Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 683

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 683: Eternal City

“Big Senior Apprentice Brother, in troubled times, meeting all changes by remaining unchanged will get us nowhere.”

Upon seeing Ye Chuan was silent, Zhu Sijia also stepped forward, chiming in with Old Demon of Mount Yin’s proposal, “The overall strength of our Cloud Mist Sect is still inadequate, our inheritance is long but we don’t have sufficient strength. Since Heavenly Yao Sect’s book collections and treasures made other sects green-eyed, then would our Cloud Mist Sect be spared? Once Heavenly Yao Sect is wiped out and its numerous book collection and treasures are divided up, the demonic sects that have already tasted the sweet flavor will turn their gaze towards us. So, rather than passively waiting for the befall of great calamity, it is better to take the initiative to attack and take a share of Heavenly Yao Sect together with those demonic sects. We have to show our strength to intimidate those malicious fellows!”

“Yes, Your Excellency, we should attack!”

“Annihilate Heavenly Yao Sect and seize the inheritance of Heavenly Yao Sect!”

Everyone asked for a battle assignment in succession.

The chaos had already befell, no one could escape from it. After nervousness and terror, people began to think about how to deal with it.

Regardless of a dynasty or a sect, if most of the people in power were advanced in age, they were bound to be conservative and not dare to easily take risks. On the contrary, the forces with majority of young people were bound to be energetic and boldly took risks. In that year, after Ye Chuan suppressed the internal strife created by Third Elder Bai Yanhu, cleansed the trusted subordinates and lackeys of Third Elder, and took control over Cloud Mist Sect, Cloud Mist Sect was basically ruled by the young generation. Although the sect was far from recovering to its peak, it had begun to recover rapidly.

“Your Excellency, we should make a move!”

The old devil Hei Kui who had attached his soul in a wooden puppet doll also asked for the battle.

In this period of time, among the numerous followers around Ye Chuan, he was the one who was most excited and happy. The Ancient Puppet Sect had gradually taken shape under the support of everyone, formally taking Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm as its site. No one was happier than him, this founder of Puppet Sect, at this moment. Now, although there were not many disciples, he already had close to 500 battle puppets in his hands which was enough to form an elite unit.

“Hei Kui, did you investigate where Puppet Demonic Sect is located?” asked Ye Chuan.

“Yes, in the mountains ten thousand li away, Eternal City!”

Hei Kui replied. With the help of Cloud Mist Sect’s spies, he already knew the circumstance of Puppet Demonic Sect. After thinking about why Ye Chuan had suddenly asked this, his heart suddenly moved as he said, “Your Excellency, could it be…, could it be that you want to attack Eternal City where Puppet Demonic Sect is located?”

“What, are you afraid?”

Ye Chuan paused and after looking at everyone, he faintly said, “Heavenly Yao Sect is known as the peerless sect, there are countless experts and ancient restrictions inside the sect, in addition, there is also White Haired Heavenly Empress Zhao Tianbi, that peerless expert. Even if the mountain gate has fallen, wanting to destroy it in one fell swoop is not so easy. Besides, there are too many forces that covet Heavenly Yao Sect’s book collections and hidden treasures. No one knows how many people had rushed over to Heavenly Yao Sect, waiting to divide up Heavenly Yao Sect. Even if we go, it will be very difficult to take a share of the spoils. On the contrary, since the eight great demonic sects are using all their strength to attack Heavenly Yao Sect now, isn’t this the best time to wipe them out?”

When everyone was paying attention to Heavenly Yao Sect, Ye Chuan’s attention, however, was in the entire Wilderness World. Either he wouldn’t make a move or eat a large meat-pie!

Nan Tiandu, Old Demon of Mount Yin and others looked at Ye Chuan and their eyes gradually became scorching hot.

At this time, if they suddenly wiped out Puppet Demonic Sect, then that would definitely shock the world and the situation would become even more chaotic. In addition, every sect would find themselves in danger. Slight accident and Cloud Mist Sect would invite the joint attack of various sects. However, the harvest would also be amazing. Annexing Puppet Demonic Sect, not mentioning anything else, the Puppet Sect would definitely usher big transformation.

