Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 681

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 681: Demonic Dragon Realm

“Chase, don’t let him run away!”

Under the command of the old devil Hei Kui, the numerous newly subdued small devils and battle puppets rushed out. Red Robed Old Ancestor turned back to look and ran even faster and activating the transmission formation, he disappeared.

“Damn, he actually ran away. If that old fellow was also subdued, or refined into a battle puppet, then it would have been great!”

The old devil Hei Kui had a look of pity as he sighed in succession.

Originally, just being able to force Puppet Demonic Sect to retreat and protect the Demonic Dragon Hall was enough for them. Merely, after subduing numerous small devils and battle puppets, he had a greater desire. He was dying to subdue Red Robed Old Ancestor, this Sect Master of Puppet Demonic Sect. But, with his and Ye Chuan’s current cultivation, it was honestly too difficult to achieve this.

“Yes, if we were able to wipe out the entire Puppet Demonic Sect in one fell swoop, then that would have been great!”

Ye Chuan smiled and walked over.

Upon hearing his words, the old devil Hei Kui’s face turned red. He woke up to reality and understood that he was too excited. “Your Excellency, what should we do now?”

“Rebuilding Puppet Sect requires a place, a large amount of manpower and various kinds of goods and materials. Now, you will sort out this Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm, this place will be your sect and you all will guard the tomb in passing. Later, I will help you rebuild the transmission formation at the square, making that Red Robed Old Ancestor unable to sneak in again. Moreover, I will make time to help you repair the restrictions of Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm and send some disciples of Cloud Mist Sect to help you. You all should sort out this place first. Little Long’er, follow me.”

Ye Chuan instructed and after putting White Lady back into Cyan Lotus Space, he left with Little Long’er. They directly passed through the restriction and entered Demonic Dragon Hall. The restriction of Demonic Dragon Hall was extraordinarily powerful. Even after Red Robed Old Ancestor attacked for seven days and seven nights, they were unable to break the restriction. Even for Ye Chuan, it would be hard to break through this restriction. However, with the presence of Little Long’er, he didn’t need to take such troubles, he could directly pass through. Those with the bloodline of Demonic Dragon Race could proceed without hindrance here. After cultivating Demonic Dragon Sutra and stepping into Half Dragon Realm, Ye Chuan also felt a kind of intimate feeling in Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm, however, there was still a huge gap compared to Little Long’er.

From the beginning to the end, Ye Chuan had been carrying the heavy coffin. Only after walking to the end of Demonic Dragon Hall, he placed this coffin down beside the coffin of Little Long’er’s mother. Afterward, he could sense invisible energy spreading rapidly, shrouding the entire coffin of Hong Zixia just like the coffin of Little Long’er’s mother. This energy was cold but not ice-cold, it seemed that it could stagnate the time, preserving the body for millions of years without rotting.

Ye Chuan’s heart was finally relieved.

He had decided to place Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia’s coffin here, not only because it was very safe inside Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm, there furthermore was another reason, he hoped that her physical body would be preserved without rotting like Little Long’er mother, Agusiteli. Last time when he explored Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm, he had noticed that there was a rare dragon’s vein at the end of Demonic Dragon Hall, and it was the energy of this dragon’s vein that nourished the corpse of Little Long’er mother.

“Big Brother Ye Chuan, can Big Sister Zixia be resurrected?”

Little Long’er transformed into his humanoid form and followed behind Ye Chuan. Watching Ye Chuan placing down the coffin of Hong Zixia, tears involuntarily flowed down his cheeks.

“Yes, not only Zixia, your mother can also be resurrected.”

Ye Chuan nodded his head. Although Demonic Dragon Hall had a powerful restriction that prevented others from entry, he was still not assured, thus, after placing down the coffin, he arranged powerful restrictions around these two coffins using his essence blood. After returning from Heavenly Yao Sect, Ye Chuan was already exhausted. He became even weaker after laying down this powerful restriction. Now, the two coffins were shrouded by a layer of faint bloody radiance. In the midst of the blood, a hint of red light was swimming around like a fish. It was Dragon Slaying Flying Sword. Anyone who touched this restriction would be attacked by Dragon Slaying Flying Sword!

In order to protect the physical body of Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia, Ye Chuan didn’t hesitate to spend a large amount of vitality and efforts, in addition, he even left behind Dragon Slaying Flying Sword given to him by Wilderness Guardian Meng Qi in Demonic Dragon Hall.

“Big Brother Ye Chuan, my mother, she…, can she really be resurrected?” Little Long’er was excited.

“Yes, after I breakthrough to Sage Realm, there will be a way. If nothing else works, then we can go to the Outer World and look for the place where your mother originally resided. There, we will find even more powerful experts, techniques and pills. Your mother built this Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm to preserve her corpse. Other than letting you see her, there must be another meaning.” Ye Chuan patted the shoulder of Little Long’er and comforted him. Then, he turned around and left without looking back. He was worried that if he turned around, then he would be unwilling to leave behind Hong Zixia alone here. Behind him, Little Long’er quickly followed and two people, one in the front and the other in the back, walked out of Demonic Dragon Hall. The moment these two walked out of Demonic Dragon Hall, the eyelids of Little Long’er’s mother, Agusiteli, suddenly moved.

After the coffin was secured, Ye Chuan quickly got busy. He didn’t immediately return to Cloud Mist Sect, rather personally helped the old devil Hei Kui rebuild the transmission formation at the square. Afterward, a team of elite disciples of Cloud Mist Sect was transferred first, and after the square was expanded, a lot of materials were transferred over to start a huge construction project. Zhu Sijia, Nan Tiandu, Old Demon of Mount Yin and others also came over and got busy.

Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm was deep underground but was not far away from Cloud Mist Sect. This was a natural harbor. Ye Chuan not only wanted to regard Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm as the site of Puppet Sect, but also wanted to build a large underground headquarter here. Once the world fell into chaos, Cloud Mist Sect would definitely not be able to maintain personal integrity. Although Dragon King Island maintained by White Dragon Sage and Red Line Lady was safe harbor far away from the mainland, it was honestly too far away and the distance was too inconvenient during the time of disaster. In addition, it was also inconvenient to launch counterattacks taking advantage of the momentarily void. On the contrary, the advantage of Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm was very obvious.

Various kinds of materials were continuously transferred to Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm. After laying down the framework and basic strategy, Ye Chuan returned to Cloud Mist Sect and sitting on Heavenly Dragon Peak, he cultivated quietly. He left all the details to Nan Tiandu. In the battle of Heavenly Yao Sect, the powerful combat power of Nan Tiandu was completely displayed. In the future, with him in Cloud Mist Sect, Ye Chuan can rest assured and go out to explore and train with Yao Beast Legion.

When the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect were busy, Ye Chuan entered seclusion cultivation beside Evil Dragon Abyss. At the beginning, he focused on cultivating Yao Refining Heaven Swallowing Secrets, slowly, perhaps, because he subconsciously longed for Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia, or perhaps, because of the lingering dragon aura in Evil Dragon Abyss, he began to cultivate Demonic Dragon Sutra left behind by Little Long’er’s mother and he gradually began to emit majestic dragon aura. If someone had walked over and watched, then he could have seen a demonic dragon phantom behind Ye Chuan. Although it was just a phantom, the pressure emitted by that demonic dragon phantom was far more superior to Little Long’er, moreover, it was getting stronger and stronger.

After cultivating Demonic Dragon Sutra for so long, Ye Chuan was still not regarded as the real member of Demonic Dragon Clan, but the level of Demonic Dragon Realm was getting more and more consolidated, and there was a vague sign of transformation.

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