fell swoop, Ye Chuan summoned all yao beasts from Cyan Lotus Space, forming a separate army. This army was given to Old Demon of Mount Yin to command. Basically, in this operation, the entire army was divided into three groups. One group was Puppet Legion that attacked head-on under the command of the old devil Hei Kui; the second group was the elite disciples of Cloud Mist Sect under the leadership of Zhu Sijia; the final group was this Yao Beast Legion under the leadership of Old Demon of Mount Yin. Once these three troops entered the battle, Eternal City was bound to fall.

“Wait a bit more, Rhodes, you first, go!”

Ye Chuan faintly commanded, closely watching the changes in the battlefield.

“Kakaka, Your Excellency, this subordinate obeys!”

Old Demon of Mount Yin who was already impatient by waiting laughed and rushed out, leading Yao Beast Legion, instantly increasing the pressure on the defending troops of Eternal City. Although Evil Eyed Cow Demons, golden eagles and other yao beasts weren’t high-level yao beasts, in a large group, their lethality was amazing. Especially Evil Eyed Cow Demons with a long-ranged attack, many disciples of Puppet Demonic Sect were caught unprepared and fell. Subsequently, along with the arrival of Super Electric Eel and White Lady, the defending troops were forced to retreat again and again. Even though Han Xilan personally entered the battle, it was useless. With a loud bang, the city gate was knocked down by Nan Tiandu and many puppets and yao beasts poured in like a tide.

“Jiajia, now it’s your turn, go. Remember, whoever it is, as long as they drop their weapon and surrender, don’t kill them. We want the inheritance of Puppet Demonic Sect, not a massacre.” Ye Chuan ordered.

Over three thousand disciples of Cloud Mist Sect flew out stepping on a flying sword, completely overwhelming those still stubborn defending troops.

Han Xilai’s eyes were red and he still wanted to resist, but a few guards dragged him away and escaped into the heavily guarded palace. In the huge and magnificent Eternity City, the sound of battles redounded along with screaming sounds. Old Demon of Mount Yin’s laughter also resounded continuously. This fellow who had been suppressing himself since he returned from Heavenly Yao Sect could finally open his killing prohibition without restraint. In the midst of Old Demon of Mount Yin’s laughter, the laughter of the old devil Hei Kui could also be heard. Compared to Rhodes, he was even more excited. After breaking into Eternal City, he was like a stranded fish put back into the water. He quickly subdued and controlled all battle puppets of Eternal City. And his Puppet Legion not only didn’t weaken, instead grew stronger and stronger along with the battle.

The overall situation was already set!”

Ye Chuan didn’t make a move. He just stood outside the city gate and observed carefully. Only Little Long’er alone was standing beside him. Everyone else had already entered Eternal City.

Speed was paramount in war, the defense of Eternal City was weak, in addition, they seized the opportunity and suddenly launched an all-out surprise attack, even like this, if they failed, then all the preparations of the past many years were wasted!

“Big Brother Ye Chuan, let’s go, how about we also go in and take a look?” Little Long’er said. Upon seeing Old Demon of Mount Yin and others were running amuck, he was also itching to have a go.

Ye Chuan said nothing, he just looked at Eternal City shrouded under a dim light of night.

At that time, a violent energy fluctuation suddenly transmitted outwards from the depths of the castle and an ear-deafening roar along with a scream resounded.

“Puppet Battle God, that is the ancient Puppet Battle God, step aside, everyone, get out of the way, quick!”

The old devil Hei Kui cried out in alarm. His voice was especially ear-piercing in the midst of the night.

Puppet Battle God?

Ye Chuan became solemn and rushed up like a cheetah towards the direction from where the voice of Hei Kui had come. Behind, Little Long’er transformed into a dragon and followed him. The two people instantly disappeared into Eternal City.

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