“Your Excellency, this subordinate is willing to take charge of this matter. This subordinate will not return until the entire Puppet Demonic Sect is wiped out!”

The old devil Hei Kui knelt down and pleaded loudly. He was incomparably excited and his blood was seething.

He would have the greatest benefit in attacking Puppet Demonic Sect. Once the entire Puppet Demonic Sect was annexed, he would be able to display the might of puppet founder. At that time, did he still need to worry about not being able to find the worldly treasure to rebuild his body?

“Well, Hei Kui, you are most familiar with puppet techniques and puppet mechanisms, you will take the lead. Rain Demon, you will follow Hei Kui and ensure his safety. Nan Tiandu, you will lead the main force. Rhodes, Little Long’er, you two are to follow me! Speed is paramount in war, let’s go, set about!” Ye Chuan suddenly stood up and loudly ordered.

“We obey your command!”

Old Demon of Mount Yin, Hei Kui and others bowed in succession, accepting the orders. Afterward, horn sounds resounded throughout Cloud Mist Sect and groups after groups of elite disciples rushed out stepping on their flying sword from their respective training secret chambers and neatly lined up under the command of Zhu Sijia and others.

Under the command of Ye Chuan, the entire Cloud Mist Sect turned out in full strength. At this critical moment, they let go of their difference and put their all into the fight, otherwise, just sending a part of forces would only waste their time in a to-and-fro tussle. If they waste too much time, then that would be troublesome. After sending out all their forces, they had to quickly end this fight as Cloud Mist Sect in the rear was empty, which could be easily attacked by others.

A large number of crystal stones were taken out from the storehouse and poured into the transmission formation of Cloud Mist Sect. Then, someone quickly stepped forward to check the coordinates of Puppet Demonic Sect.

In these last few years, Ye Chuan had campaigned all around, he hadn’t taken part in the general affairs of the sect, but under his command, Cloud Mist Sect had been actively preparing for the war and taking precautions. They stored a lot of all kinds of goods and materials and also had secretly sent spies to grasp the situation of various sects under heaven. Although Ye Chuan didn’t know much about Puppet Demonic Sect, Zhu Sijia and others, however, weren’t unfamiliar to this sect, they already knew the position of Puppet Demonic Sect.

After a dazzling cyan light, Ye Chuan and others sitting in the transmission formation disappeared. They went to Puppet Demonic Sect in advance. Behind, even more disciples of Cloud Mist Sect surged in who neatly arranged themselves into a formation. What was even more eye-catching was those battle puppets under the old devil Hei Kui’s command. Each and every one was expressionless and holding a sharp sword while emitting thick killing intent.

After they felt as if the sky and earth were spinning, Ye Chuan’s party arrived at a snow-capped mountain. In the distance, there was a long river of melted snow and ice winding in the midst of lofty ridges and towering mountains, and the roars of beasts could be heard everywhere. The mountain was white, but the river water was black, mixed with a lot of black sand. The river looked just like a black dragon. And beside the black dragon river, there was a huge towering castle.

Above the snow-capped mountain, it was severely cold. This castle, however, was surrounded by tall chimneys emitting steam on all sides. At the Black Dragon River’s bank, there were a dozen or so huge windmills and a huge wooden wheel, which automatically drew river water inside the castle with the help of big and small gear wheels that rotated with the help of flowing water’s strength. Around the castle, no guards could be seen, however, battle puppets were moving back and forth. There were also some that stood motionless like a mountain, quietly guarding the gate. There were some that were pulling heavy crystal stones, woods and other materials from far away. This castle was huge, but it didn’t have any breath of life, there were just tireless machines and puppets.

Eternal City!

Relying on the ancient transmission formation of Cloud Mist Sect, Ye Chuan’ party quickly arrived at the supreme headquarter of Puppet Demonic Sect.

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