Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 68

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Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 68: Who is fisher, who is bait?

After returning to Cloud Mist Sect, still badly shaken fatty Zhao Dazhi went straight to Purple Cloud Peak, wanting to thank Ye Chuan. Now, he was feeling that he couldn’t thank Ye Chuan enough.

This time, he felt as if he had one leg in his grave. He truly was in the life and death situation. And it was Big Senior Apprentice-Brother Ye Chuan who predicted like a prophet to send someone to pull him out from his grave, again saving his life.

“Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, I am back, I……”

Seeing Ye Chuan, fatty immediately knelt down, and cried bitterly form the bottom of his heart. He was so touched that he simply was unable to express in words. Formerly, fatty basically didn’t attach any importance to this Big Senior Apprentice-brother like every other disciples, but now, he was dead set on following Ye Chuan throughout his life. Unfortunately, he was a man, otherwise, he would have truly pledged to marry him.

“It’s good that you returned back.”

Ye Chuan nodded his head, then sizing fatty up, he said with a smile yet not a smile, “How was it, fatty, was I, senior apprentice-brother deceiving you?”


Fatty Zhao Dazhi hastily shook his head. Before he had never thought that such a slip of paper with casual graffiti could be sold at such exorbitant price, this was simply incredible. Now fatty incomparably admired Ye Chuan. “Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, what was that slip of paper? And……”

Touching the banknotes in his bosom, the eyes of fatty shone.

A slip of paper that could be drawn casually sold for 12,000 taels of silvers, if several hundreds of them were drawn in a day, then wouldn’t……

After his life was saved, fatty began thinking about more silvers, expecting to gain even more.

“That was a talisman, not a slip of paper, I only had one, now there is none.”

Ye Chuan said. He understood what fatty was thinking. Now his complexion was somewhat pale, as his vitality was far from complete recovery. And just when fatty wanted to say something, he interrupted him and said indifferently: “Don’t underestimate that talisman, it looked very easy, but in fact, refining that talisman consumes a lot of vitality. Fatty, remember senior apprentice-brother’s words, never think that anything you want to do can be achieved without any effort, you must make great efforts to achieve them.”

“Many thanks, Big Senior Apprentice-Brother for giving me a direction, junior apprentice-brother will bear them in my mind.”

Fatty Zhao Dazhi nodded his head and bowed, accepting the guidance of Ye Chuan. Now all of his doubts were cleared without a trace.

Yes, Ye Chuan spoke the truth, if one wants to successfully stand out among one’s peers, then he must work harder than anyone else! Now the reputation of Ye Chuan was rising, but what people ignored was, who among them knew his former low-keyed quiet cultivation days?

Fatty was cowardly and rude, but he wasn’t stupid, he engraved these words of Ye Chuan in his heart.

“Fatty, you say, that talisman was bought by a Horned Demon?” Ye Chuan asked. His tone was flat as if he was casually asking, but his face however was a little solemn which couldn’t be perceived by ordinary people.

Fatty nodded his head and recalling that still lingering fear, he said: “Yes, that person was nearly three meters in height and was extremely swift and fierce. And the crucial point is, he had a pair of horns on his head. Although he was sparing no effort to suppress, but his body still carried a trace of yao qi. Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, he was absolutely a Great Devil of Demonic path. He called himself Na Gusi, and didn’t seem to be a person of Da Qin Dynasty. If senior apprentice-brother Tiandu was even a little bit late, then I wouldn’t have been here, seeing you. That fellow chased us all the way to the entrance gate of our Cloud Mist Sect and only then, he gave up unwillingly. He was audacious to the extreme!”

Recalling the chase of Horned Demon Na Gusi, the fat meat of fatty still trembled, trembled with terror.

“Na Gusi?” Ye Chuan muttered to himself and then said: “Hereafter, when going out, be more careful. Okay, it’s almost the time, we shouldn’t make Jiajia and others wait for a long time, let’s go!”

