Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 678

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 678: Puppet’s Way


Little Long’er roared again and again, killing several devils in succession. With the help of White Lady, no one could stop him. Over a dozen battle puppets rushed towards him, but soon, all of them fell to the ground. Like the statues wandering all around Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm, the weak point of these battle puppets was their head. With a single claw of Little Long’er, he made their heads explode.

The ancient Demonic Dragon Hall rumbled as light screen covering it became fainter and fainter. The ancient restriction was on the verge of collapse. However, at this time, the appearance of Little Long’er had disrupted the planning and deployment of these devils.

“Damn, this damned fellow!”

A red robed old man who had been attacking the restriction of Demonic Dragon Hall rushed over and ferociously attacked Little Long’er while cursing. In just a few moves, Little Long’er was in danger. Upon seeing this, White Lady gave up other small devils and rushed over. Then, one dragon and one snake joined hands, fighting against this old man.

This person Red Robed Old Ancestor, the Sect Master of Puppet Demonic Sect, was finally unable to control himself and personally made a move against Little Long’er who had appeared suddenly. His attack was ferocious, he clearly wanted to quickly end this battle. Although his energy fluctuation was not so powerful like Nan Tiandu, it was also not too weak. As he brandished his heavy sword, whistling sounds resounded throughout Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm. His cultivation was clearly above Peak Daoist Master Realm, was a powerful Half Sage Realm expert.

Ye Chuan, however, didn’t make a move, continued to stand in the dark while observing. His complexion, however, gradually became solemn. Beyond his expectation, he actually encountered another Half Sage Realm expert here. Speaking about small devils, no matter how many of them were here, they could be dealt with. As long as the transmission formation in the square was destroyed, they would be like a turtle in a jar with nowhere to run away. This Red Robed Old Ancestor, however, was different. If they were not careful, Demonic Dragon Hall would truly be broken and his entire party might be wiped out in his hands!

“Your Excellency, should we attack?” The old devil Hei Kui frowned. Red Robed Old Ancestor, the Sect Master of Puppet Demonic Sect, was powerful, his cultivation realm was beyond the expectation.

“How to attack? Rush up just like this? Even we four together might not be his opponent.”

Ye Chuan shook his head. Rich experience and sharp insight on the battlefield had always been his greatest strength.

Only an expert could deal with another expert, especially Half Sage Realm experts. Daoist Master Realm cultivators were far from being able to deal with them, the numbers alone couldn’t make up the gap in the realm. In the battle of Heavenly Yao Sect, the reason why White Haired Heavenly Empress Zhao Tianbi was nearly driven crazy was partly because of Heaven Concealing Umbrella and partly because of Nan Tiandu, Diamond Ape King and others’ help. Ye Chuan alone was far from being her opponent.

Now, Nan Tiandu, Old Demon of Mount Yin and others were not beside him, what should he do?

Who could deal with this Red Robed Old Ancestor who had an amazing cultivation base?

Ye Chuan frowned. He could use Heaven Concealing Umbrella at any time, but with his current cultivation, even after using Heaven Concealing Umbrella, he might be able to defend himself and retreat from Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm, but it was almost impossible if he wanted to stop Red Robed Old Ancestor’s group from attacking Demonic Dragon Hall’s restriction. Besides, returning just like this was also impossible. The remains of Little Long’er’s mother was inside Demonic Dragon Hall, Little Long’er wouldn’t want these devils to humiliate his mother’s remains.

“This red robed old man’s skill is pretty good! But, I am sure that he has a deep relation with Puppet Sect. His Puppet Demonic Sect might be a split from Puppet Sect. If I was at my peak, then this subordinate alone could have made him prostrate on the ground and refine him into a battle puppet, unfortunately…, this old fellow, humph…”

The old devil Hei Kui snorted, feeling a sense of loss.

The styles of Red Robed Old Ancestor, the more he watched, the more familiar they were. He was sure that this Red Robed Old Ancestor was related to the ancient Puppet Sect. All the battle puppets around here were refined using the secret techniques of ancient Puppet Sect. In those years, if he was not trapped in Evil Dragon Abyss, then all these puppets would have been his and this Puppet Demonic Sect wouldn’t have existed. Unfortunately, there were no ifs in this world. Red Robed Old Ancestor, this Sect Master of Puppet Demonic Sect, was imposing, he, this founder of ancient Puppet Sect, however, was neither human neither ghost, was just a soul attached to a puppet doll.

“Hei Kui, if these battle puppets are captured, do you have a method to quickly control them?” Ye Chuan asked, suddenly thinking of a way.

“No problem, this is my old business, Your Excellency, can it be that you want to…”

The eyes of old devil Hei Kui shone, quickly guessing the plan of Ye Chuan and got excited. Ye Chuan nodded his head and whispered something in the ears of the old devil, then, went their separate ways.

The battle in front of Demonic Dragon Hall was getting fiercer and fiercer. Little Long’er and White Lady roared again and again, even if they were unable to defeat Red Robed Old Ancestor, they at least stalled him, making him unable to attack the restriction of Demonic Dragon Hall that was about to collapse. In this trip, Red Robed Old Ancestor had brought many devils and battle puppets, but the strongest three puppets were already killed. As for the remaining battle puppets and small devils, they were unable to destroy the restriction of Demonic Dragon Hall.

The attacks of Red Robed Old Ancestor became more and more ferocious. He was somewhat anxious and worried. Regardless of everything, he wanted to end this fight quickly. The restriction of Demonic Dragon Hall was a hard bone, not only was it difficult to nibble it down, there furthermore was a point that caused a headache, as long as it didn’t receive continuous attacks, it would gradually restore. Once the restriction was recovered completely, then they would have to start from the beginning again. The continuous attacks of seven days and seven nights would be in vain. The grains, crystal stones, pills and other supplies they had brought along was already scarce, when the time comes, how can they last for another seven days and seven nights?

Red Robed Old Ancestor was also roaring in succession. Regardless of his safety, he just attacked without defending. The small devils who were attacking Demonic Dragon Hall had all stopped. They had the heart to step forward and help but their ability fell short of their wishes. They could only cheer from one side. Only those over a hundred consciousless puppets still continued to attack Demonic Dragon Hall. They neither had a sense of pain nor emotion and seemed to never recognize tiredness. They continuously attacked the light screen shrouding the Demonic Dragon Hall.

At that moment, a strange puppet doll suddenly jumped out of the darkness and tossed a small stone at a battle puppet’s back. The latter stopped attacking, turned around and ferociously rushed towards the direction of the puppet doll. The puppet doll also ran away while tossing pebbles. Slowly, this battle puppet was drawn to a dark place. The numerous devils were focusing on the battle between Red Robed Old Ancestor and Little Long’er and White Lady. No one noticed this movement in one corner. There were many battle puppets nearby, but they ignored everything and continued to attack the restriction of Demonic Dragon Hall as they only execute their master’s commands.

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