Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 680

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 680: Fishing

Without spending too much time, the small devil submitted to the old devil Hei Kui.

Under the remainder of Ye Chuan, the old devil Hei Kui came to his senses and wanted to seize this opportunity to form his team. There was no better to start rebuilding Puppet Sect than to directly annex Puppet Demonic Sect. The small devil was naturally unwilling to join the so-called Puppet Sect, but, he also didn’t want to be refined into a battle puppet while living, so he could only submit obediently. He had no choice. The old devil Hei Kui had plenty of methods and he didn’t need to worry about the betrayal of this small devil.

Another bait was lured beside Ye Chuan.

The old devil Hei Kui was responsible to lure the battle puppets attacking Demonic Dragon Hall’s restriction. The small devil who had just submitted was responsible to lure his companions who were watching the battle. Slowly, the number of battle puppets standing in the dark increased and the number of subordinates under the old devil Hei Kui also increased. The small devil lured many small devils.

In front of Demonic Dragon Hall, the battle between Red Robed Old Ancestor and Little Long’e and White Lady was getting fiercer and fiercer.

Red Robed Old Ancestor was trying to end this battle quickly, thus he launched wave after wave of ferocious attacks. Little Long’er and White Lady were suffering more and more injuries. White Lady was relatively a bit better. Although she had not yet broken into Half Sage Realm, she was infinitely close to that realm. She was above most of the Peak Daoist Master Realm experts and was relatively more powerful in both offense and defense; Little Long’er, however, was miserable. He had suffered several wounds from where bones could be seen. In order to protect his mother’s remains, he desperately attacked. Although the body of a demonic dragon was doughty, under the attack of Red Robed Old Ancestor, he was dripping with blood.

On the surface, Red Robed Old Ancestor had an upper hand, but he was also feeling unwell in his heart. Being unable to quickly finish off Little Long’er and White Lady made him more and more irritated, thus, his attack got increasingly fiercer.

“Eh, where are Old Han and others? How come all are missing?”

Finally, someone noticed the unusualness and looking around, he discovered that almost half of them were missing without a trace. In addition, only one-third of the battle puppets that were attacking the restriction of Demonic Dragon Hall was left. This strange situation puzzled the remaining small devils, and at the same time, they instinctively felt danger. They immediately held their sword and become vigilant.

“Something seemed to have happened over there.”

“Let’s go and take a look, quick!”

Someone with sharp eyes vaguely seemed to see several figures scrambling together in a corner. Afterward, leaving behind a few guards, the other small devils rushed over with dense killing intent. The result, like a stone sinking into the sea, after muffled screams, it became silent in the darkness. The remaining guards were frightened. They looked at the dark corner and again looked at Red Robed Old Ancestor who was fighting, wondering what they should do for a moment.

“Okay, Little Long’er, White Lady, come back!”

Ye Chuan’s voice suddenly resounded in the minds of Little Long’er and White Lady, then the two of them jointly counterattacked and retreated to the dark corner. Behind them, Red Robed Old Ancestor chased after them with dense killing intent. With a roar, when he was just about to use all-out attacks on Little Long’er, a clapping sound suddenly resounded in his ears.

“Awesome, wonderful, this generation’s demonic sect is truly powerful!”

Ye Chuan clapped, coldly looking at Red Robed Old Ancestor.

“Who? You…, who are you?”

Red Robed Old Ancestor stopped, feeling danger. After a while, his eyes gradually adjusted to the darkness and he vaguely saw a youngster standing in front of him. He was tall, his cultivation base was unfathomable, and he was carrying a heavy sarcophagus on his shoulders. What was even more terrifying was, there was a large group of people around him.

The sound of footsteps resounded as the people standing in the darkness spread out, surrounding Red Robed Old Ancestor.

“Old Hal, Li Qing, you all are…”

Red Robed Old Ancestor looked around and his heart shook.

The people around him unexpectedly were the disciples of his Puppet Demonic Sect and battle puppets. Fortunately, the disciples of Puppet Demonic Sect were timid and evasive, not daring to look directly at him. The numerous battle puppets, however, were emitting dense killing intent. They would rush out as long as they were ordered. Clearly, these killing machines had already fallen into the hands of this mysterious young man. He didn’t know what means he used to control these battle puppets.

“Who exactly are you?” Red Robed Old Ancestor turned pale in fright and trembled involuntarily. He had run wild in Wilderness World for so many years, but he had never encountered such a strange matter. He had seen many experts and he had even faced White Haired Heavenly Empress Zhao Tianbi of Heavenly Yao Sect by himself, but he had never been terrified like this.

When it comes to controlling puppets, looking throughout Wilderness World, who could compare with Puppet Demonic Sect?

In such a short period of time, how did these puppets fell into this younger’s control? What was going on here?

Experienced and knowledgeable Red Robed Old Ancestor felt his throat dry. He wanted to calm down, but his body involuntarily trembled. This was too strange, an unstoppable fear spread throughout his mind.

“Ai, you have broken into this lordship’s domain but you still don’t know who this lordship is?”

Ye Chuan said. His voice was so cold that the chill permeated the heart of Red Robed Old Ancestor. The old fellow was even more disturbed now. The owner of Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm was a Demonic Dragon that came from the Outer World, where did this youngster carrying a coffin came from? How come he had a young demonic dragon under him? Could it be that he truly was the owner of this Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm? Did he resurrect after such a long period of time?

Cold sweat oozed from the forehead of Red Robed Old Ancestor. Although he had already broken through to Half Sage Realm, in front of a completely resurrected owner of Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm, no matter how powerful he was, he was not the opponent! Suddenly, the complexion of the old devil became gloomy and after a hesitation, he gritted his teeth and suddenly dashed towards Ye Chuan. Then, he brandished his scarlet sickle towards the neck of Ye Chuan and shouted, “Where did this scamming brat come from? This lordship will chop you into pieces!”

After coming to this point, Red Robed Old Ancestor was unwilling to give up easily. Although he was afraid in his heart, after thinking for a bit, he decided to attack ferociously.

Above Ye Chuan, a gleaming umbrella suddenly appeared. Ding, the scarlet sickle just hit the umbrella, emitting a metal colliding sound. The umbrella was intact, but the scarlet sickle that had beheaded unknown numbers of experts broke. Ye Chuan was already prepared. He used Heaven Concealing Umbrella to block the all-out attack of Red Robed Old Ancestor. With this body-protecting treasure, it was difficult to kill Red Robed Old Ancestor, but it was not a problem to protect himself.

“You…, aren’t you that youngster who forced White Haired Heavenly Empress to personally cut off her arm?”

The complexion of Red Robed Old Ancestor greatly changed. Afterward, he turned around without hesitation and rushed to the transmission formation at the square.

As soon as Ye Chuan used Heaven Concealing Umbrella, he recognized Ye Chuan’s identity. For him, although the cultivation of Ye Chuan was not up to much and couldn’t pose any real threat to him, the Heaven Concealing Umbrella in his hand, however, was too powerful. Even White Haired Heavenly Empress was helpless in front of that treasure. He didn’t have confidence in being able to break through the defense of Heaven Concealing Umbrella. The sudden appearance of Ye Chuan, furthermore, the sudden betrayal of his sect’s disciples and battle puppets, all these situations were strange, so he was in no mood to go on fighting. In addition, thinking about Wilderness Guardian Meng Qi behind Ye Chuan, he was even more terrified, thus, he turned around and left without any hesitation.

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