Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 676

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 676: Hunt


With a roar, Little Long’er swept his tail, sending devils flying. That small commander was also no exception. He had no time to dodge. The remaining devils were shocked and also angry. After seeing the situation was anything but reassuring, they had to toughen their scalp and rush up to fight against Little Long’er. Seven or eight people rushed up together, but they were not the opponent of Little Long’er who had already transformed into a demonic dragon. They basically were unable to withstand the attacks of Little Long’er.

These years, the cultivation of Little Long’er had also progressed rapidly. Although he had fallen far behind Ye Chuan, his improvement was far faster compared to ordinary people. His innate talent as a demonic dragon was gradually displayed. He didn’t have any powerful innate techniques, his strength, speed and combat power, however, were very strong. For ordinary people, only having a doughty body without powerful techniques, their upper limit wouldn’t be high, and they also couldn’t become a top-notch expert; Little Long’er, however, was different. The growth of his strength, speed and combat power seemed limitless. Even if he didn’t particularly cultivate, his cultivation rose rapidly along with his age and his body was abnormally doughty. Under his sudden attack, these devils were unable to resist at all.

“Kill! Get rid of this little dragon for me!”

The small commander who was sent flying to the ground gritted his teeth, got up and rushed over again. He was similarly Daoist Master Realm expert, but he was a lot more powerful than other devils. Taking advantage of the moment when Little Long’er was occupied with resisting other devil’s attacks, he ferociously used his sword to stab Little Long’er. Upon seeing his attack was successful, he roared with laughter, but soon, his complexion greatly changed and was unable to laugh again.

The sharp sword was unexpectedly stopped by Little Long’er dragon scale. The latter’s thickly dotted scales were much stronger than heavy armors of many large sects! The small commander was in disbelief. He pulled back his sword and ferociously stabbed again. This time he used all his strength. Ding, the dragon scales of Little Long’er weren’t harmed at all, on the contrary, his sharp sword snapped into two. For a moment, the devils were stunned on the spot in a great shock.

As the disciples of demonic sect, they had seen many kinds of yao beasts, but they had never seen such an unreasonable yao beast. Even a dragon which was several thousand years old might not have as doughty body as Little Long’er!

“Captain…, this seems…, seems like a demonic dragon!”

That devil nicknamed Little Seven quickly saw the difference of Little Long’er. The build of Little Long’er seemed small, was just a small dragon, but the appearance, the scale on its body and even expression, all were exactly the same as the sculptures of demonic dragon that could be seen everywhere in Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm.

“I’ll go to report to the Sect Master, block it!”

The small commander observed carefully and his heart trembled. Afterward, he turned around and walked away, hastily running towards the direction of Demonic Dragon Hall.

Earlier, when Ye Chuan had said that he was the owner of this Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm, he was not too convinced; but now, there was no doubt in his heart. Silently appearing here in Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm that was riddled with restrictions and traps everywhere while carrying a heavy sarcophagus, in addition, with a living demonic dragon accompanying him, other than the owner of Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm, who would have such ability?

The burly small commander was so scared that he trembled and retreated without fighting. He didn’t dare to stay here for even a moment more. With the pretext of reporting, he hastily ran away. Behind, many devils also rushed after him, ignoring his words, not a single one of them dared to stay behind to block Little Long’er.

The appearance of Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm’s owner was big news. For devils who were in Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm, this was a terrible disaster. These devils who were fierce in the past also ran away like a mouse that saw a cat. In the entire Puppet Demonic Sect, perhaps, only the Sect Master Red Robed Old Ancestor who was attacking the restriction of Demonic Dragon Hall might be the opponent.


Little Long’er soared into the air and ferociously chased after them. He seized this chance to hunt down fleeing devils.

Ye Chuan also said nothing. For Little Long’er, Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm was his home, was the resting place of his mother. He absolutely couldn’t let these devils do whatever they pleased here.

Perhaps, because of anger, or perhaps, he was like a fish in water in Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm, the strength and speed of Little Long’er rose rapidly. He chased after the devils and killed them, one by one. Some people saw that they already couldn’t escape after getting injured, thus, they gritted their teeth and turned around to face Little Long’er, unfortunately, none of them was his opponent, they quickly fell in their blood pool. Not long after, only that small commander was left. Relying on his cultivation, he barely dodged the attacks of Little Long’er while running desperately. In addition, he also crushed the message talisman he had to request the help.

“Puppet Demonic Sect, this one of the eight great demonic sects of Wilderness World, does it have any relation with old devil Hei Kui?”

Ye Chuan didn’t make any move. He let Little Long’er alone chase and hunt down these devils. He just slowly walked behind carrying a coffin. While walking, he suddenly had a thought.

A cyan light flashed and a forever smiling wooden puppet doll appeared beside Ye Chuan. Ye Chuan had summoned the old devil Hei Kui.

“Your Excellency, are you looking for me? What’s the task this time? Are you making me a bait again?”

The expression of the old devil remained unchanged, his tone, however, was bitter. He looked pitiful in front of Ye Chuan. In his opinion, Ye Chuan would never summon him without any matters. Originally, he liked to wander outside, he didn’t want to stay inside Cyan Lotus Space all the time, but recently, he was honestly too scared of Ye Chuan.

“Eh, yes, this is…”

The old devil Hei Kui looked around and before Ye Chuan replied, he suddenly exclaimed as he vaguely sensed a familiar energy fluctuation, a kind of energy fluctuation used to control puppets.

“Hei Kui, do you know Puppet Demonic Sect?” Ye Chuan asked directly.

“Puppet Demonic Sect?”

Hei Kui shook his head and said, “In the Wilderness World, there is just Puppet Sect, where is that something Puppet Demonic Sect?”

“You have never heard of it?” Ye Chuan was a little disappointed.


The old devil Hei Kui shook his head, but in the next moment, his eyes suddenly lit up and added, “Your Excellency, in that era when I was still active, there indeed was no Puppet Demonic Sect in Wilderness World. However, I was trapped in Evil Dragon Abyss for a long time, perhaps, in that long period of time, branches of Puppet Sect might have appeared. I can sense the unique energy fluctuation of Puppet Sect in the air. Even if this Puppet Demonic Sect isn’t a branch of my Puppet Sect, it is at least related!”

The old devil Hei Kui was excited. His eyes were shining.

For so many years, he always had two wishes, one was to get rid of this puppet doll body and regain his flesh body, the other one was to look for his sect. As the founder of the sect, he never forgot about his sect. After leaving Evil Dragon Abyss with Ye Chuan, he had been inquiring about the news, unfortunately, there was no result. Originally, he thought that after such a long period of time, his sect was already annihilated in the long river of time. But now, suddenly sensing a special energy fluctuation of Puppet Sect here, he couldn’t help getting excited.

An angry roar came from far away.

“That’s Little Long’er, let’s go!”

Ye Chuan was surprised, knowing Little Long’er had encountered a formidable enemy and without asking more, he rushed forward. Behind, the old devil Hei Kui also followed closely behind stepping on a flying sword, directly heading towards Demonic Dragon Hall.

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