Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 674

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 674: Demonization

Not long after they advanced, one person and one dragon successively encountered several stone puppets one after another. There were frightening ox headed persons, burly tiger headed persons and also frightening dog-headed persons. Taking advantage of the darkness, they suddenly burst out of the soil.

In those years, when exploring Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm with the disciples of Black Cauldron Sect, Five Style Sect and others, Ye Chuan’s cultivation was very ordinary. Even at that time, he was not afraid of these stone puppets, why would he fear them now? He directly crushed everything that blocked his way and advanced rapidly. Ye Chuan wasn’t afraid of fighting these stone puppets, he only feared that they would suddenly encounter a large group of stone puppets and get trapped. Once the aftermath of the battle was too intense, it might trigger the collapse of Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm again which would be troublesome.

A person and a dragon seeped up, gradually reached the deeper area of Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm.

The past magnificent Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm had already changed beyond recognition, there were collapsed stones and dirt everywhere. It was difficult to distinguish the direction in this darkened place. Even if average people could dig a tunnel to enter, it would be almost impossible for them to find Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm’s forbidden area, Demonic Dragon Hall. Ye Chuan, however, was different, under the direction of Little Long’er, they made their way towards Demonic Dragon Hall. All along the way, if there was no path to walk, they would dig a tunnel.

To various cultivating sects, Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm was an ancient ruin of Wilderness World, but to Little Long’er, this place, nevertheless, was his home, was the dwelling left behind by his mother Agusiteli. He had a special sense towards his mother’s remains. Following this special sense, he continuously pointed the right direction, and one human and one dragon slowly approached Demonic Dragon Hall. At the same time, many memory fragments appeared in the mind of Little Long’er, and he became more and more familiar with Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm and began to lead the way.

Originally, his true body had been wandering in Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm for many years, and it was very familiar with every inch of this land, merely, his wisdom was sealed. Later, his grandfather brought back his reincarnated body to Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm and his body and spirit merged together. Returning to Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm again, many memories came to his mind and he missed his mother even more, thus, his speed became faster and faster.

After digging a tunnel again, a person and a dragon arrived at an open and spacious auxiliary palace. From this place, Demonic Dragon Hall was already not far away.

Little Long’er got excited. He held his head high and roared as he accelerated again. But, just when he was able to pass this auxiliary palace, he suddenly sensed something and stopped. The rustling sounds came from the end of this auxiliary palace and a stone puppet guard walked out. This stone puppet guard didn’t appear any different from other stone puppet guards they encountered before, it was even short and slight with a dull expression, but it was wearing a tattered battle robe. The key point was, this battle robe looked somewhat familiar as if they had seen it somewhere. After observing carefully, it actually was Cloud Mist Sect’s standard battle robe.

“Eh…, Big Brother Ye Chuan, look…” Little Long’er exclaimed in confusion.

“This is a dead disciple of Cloud Mist Sect, after eroded by the poisonous mist, he has already turned into a stone puppet guard.”

Ye Chuan’s cold voice resounded from behind Little Long’er. Looking at this stone puppet guard that suddenly appeared from the dark and blocked their way, his eyes were filled with sadness. At that time, there were a lot of Cloud Mist Sect’s disciples who followed him to explore Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm, but later, only less than half returned to Cloud Mist Sect alive. Among the three large sects of Cloud Mist Mountain Range, that was a pretty good result. The loss of Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect was even more disastrous, especially Five Style Sect, all the elite disciples were almost wiped out. This gave Ye Chuan a chance to completely eliminate these two sects in one fell swoop and established the revival foundation of Cloud Mist Sect, embracing the entire Cloud Mist Mountain Range.

The stone puppet guard wearing Cloud Mist Sect’s standard battle robe that was standing at the end of the auxiliary palace rushed over and suddenly pulling out the sword hanging on its waist, it ferociously attacked Little Long’er. Although he had already died and turned into a stone puppet, the merit law he learned before his death was still not forgotten, in addition, because it didn’t have a sense of pain now, its combat power was more powerful.

Roar! Little Long’er roared and ferociously swept his thick tail towards this stone puppet guard. Afterward, one human and one dragon continued to advance, but before they took a few steps, they heard heavy footsteps from behind. That stone puppet guard was actually chasing after them. After ferociously colliding against the wall, it had already lost its right leg, but it was still chasing, relying on its remaining left leg. In addition, its eyes had turned red at an unknown time resembling an injured beast.

“No, this is not petrification, rather demonization!”

The complexion of Ye Chuan changed. This time, he rushed up without waiting for Little Long’er to make a move, and grabbing the throat of this stone puppet guard, he lifted it. Then, he carefully observed the eyes of the latter and his complexion became more and more solemn. He then punched the head of this stone puppet guard and said, “Yes, really is demonization.”

As a former Heaven Concealing Great Sage, Ye Chuan was experienced and knowledgeable. He quickly noticed the unusualness of this stone puppet guard. Although the poisonous mist on both sides of Demonic Dragon Path was powerful, it could just petrify people, turning them into a stone puppet, nothing more. It absolutely couldn’t demonize the stone puppets. Encountering demonized stone puppets here meant that the situation was serious.

Over these years, what changes had taken place in Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm?

Was a peerless great devil hiding here, cultivation some kind of evil merit law, or…

Ye Chuan frowned. Little Long’er was even more worried, worried about their safety and also worried about his mother’s remains in Demonic Dragon Hall.

Although his mother had already died, her remains in the sarcophagus were well preserved without rotting. She looked as if she was alive and could come back to life at any time. The corpse of such a Demonic Dragon Monarch was definitely a treasure of infinite value to the people in the demonic path. If this news was leaked, countless devils who walked demonic path would be attracted.

“Little Long’er, don’t be too anxious, the ancient restrictions of Demonic Dragon Hall is the strongest. Since even these auxiliary palaces are preserved, not need to mention about Demonic Dragon Hall. In addition, it is impossible for average devils to break in. Let’s go and take a look.” Ye Chuan knew what Little Long’er was worried about and patted his shoulder to comfort him.

“Let’s go!”

Little Long’er nodded his head and flew ahead, leading the way. After exiting the auxiliary hall, a thick layer of soil blocked their way. Thus, they two dug a tunnel and advanced. After an hour, they actually arrived at a square, the soil piled up here was already cleared away by someone. Looking from the distance, a group of devils was sitting cross-legged on the ground around a bonfire, having a meal. There was a transmission formation beside them. At the end of the square, towards the direction of Demonic Dragon Hall, the sounds of fighting were coming along with the shaking of the ground. It seemed that someone was trying to break the restriction of Demonic Dragon Hall.

Sure enough, evil demons and heretics had come here and wanted to break into Demonic Dragon Hall!

Ye Chuan and Little Long’er looked at each other, their complexion was solemn.

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