Ye Chuan stood up, then instructing Flame Devil whose vitality was greatly injured to stay behind and take care of things in Purple Cloud Peak, he commanded Nan Tiandu and fatty to follow him, then left. At the entrance gate, Zhu Sijia, Yi Suo and one protector surnamed Yang were already waiting for a long time. After the entire group of people met, they left the sect, and went straight towards Eagle Beak Cliff which was more than 100 li away. That place had an ancient life and death arena, and it stood tall just beside the cliff. For many years, Cloud Mist Sect, Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect had been using this place to settle the dispute.

In this Great Competition, scarcely anyone expected Cloud Mist Sect to win. Although Ye Chuan was impressive in this period of time, and successfully made a breakthrough in succession in his cultivation, but he was still at Wuzhe realm, and was also the weakest among the Big Disciples of three large sects. If there was no accident, then Cloud Mist Sect was already set to be last in this Great Competition, or would even lose very miserably.

This Great Competition had always been a great event of three large sects. It was held only once every three years. So in truth, when going to this battle, at least one elder should have led the group to provide support, but among the five elders, none of them was willing to lead this team. Great Elder hated iron for not becoming steel, and he also needed to guard sect, so it was unsuitable for him to leave. Second Elder Nangong Ren only had his medicinal herbs in his eyes. No need to mention about Third Elder Bai Yanhu, the more miserably Ye Chuan loses, the better for him. In the end, a protector had to toughen his scalp and lead this team. And throughout the journey, he never had a good complexion, and was cursing his bad luck.

Ye Chuan completely ignored the attitude of Protector Yang. All along the road, he was leisurely and carefree, moreover, he often teased Zhu Sijia who was wearing the battle dress, as if he was going on a scenic tour. He looked as if he basically didn’t care about the impending Great Competition, and in turn, heavy-hearted Zhu Sijia was extremely angry seeing this.

After Ye Chuan’s traveling group left, an eagle-nosed middle-aged man quietly left the sect. He disguised himself at the foot of the mountain, and put on a mask, then ran towards the direction of Ye Chuan’s group.

Although Yi Suo was already instructed how to act, but Jin Zhikun was still unable to be at ease, and regardless of his Alchemy Hall Master status, he took up the matter himself. Third Elder wanted Ye Chuan’s Big Disciple position, and find someone to replace him, taking the control over Cloud Mist Sect, but he, Jin Zhikun wanted the life of Ye Chuan! His son Jin Hua was killed, and if he didn’t kill Ye Chuan, then he would be unable to raise his head inside the sect forever!

Jin Zhikun was very experience in concealing his track, and he was different from normal cultivator too. He didn’t take out any flying sword, he just ran as if the wind, chasing after the group of Ye Chuan. Just like a cold viper, he tailed behind them, looking for an opportunity. He concealed himself without any trace, but at the critical moment, he would deal a fatal damage.

Ye Chuan was relaxed throughout the journey, he seemed entirely unaware of the danger behind. Jin Zhikun who was hidden behind them considered that no one had perceived him, but, behind him, another figure was following.

Horned Demon Na Gusi hadn’t gone far away, he was continuously wandering outside the Cloud Mist Sect secretly. Just like hard work won’t let you down, an opportunity came once again, and now he was hopping behind Jin Zhikun. It seems, his body was still not fully recovered from stiffness, but his energy fluctuation was more powerful compared to before.

After using that Ghost Talisman he had obtained in underground Ghost Market, Na Gusi felt his body much better all of a sudden, so now, he was seeking such talisman as if starving. If fatty Zhao Dazhi had continuously hidden inside the Cloud Mist Sect, then he truly could do nothing about it, as he didn’t dare to recklessly storm into the sect. But, now that fatty had come out from the sect, his chance had come. Moreover, looking at Ye Chuan, he vaguely felt a peculiar aura in his body. That kind of aura, he had only felt several thousand years ago from the body of Talisman Alchemist Master.

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