Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 675

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 675: Puppet Demonic Sect

The devils sitting cross-legged on the ground quickly ate their fill, then they all stood up and left. At the same time, another group of devils appeared at the end of the square. All of them looked exhausted. They walked over to the bonfire, sat down and grabbed the remaining roasted meat to eat. There were some people who didn’t eat at all, just directly laid down and sleep beside the bonfire.

It seemed that these devils were taking a turn to attack Demonic Dragon Hall’s restriction. To build the transmission formation, it would take a lot of time, it was unknown how long ago these devils had broken into Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm.

“Let’s go a bit closer and see what they are doing!”

Ye Chuan whispered and quietly sneaked in. It was dark around the square. The bonfire couldn’t illuminate far away. In addition, these devils were exhausted and weren’t paying attention, thus, they didn’t notice the arrival of Ye Chuan and Little Long’er. This was a discarded ancient ruin that collapsed long ago. There were remnants of restrictions and traps everywhere. There were also many stone puppet guards. Average people couldn’t reach here even if they had high cultivation. Therefore, these devils were in a completely unguarded state, they basically didn’t expect other people to sneak in.

“Come come come, eat faster! We don’t have much time, eat well and continue to work, if Sect Master saw you all lazing around, then don’t think that you all will leave this abandoned paradise realm alive.”

A small commander looking devil shouted loudly. He had an ox leg in his hand, he bit it while speaking in a low, muffled voice. He was also tall like an ox and a big horse, and his body hair was thick like a big black bear.

“It has already been seven days since we are attacking the restriction, but it is not broken yet, captain, you say, can we truly break this restriction?” A devil who was beside this small commander asked.

“Shhh, lower your voice, do you want to die?”

The small commander signaled to lower his voice. After that, he looked towards the direction of Demonic Dragon Hall and seeing no one was paying attention to this side, he relaxed. Then, he glared at the devil beside him and ferociously said, “Little Seven, hereafter, keep your mouth shut! If Sect Master heard you, then you will die and refined into a battle puppet!”

The devil nicknamed Little Seven shivered and didn’t dare to speak anymore. He lowered his head and continued to chew the bone in his hand. At that time, he suddenly sensed something. He raised his head and looked, and he seemed to vaguely see someone standing in the dark.

How can there be someone here?

Little Seven was puzzled. He rubbed his eyes and watched again and was all the more certain that there was a figure in the dark who seemed to be carrying a coffin on his shoulder. This scared him so much that he shivered, “Cap…, captain, there…, there is someone…”

“Of course, there is someone, are these brothers sitting beside you not people?” The small commander glared at Little Seven and cursed.

“No…, no, captain, look, right behind you, there is a person carrying a coffin!” Little Seven trembled. That shadow standing in the dark made him feel inexplicable danger.

Upon seeing Little Seven didn’t seem to be talking nonsense, numerous devils simultaneously looked at the direction he was pointing. Sure enough, they vaguely saw a figure. Like a ghost, that figure had quietly appeared behind everyone without anyone knowing. What’s more frightening was, that man was really carrying a coffin on his shoulders, making people absolutely terrified.

“Who… who’s there?”

The small commander forcibly calmed down, but his legs involuntarily trembled. His expression was not much better than Little Seven. “Puppet Demonic Sect is handling affairs here, unconcerned people should leave!”

“You all…, invade this lordship’s home and you all still want this lordship to leave?”

A faint voice with cold indifference and dense killing intent resounded. Along with the small commander, dozen or so devils sitting around bonfire got nervous. And before they had time to figure out how to reply, the sounds of footsteps came from the dark as the mysterious person carrying a coffin approached them. The devils became even more nervous, and they pulled out their sharp sword in succession. In the past, once they pulled out their sword, they looked like murderous devils, but now, they were trembling, the closer that mysterious person got, the more violently they trembled. No one knew whether this mysterious person was a person or a ghost.

“Ai, with this small amount of ability, you all want to attack Demonic Dragon Hall, don’t you all think this is too whimsical?”

Ye Chuan shook his head and walked to the front of these devils.

After observing from the dark for a while, he took the initiative to walk out. The cultivation of these devils was not that bad, but their cultivation realm was just roughly Rank 1 Daoist Master Realm, moreover, all of them were exhausted. He and Little Long’er were more than enough to deal with them.

“You…, who exactly are you?”

The small commander asked. He wanted to pretend to be calm and fierce, but, his legs involuntarily trembled. The sword in his hand was dazzling, but he didn’t dare to move forward. The cultivation of Ye Chuan gave him an unfathomable feeling. And the coffin on his shoulder made him feel even more disturbing.

“This lordship has already said, this lordship is the master of this Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm, on the contrary, who exactly are you all?” asked Ye Chuan.

“I…, we are the disciples of Puppet Demonic Sect, one of the eight great demonic sects of Wilderness World. Youngster, our Puppet Demonic Sect’s Sect Master Red Robed Old Ancestor is personally leading this time, if you don’t want to die, then quickly leave, leave as far away as possible from Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm!” The small commander assumed stern countenance and said. Inwardly, he, however, was trembling. He quietly reached towards the message talisman in his bosom. As long as he crushed this talisman, Sect Master who was attacking Demonic Dragon Hall would rush over.

The appearance of Ye Chuan was too sudden. Many devils were caught unprepared and everyone was nervous and at a loss for a while.

Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm had long collapsed, in addition, all kinds of restrictions and traps could be found everywhere, a single great expert couldn’t sneak in. Even their Puppet Demonic Sect’s Sect Master Red Robed Old Ancestor had to use tremendous effort and rely on an ancient transmission scroll to arrive here, then set up a simple transmission formation here to teleport the elite disciples here. How did Ye Chuan who was carrying a coffin quietly arrived here? Could it be that he truly was the master of Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm?

This small commander was clearly not convinced with the words of Ye Chuan. Who didn’t know that Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm was an ancient ruin? How can it have the master? But, at this moment, seeing Ye Chuan quietly appearing in front of them, they couldn’t help half believing and half doubting. Perhaps, Ye Chuan was also a great devil, perhaps, even more powerful and peerless great devil than their Sect Master Red Robed Old Ancestor. Perhaps, he had arrived here before Puppet Demonic Sect forcibly occupied Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm, and now, at the critical time when they were attacking Demonic Dragon Hall, he decided to appear!

The small commander became solemn. The more he thought, the more he believed his deduction was the truth. He coldly looked at Ye Chuan and made a prompt decision. He wanted to crush message talisman to sound the alarm and ask for help. However, at that time, a strong wind blew from behind. When he hastily looked behind, he saw a ferocious dragon head had already arrived behind him looking murderous.

When Ye Chuan came out to attract the attention of everyone, Little Long’er who had transformed into a demonic dragon took advantage of this chance to initiate ferocious attacks from behind these devils.

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