Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 677

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 677: Deceased Beauty

In front of Demonic Dragon Hall, the experts of Puppet Demonic Sect were attacking the restriction of Demonic Dragon Hall, wanting to break in. There were not many disciples of Puppet Demonic Sect here, only about fifty, wearing a standard battle robe. Beside them, there were over a hundred helpers, both male and female, even tigers, huge snakes and so on yao beasts, but, their expression was dull. All of them were battle puppets controlled by Puppet Demonic Sect. Little Long’er who had rushed ahead was being attacked by three battle puppets, two males and one female. The males were burly and powerful, looking like barbarian warriors. The female was petite and dainty, her bosom was especially full and round, and she looked a little familiar.

“Eh, this…, isn’t this Five Style Sect’s golden daughter, Miss Liu Hong?”

Ye Chuan observed for a while and suddenly recalled a person. That person was Liu Hong who was eroded by poisonous mist on both sides of Demonic Dragon Path and petrified into a stone statue.

How did a stone statue turn into a battle puppet? Was Liu Hong resurrected? Or did Puppet Demonic Sect used some kind of secret technique?

Or, did he recognized the wrong person?

Ye Chuan was surprised. He stood at the same place and observed for a while, becoming more and more certain.

This female puppet in front of him had a well-developed chest and slender waist on its upper body and had slender legs coming out of its short leather skirt on its lower body. Not to mention it was similar to Liu Hong who had died in Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm at that time, its clothing was also exactly the same. The crucial point was, the technique it displayed to move around Little Long’er was not unfamiliar to Ye Chuan. That was exactly the incomplete Cyan Feather Technique he engraved on that giant crystal man. At that time, after he deliberately made this so-called treasure, Liu Hong forcibly seized it, then hastily cultivated the wrong Cyan Feather Technique and turned into a crazy devil, dying in the poisonous mist at both sides of Demonic Dragon Path and turned into a stone statue.

Born as a beauty with extraordinary background, she was many times stronger than other women. However, without self-respect and strive to become stronger, regarding oneself infallible and always scheming, in the end, her end was actually like this.

Ye Chuan shook his head and sighed.

Once upon a time, he once was interested in Liu Hong for a moment, this enthusiastic beauty, but very soon, he got a clear understanding of her true colors. It can be said that she was a deceased beauty. Although he was disgusted with Liu Hong’s behavior, he had not expected her to end up like this. Not to mention the poisonous mist eroded her into an ice-cold stone statue, she was resurrected and refined into a battle puppet, this was the biggest tragedy.

In those days when they were exploring Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm together, Ye Chuan also hated Liu Hong. Now, seeing her again in this appearance, he couldn’t hate her. His hate was replaced with faint sadness.

Roar! Along with an angry roar, Little Long’er went all-out. Upon seeing the restriction of Demonic Dragon Hall was in imminent danger and these devils were about to break in, he began to use all his strength. But, he was helpless, unable to get away from these three battle puppets. Ye Chuan didn’t make any moves. He just stood in the dark carrying the coffin and observed the battle, but, a cyan light flashed beside him and White Lady who had left Heavenly Yao Sect with him was summoned. This huge white snake quickly rushed up to help Little Long’er.

Like Ye Chuan, the cultivation of White Lady was far from being restored to its peak. Even its wisdom was not restored and it didn’t recall the matters of the past, it merely felt intimate towards Ye Chuan. However, even if its cultivation was not comparable to before, was just Peak Daoist Master Realm, its combat power was extraordinary. With her assistance, Little Long’er quickly launched fierce counterattacks and tore those two barbarian puppets into halves, leaving behind only Liu Hong, this female puppet who used its nimble movements to dodge the ferocious attacks of Little Long’er and White Lady. After she was refined into a battle puppet without independent consciousness, her Cyan Feather Technique seemed to have gotten even more outstanding. Being able to reach this kind of level was even beyond the expectation of Ye Chuan. In the end, the old devil Hei Kui, this puppet doll, personally attacked, using a secret technique to control her.

“Heh heh, not bad, what a remarkable puppet! Her skin is so tender and smooth, in addition, you can make her do whatever you want, Your Excellency, do you want this subordinate to gift this puppet to you?”

The old devil Hei Kui dragged Liu Hong who was unable to move back and winked at Ye Chuan. Although his expression was always smiling, his tone showed his boorish style. He had already turned into a puppet doll, but his boorish nature was still unchanged. His little hand continuously moved about the lithe and graceful body of Liu Hong seemingly he wanted to look for a place to execute on the spot. However, looking at his current little hand and little arm, even if he had the heart, he could do nothing. He could only indulge in fantasy.

“Enough, kill her directly.” Ye Chuan indifferently instructed, looking at devils who were attacking Demonic Dragon Hall.

Without the obstruction of these three battle puppets, Little Long’er flew up to the devils and ferociously attacked already exhausted disciples of Puppet Demonic Sect. White Lady also followed behind closely. Then, one dragon and one snake quickly disrupted the formation of Puppet Demonic Sect. Many battle puppets rushed over to block them, unfortunately, they were clearly not as powerful as those three battle puppets of before. They couldn’t stop Little Long’er and White Lady.

“Your Excellency, why?”

The old devil Hei Kui stopped his unscrupulous little hand. But, he was unwilling to get rid of Liu Hong, “Your Excellency, this, however, is a rare battle puppet, even if you don’t like it, you can use it as your guard. Besides, if you don’t want it, then I can…”

“Hei Kui, I will say it again, kill her, give her a break.”

Ye Chuan looked clam, but his tone didn’t allow any objection. He paused and added, “This woman was my old acquaintance.”

Old acquaintance?

The old devil Hei Kui was a little surprised. Old acquaintance? What a lie, more like an old lover. Ye Chuan understood what this old devil was thinking in a glance, but he was too lazy to explain.

Seeing the resolute attitude of Ye Chuan, the old devil Hei Kui was forced to bear the pain and use a technique. Afterward, Liu Hong who was refined into a battle puppet suddenly swelled and exploded into pieces. This was a secret method of Puppet Sect to make the battle puppet in hand explode. Without a doubt, Puppet Demonic Sect was inextricably linked with the ancient Puppet Sect!

Destroying a good battle puppet with his own hands, the old devil Hei Kui was somewhat frustrated, but soon, his gaze shifted towards the devils of Puppet Demonic Sects. In particular, Red Robed Old Ancestor, the Sect Master of Puppet Demonic Sect, quickly caught his attention. Watching moves and styles Red Robed Old Ancestor was using to attack Demonic Dragon Hall, his gaze got brighter and hotter.

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