Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 679

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 679: Scheme

A muffled sound came from the darkness.

The sound was not loud. It didn’t attract the attention of anyone. The small devils were completely focused on nervously watching the battle between Red Robe Old Ancestor and Little Long’er and White Lady.

In a dark corner, Ye Chuan slowly took a deep breath, calming down his seething blood and qi. That battle puppet chasing after the old devil Hei Kui had fallen beside his legs. Although this puppet with a huge build was fallen on the ground, there was not much damage to it.

Ye Chuan’s plan was very simple. He sent out the wooden puppet doll where old devil Hei Kui’s soul was attached to as a bait to lure the battle puppets to a hidden corner and knock out the battle puppet. With the current ability of Ye Chuan, it was not difficult to knock out a battle puppet. But, his aim was not to get rid of these battle puppets, rather had a much bigger scheme.

“Hahaha, this treasure is mine!”

The old devil Hei Kui laughed heartily. When the battle puppet fell to the ground, he immediately rushed over and used his hands to poke the battle puppet’s head, torso and limbs. In the beginning, this battle puppet was issuing beast-like noises, struggling to jump up and fight against the old devil Hei Kui with red eyes. Slowly, its red eyes calmed down and a hint of confusion flashed through its eyes, then obediently let the old devil Hei Kui make an arrangement.

“It’s done, Your Excellency, here I go again!”

The old devil was very excited. Although his cultivation was far from being restored to the peak and he was also only attached to a puppet doll now, remaining in this neither ghost nor human state, when it came to controlling a battle puppet, even looking throughout the Wilderness World, no one could compare to him, this founder of ancient Puppet Sect. Even Half Sage Realm Red Robed Old Ancestor, the Sect Master of Puppet Demonic Sect was inferior in this aspect.

Ye Chuan carrying a heavy coffin stood still in the darkness as if he had also transformed into an emotionless battle puppet. The old devil Hei Kui, however, quickly walked away and not long after, lured another battle puppet over. The two people followed a set pattern and quickly added another helper. The old devil Hei Kui laughed and became even more excited after succeeding in succession. Afterward, he impatiently rushed out again, repeating the same process again and again. One time, the old devil Hei Kui even lured five battle puppets together. Ye Chuan was also in a rush. With the help of already controlled battle puppets, these few preys were subdued. Slowly, there were fewer and fewer battle puppets attacking Demonic Dragon Hall’s restriction outside.

“Eh, why is that fellow not attacking the restriction and running towards that corner?”

After roughly half an hour, a small devil finally noticed the unusualness when he unwittingly turned around his head and just happened to see a battle puppet arbitrarily stop attacking the restriction of Demonic Dragon Hall and run towards a dark corner. This small devil inwardly muttered to himself and walked over in confusion, the result, he was stupefied.

In the dark, there were puppets standing in a row. Even if there were was not seventy, there were at least fifty puppets here. Most of the battle puppets that were ordered to attack Demonic Dragon Hall’s restriction had come here and standing straight in the dark without any motion like zombie warriors that crawled out of the grave.

These battle puppets without conscious had always been utterly obedient, why did they suddenly rushed over here and neatly arranged in a row like this?

The small devil was absolutely terrified, instinctively sensing something was fishy. He immediately turned around, wanting to rush out and report. However, just after he turned around, a palm suddenly appeared in front of him and he was slapped to the ground. Immediately afterward, a puppet doll rushed over and with a few pokes, his entire body turned weak and couldn’t move at all. He opened his mouth, wanting to shout, but his voice didn’t come out. Gradually, he felt like his spirit was floating away.

This was Puppet Technique!

The complexion of this small devil became deathly pale as he trembled with fear. As a disciple of Demonic Puppet Sect, he naturally knew what was going on. Someone was using Puppet Technique to refine him into a lifeless, conciousless battle puppet while still alive. It seemed the attainment of this person in Puppet Technique was extremely high. He could easily use this technique without the help of formation and items.

Refining the opponent into a battle puppet while still alive, the battle puppet would be of great quality, but being the one who was being refined into a battle puppet, that was horrible!

The entire body of this small devil trembled. He would rather bite his tongue and commit suicide rather than becoming a puppet. Unfortunately, although his consciousness was clear, he couldn’t move his body, even committing suicide by biting off his tongue was impossible. He was like a fish on the chopping board.

“Hahaha, sixty-three, the cultivation of this kid isn’t up to much, but his build is big, he can be refined into a melee battle puppet.” The old devil Hei Kui laughed heartily. At this moment, he was even happier than capturing Liu Hong.

In his current appearance, even if he truly captured a dainty and lovely girl, he could only look, he couldn’t do anything. On the contrary, controlling a good battle puppet was much better. With an army of puppets, he might be able to summon wind and rain and display the style of the founder of ancient Puppet Sect. In addition, gathering worldly treasures to reconstruct his body would no longer be just a dream.

“Enough, Hei Kui, release him.”

A faint young voice resounded, making this trembling small devil see a gleam of hope in the darkness. He used all his strength to open his eyes and discovered that the person who had just spoken now was a tall young man. His complexion was calm as if he wouldn’t be shocked by anything in this world. His eyes, however, had a hint of sadness that was impossible to get rid of and he was carrying a heavy coffin on his shoulder.

“Your Excellency, it was so hard to capture him alive, why should we just release him like this?” The old devil Hei Kui stopped, but he was unwilling and was confused in his heart.

Ye Chuan ordered to get rid of Liu Hong, he could understand that order, after all, they were old acquaintances. But, this captured small devil had no relation with Ye Chuan, why should he release him?

“Ai, Hei Kui, do you have such a small foresight?”

Ye Chuan shook his head and faintly sighed, “Being able to leave Evil Dragon Abyss, for you, it is a battle and also a chance to becoming a human again. Hei Kui, I am asking you, do you want a few puppets or do you want a sect?”

“Your Excellency, you mean…”

The eyes of old devil Hei Kui shone as he suddenly saw the life. He then respectfully knelt at Ye Chuan and said, “Thank you for giving directions, Your Excellency, this subordinate request Your Excellency to help this subordinate rebuild the Puppet Sect!”

“Well, it’s good that you understand. There is no need to rebuild your Puppet Sect from the scratch, isn’t Puppet Demonic Sect, one of the eight great demonic sects, the best choice? You have followed me for so many years, when you want to rebuild the sect, I naturally wouldn’t look on with folded arms. Yao Beast Legion and even Cloud Mist Sect is your backing!”

Ye Chuan faintly said as his eyes turned sharp.

After learning that there was a relation between the old devil Hei Kui and Puppet Demonic Sect, his scheme was far more than simply controlling a few puppets. Refining this small devil into a battle puppet was too wasteful. Pulling him into their team and gradually infiltrate and control the entire Puppet Demonic Sect, that would be what a hero should do.

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