Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 684

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 684: Besiege a City

On the snow-covered mountain path, seven puppets walked over.

These were seven big fellows. Each one was almost five meters tall, but their steps were stiff and heavy. All of them were carrying a huge log on their shoulders. It seemed these puppets were responsible for doing physical labor, they were not real battle puppets.

After these seven puppets went into a mountain path, the wind suddenly blew over.

A youngster, holding an old umbrella, suddenly floated in the sky as if a weightless leaf from who knows where.

The seven puppets looked up. They subconsciously stopped their steps, sensing the danger. Some even reached towards the warning horn hanging on their waist.

At that time, the umbrella in the hand of that floating youngster suddenly spun and he suddenly accelerated in the sky. Bang, the sharp tip of the umbrella pierced through the head of a puppet like a dagger. At the same time, two shadows rushed out from the mountain path. One of them grinned and a large number of vines bound these puppets’ limbs, and the other one transformed into a dragon and slammed onto them, directly smashing the puppets’ head.

Ye Chuan took the initiative to make a move, then Little Long’er and Old Demon of Mount Yin ambushed, killing everyone. With the cultivation and techniques of these three, even elite killing battle puppets weren’t powerful enough to kill them, no need to mention these physical labor puppets.

“Twenty third, let’s go!”

After getting rid of these seven physical labor puppets, Ye Chuan left along with Little Long’er and Old Demon of Mount Yin.

Facing Eternal City that claimed to have never fallen, he didn’t immediately break in, rather wiped out the patrolling guards, scouts and labors in the periphery of the Eternal City. He wanted to cut off Eternal City’s eyes and ears to isolate it. At that time, once the army attacks, Eternal City would become a turtle in a jar.

There were various kinds of puppets scattered everywhere. Among them, there were elite patrolling battle puppets and also physical labor puppets that tirelessly worked day and night. Especially the latter, although they had no fighting power, they were indispensable to this huge Eternal City. They continuously brought back all kinds of resources. Under the attacks of Ye Chuan’s party, the number of the puppets wandering outside the castle became fewer and fewer. Gradually, fewer and fewer entered and exited the city gate.

More and more puppets suffered the attacks of Ye Chuan’s trio. Some were broken apart and some were intact, just were bound by the vines or various kinds of restrictions and formations. Ye Chuan’s current purpose was just to isolate Eternal City. This battle’s objective was not massacring Eternal City, rather annexing Eternal City and Demonic Puppet Sect. In the future, one more puppet would be the additional power in Puppet Sect of the old devil Hei Kui.

A cold wind whistled, the sky gradually darkened and snowflakes floated down from the sky.

In a majestic palace, Deacon Elder Han Xilai walked back and forth, anxiously looking repeatedly towards the transmission formation outside the palace.

After Sect Master Red Robed Old Ancestor took the elites of Puppet Demonic Sect to attack Heavenly Yao Sect, he who was responsible to guard the rear always felt restless. Originally, he was opposed to attacking Heavenly Yao Sect, not because he was unwilling to become the enemy of Heavenly Yao Sect, rather he was worried that the loss would be too big. Since the world had fallen into chaos, all merit laws and treasures were secondary, the most important matter was to preserve their current strength. Only with powerful strength, they could survive this calamity, otherwise, they might be wiped out in the blink of an eye. Unfortunately, Red Robed Old Ancestor didn’t listen to his advice. After returning from Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm, he hastily led the elites of the sect to attack Heavenly Yao Sect.

In this period of time, Han Xilai had been worried. But today, his heart was in jitters without any reason. After the noon, fewer and fewer puppets returned to the Eternal City. Although the weather was cold and many paths were already blocked by the heavy snowfall which might have obstructed the task many puppets, Han Xilai was still vigilant in his heart. He sent elite scouts to survey situation in succession. But, none of those scouts also returned. After they exited the city gate, there was no news from them, which made Han Xilai even more nervous. He immediately ordered to close the castle gate and strengthened the defense. In addition, he sent a letter to Red Robed Old Ancestor asking for help.

Relying on his sharp sense, Hai Xilai instinctively sensed the danger. This danger made him more and more restless. In the castle, all the disciples and battle puppets left behind rushed over to the city wall and guarded vigilantly. He even halted numerous physical labor puppets from their task and temporarily transformed them into battle puppet ready for battle.

Even after this, Han Xilai was still unable to be at ease. He frequently looked at the transmission formation outside the palace and kept praying that Red Robed Old Ancestor would return quickly.

At night, neither disciples nor battle puppets walked out of Eternal City. This huge castle turned into a place cut off from the rest of the world. The only way to communicate with the outside world was the transmission formation in the castle. Han Xilai had waited beside this transmission formation for the most part of a day, but there was no reinforcement, not even a message as if Red Robed Old Ancestor in the distant Heavenly Yao Sect didn’t receive his urgent message. Or perhaps, the battle of Heavenly Yao Sect was too intense that he basically was unable to getaway. Meanwhile, a vague shadow appeared outside the city. And at the distant mountain range, cyan light was flashing frequently and a powerful aura was coming from that mountain range. Someone was forcibly teleporting to the vicinity of Eternal City.

Sure enough, someone fixed their eyes on empty Eternal City!

Who is it? Who is so fierce? Who is so daring to eye my Puppet Demonic Sect?

Han Xilai was very nervous. He understood that the fierce fight was already unavoidable.

Sure enough, in less than half an hour, the gathered uninvited guests initiated a fierce attack. With the help of the hazy moonlight, Hal Xilai saw three figures rushing in the front. With their tyrannical strength, they contend against the restriction of Eternal City and tore open the defense line formed by the disciples and battle puppets. A dozen or so elite battle puppets rushed up, but they actually were unable to withstand even a single attack of these three people. The energy fluctuation of these three people surpassed all the experts inside the castle.

Three Half Sage Realm experts?

Han Xilai’s heart trembled, but in the next moment, he saw an even more terrifying scene.

Several hundred tall and big battle puppets brandishing swords rushed over. All of them had threatening momentum and all wore black armor. These battle puppets clearly were fiercer than the battle puppets in Enteral City. When the two armies come into contact, the battle puppets of Puppet Demonic Sect retreated in defeat.

“What is going on? Where did these battle puppets come from?”

“This…, aren’t these high-leveled puppets recently taken away to Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm by the Sect Master?”

Upon seeing the ferocious black armored battle puppets, the disciples of Puppet Demonic Sect turned pale with fright and retreated again and again in defeat.

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